so you know I I live in a different world than a lot of you who are probably watching this because many of the people have an action watch this are very heavily into the web 2.0 internet business I actually am part of the old world of business right I uh I deal in the wine and liquor business and deal with a lot of old-school advertisers and business people executives and so I get my feet oh sure of spending a lot of time with people in that 40 and over demo and a lot of the talk right now is about how this transparent market things like Twitter and quick and Facebook and Ustream are taking away our privacy and changing the game and what I want to talk about today is how technology has finally been like the steel chair that goodness needed to destroy and beat badness and here’s what I want to get to in a world that’s changing so quickly the quick technology for example that I dealt with over to this last weekend is is mind boggling in a world that’s changing so quickly where everything is transparent where everything you do is captured with Flickr and YouTube and Twitter and quick and kite and things of that nature where every part of your movement is captured what’s going to happen is that people that are good that are awesome that come from the heart are going to win and people that are bad that have horrible intentions are going to lose understand this anything you do is going to be known you’re not gonna be able to have multiple personalities one for the chicks one for business one for this ah it’s over you are who you are now in this world and you need to understand that very quickly your personal brand now is completely exposed to the world 24/7 everybody my friends is now the media and because of this the media is the great equalizer and everything you do will be exposed and unraveled so try to think very hard what you want to be to the world