so here we are the morning prior to my departure for Maui first time – I decided few items I’d like to explain that our part of my traveling repertoire so first we have ex-officio underwear which I’ll be bringing two pairs of and that’s all the underwear I’ll be bringing I’m planning on wearing underwear as little as possible and of course for swimming purposes and these draw in about two to four hours and they’re they’re odor and bacteria resistant I’ll explain more in the post itself a few other things worth mentioning we have an MSR quick dry towel and so you can see here it’s small enough that I can I can fold this up and stick it in my pocket but it is about yay large I was introduced to these types of towels by a water polo player and you can dry your entire body more effectively than with normal towel and it dries also in about two to four hours when you take this you could roll it up in a normal towel or something else like a burrito stomp on and then hang it that’s the fastest way but it’ll dry by itself in about two to three hours we have the Kensington computer lock so this would lock into the computer itself then you would loop around whatever it happens to be close to you I looked through my bags this is a double security device for all my belongings the underarmor sock single sock is for storm sunglasses I started doing this years ago because the usual sunglass case is huge and hard and bulky and consumes a lot of space and so I’ll use this sock I’ll stick the sunglasses in this and find the socks or very good storage devices and since if I ever get nice sunglasses like these are more my from florianópolis Brazil I tend to match them and destroy them so I need to put them inside something this right here is interesting it’s a very lightweight jacket it’s a marmot if I’m pronouncing that correctly jacket pretty sexy looks pretty good I bought the charcoal so I could actually wear it to somewhat semi-formal events if I were cold I can park the foot inside without looking like I was attempting to be rescued from the ocean with bright yellow or something like that but this can also be folded up and stuck in a pocket it was a few ounces it’s very lightweight and it’s also water and wind resistant this is one of my favourite pieces of clothing I’ve ever been given this is a Coolibar sun protection shirt and that my mother bought for me and you can see here from a distance it looks like a semi formal or even formal long-sleeve shirt which is great but if you look at it closely actually has special fibers that block UV radiation but also has ventilation under the arms and elsewhere so this is perfect for boating trips or hiking trips any type of excursion where you want to protect yourself from the Sun but it’s it’s very easily washable by hand and it dries quickly so you can use it for semi-formal events if they pop up that’s why I’m bringing this for both and in some cases if I’m really burned I will actually wear this when I go swimming and spawn will dry in also two to three hours Eva this bag is a lifesaver so many people bring extra bags just to bring other things back that they acquire while they’re traveling and this pita bag you can see here very very small expands into another carry-on bag if you should need it and I mean this can carry a good 20 25 pounds and then if you reinforce it with let’s say duct tape or something on the outside you could check it so this is a lifesaver nice insurance policy to have if you do acquire things that you want to run back and last but not least I’ll explain the rest of the post this hat it’s very very lightweight very small extra just found or was given the last time the first time I was in Costa Rica just a few days ago and you can see this is a baseball cap and they’re very bad for sun protection they’re very inadequate they’re good for protecting the eyes that’s what they’re designed to do is shade the eyes but not impede the vision but when you don’t impede the vision in any respect you don’t block the sides of your head at all so instead we’ll wear a coffee harvester hat this is all the rage in Paris right now as you can probably tell and it protects all sides of your head but it’s a very lightweight and breathable many of the hats that you might find that look like they’re straight out of Indiana Jones or Romancing stone are extremely heavy and don’t breathe very well this is very very light weight and it covers the entire periphery to the head really well so I’ll explain the rest in the post but I am off to Maui in just a few hours with Nevada