Work From Home | My Story on How I Started to Make Money From Home.

hey what’s up Jake Brown here now you probably came across this video looking for a way you can make money from the comfort of your home now my name is jay brown and i’m glad you came across this video because i’m going to give you a little information that may help you now first off let me tell you a little bit about myself i dropped out of high school 11th grade to go work at this steel company you know making minimum wage driving a forklift you know just working hard sweating you know to make a little money to take care of my family now I did this for about seven years you know not at that same company out you know I got hired at other companies why I drove the far lil for you know I worked physically hard you know I did a lot of stuff but I didn’t have a college degree to get a behind the desk job so you know I had to work hard but I started looking online you know searching for a way I can make some easy money you know I’ve seen a lot of people needs YouTube videos and stuff you know counting all this money and I just wanted a part of it because I asked myself I would like you know ask myself why are people showing this money if they’re not making it you know it doesn’t make sense to me why why would people be wasting their time showing you these checks and stuff if they’re not making it but then I had my friends and stuff telling me that Jay don’t believe in that stuff man that stuff is stuff is fake man those people not making that money but being a curious you know God that I am I wanted to take a look deeper and see what it was all about now let me tell you I didn’t start off making money from the beginning I actually struggled you know I struggled a long time before I started making money now I started joining these programs all these different programs out here you know just literally just joining programs you know try to make money and didn’t have any help from my sponsors you know people is just joining me I mean I was just joining people and they was just leaving me you know just leaving me stuck you know what a lot of death but I didn’t give up you know I just kept kept on kept on trying so you know it’s 2013 right now as I’m making this video and I’ve been doing this for four years and I didn’t start having success to last year around jun 2012 you know actually it was this guy I saw this guy on YouTube and he was showing me his bank account of the money he made and I may I got in my head you know I got in my head that I was gonna do this no matter what previously to that I was just joining programs and if something didn’t work within a week I quit you know I was like all over the place trying to make money you know and I last year I just made up my mind that I was gonna jump in one opportunity and make it work so I saw this guy showing this money he turned his all bank account of the money he made and I said I was gonna get in this and I was gonna just focus and make this work so I joined this opportunity and I focused I didn’t have success the first week I didn’t have 6x the second week but you know about a month about a month of time I started making money I remember me like 120 dollars in three minutes and I was so happy I was something blown away you know that first Commission that you make you know it just does something to you just you know it’s not the money it’s just the feeling that you have accomplished something you know so i got so happy and i said it is light at the end of the sound of this internet stuff is real so I just kept on kept on doing it you know and just started making money you know anything ever since then you know it’s been it’s been a blessing you know I’ve been able to you know I’ve been able to get bills paid off I’ve been able to you know enjoy life you know it’s all about freedom when you working for home I don’t work no more than 12 hours a day you know that’s that’s all it takes people and I’m not gonna make this video super loan if you want to check out you know the opportunity that I’m a part of and that has helped me so much in my life you can click the link below this video and go check it out and that’s all I got people my name is jay brown peace and blessings