Work Like a Millionaire! – Grant Rant #52

let’s face it everybody’s got to sense and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes article and Fast Company great magazine by the way says to save the world or really to even just make our personal lives better we will need to work less it’s suggesting the case for a twenty one hour workweek it would create jobs it supposedly says and stop the unsustainable cycle of rampant consumerism oh my god you got my attention New Economics foundation NEF says there’s nothing natural and inevitable about what’s considered a normal normal hour workweek today no kidding that’s because nobody’s working a normal hour workweek nobody’s working when they’re at work okay so the NEF argues we need to achieve truly happy lives we need to challenge social norms and reset the industrial clock ticking in our heads ladies and gentlemen look if you want to be France okay don’t try to turn America into France where they take the most time off of any country on the planet move to France this is America baby it was built on work your grandparents your great-grandparents came here with nothing but a dream nothing but a freaking dream and some of them just came here saying I got to get away from Italy or Ireland or wherever there’s devastation I’m going to America there seems to be promising hope the truth is get back to promise and hope followed up with work man it’s going to take work a 21-hour week I don’t know a successful person that’s ever worked 21 hours in their lifetime in a week I know guys that are working 60 hours 80 hours a hundred hours Steve Jobs never worked a 21-hour week in his lifetime complete completely committed completely dedicated it’s not work it’s a passion and the reason it feels like work to you right now if you go to a 21 hour work week in this country it will feel so laborious and so much like work and so heavy why because in 21 hours man you can’t get anything rolling you want the momentum there’s nothing wrong with work work makes people feel good get to work 40 hours I don’t want to work 40 hours 100 hours now I’m interested man because I can work enough to where it doesn’t feel like work anymore just like going to the gym baby don’t work out a little bit it just hurts you want to work out a lot where you build muscle 21 hour work week take your de France