Work Smart Not Hard – Grant Rant #109

let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey grant cardone here New York Times bestselling Arthur and you’re number one sales expert on Twitter I’m coming to you today to talk about work you know this concept of work that the wealthy don’t work hard I hear this constantly you know rich people don’t work hard you know rich people rich people work smart that you got to be kidding right rich people take all the vacations it’s not true rich people don’t take all the vacation the vacation industry the vacation industry literally is built off the middle-class not the wealthy now you might not like this concept but I’m going to tell you the truth there’s a report that just recently came out okay one of the most controversial issues surrounding inequality is work effort this is a concept of why do the rich get richer and those people that don’t have or don’t have enough keep sliding down the scale and that’s what I do in these gran trances I’m talking to the middle class about look do you see it disappearing it’s going away okay the middle class is getting erased I came from the middle class and I see what’s happening to it what we used 20 or 30 years ago or 40 years ago to build a middle class is not working for us today for instance work hard okay you see there’s this concept that no you don’t need to work hard you just need to work smart if you work smart get the right connections you’ll get rich that’s not true this is what it says in this in this article I found this in the wealth report do the wealthy work harder than the rest you might want to google it a new study offers evidence that higher education and therefore higher earning okay Americans do indeed spend more time working and less time on leisure than poor income groups okay it’s been validated in this study it says in fact while incoming kuan equality inequality may be growing which it is leisure inequality time spent on enjoyment okay time spent on enjoyment is a growing in a mirror image what is that saying people that are actually making less money and less wealth are actually spending more time in leisure why because a miss you were taught a myth you were taught this concept of enjoy why my life you know I got enjoy my life I need to enjoy the day the wealthy don’t think like that I’m telling you the most successful people don’t think about enjoying life I got enjoy they think about luxury man they think about the Big Bang they think about the big big win not the little two-day vacation what they do is they’ll suffer their whole life so they can go go on vacation later when there’s wealth for two and three months at a time you get it work hard okay work hard it is a myth that you’re not going to work hard I’m working harder today than I ever have in my life most people only work hard enough that they’re always working you get it most people only work so hard that they feel like they’re always slaves remember this anytime you feel like a slave you’ve let somebody else be your master you know what I’m talking about junk people buy junk people go on vacations people waste time and they don’t have any money don’t let that be you