WINNING Social Video Ads in 2 Minutes! | Dropshipping & Print on Demand Method

I know video ads can be expensive and
also time-consuming but let me tell you
right now if you’re not using video ads
or Facebook ads and a whole bunch of
different ads then you are leaving money
on the table with your business so in
this video I’m going to tell you exactly
how to set up video ads and create video
ads from scratch without using your
camera and without taking up too much of
time and with very minimal budget you
can create these video ads within a few
minutes and get them live today so I’ll
show you right now all right so we’re on
my computer and let’s start off with the
first thing I wanted to show you a few
statistics about video marketing and
just how important it is so let’s get
stuck into it this is the Adobe blog and
first things first let’s go into the
stats here so as you can see let me zoom
in video statistics as you can see
shoppers who view videos are 10.8 almost
2 times more likely to purchase than non
viewers then non video ads that’s that’s
huge you’re doubling potentially
doubling your conversion rate and 52% of
marketing professionals name that type
of content with the best hour why aka
video ads they see have the best ROI
these are huge stats guys I wanted to
show you some more stats as well now
this page they’ve taken a whole bunch of
stats from a whole bunch of different
companies but this is really really big
as you can see here the first step
videos attach attachable… there’s a big
typo there, um…attract 30 percent
more traffic and hope to learn
virtual leads including a video on your
landing page can boost your conversion
rate but up to 80 percent you know I
know all these stats aren’t relevant
exactly to ads but it just shows you how
important videos are nowadays especially
when it comes to selling especially when
it comes to ads so now that you’ve got a
better understanding of just how
important video ads are and I’m talking
about like if you’re placing any ads on
Instagram snapchat YouTube obviously
YouTube you’re going to use videos but
with Facebook you know there is no
reason not to use video over image ads
nowadays of course if you’re going with
a certain strategy it does make sense to
use still images or you know canvass ads
or whatever but video ads is you know
it’s honestly in terms of ROI and
grabbing attention it kills the
competition so you’re probably asking
then how exactly Andrew do I make video
ads on the cheap because assuming if
you’re into dropshipping for example or
printing the man and this this strategy
I’m about to give you is great for print
on a man you know you’re probably
thinking well I have to order the the
actual product videos about it etc etc
well this strategy right here with one
certain tool is gonna blow this all at
the dust and there’s no excuse for you
not to create video ads so I’m gonna
show you let’s get back into my computer
here and the tool I’m talking about is
place it now hang on a minute you’ve
probably heard about you’ve probably
heard about it if you follow my channel
really closely but they recently
released a new function specifically for
videos now if you don’t know what place
it is it is such a superb tool if you do
only print under men guys there’s no
reason for you not to be using this if
you’re in the print-on-demand space even
if you’re in the dropshipping space and
i’ll tell you exactly why so print so
place it is traditionally a t-shirt
design mock-up platform so to give you
an example if you look at the mock-ups
here you can quite literally pick any
lifestyle image and last our images are
so important and upload your image or
your design onto this stock image and
this model will literally be wearing
your design super-powerful stuff guys
you don’t need to go out find model
source models and take the photos and
upload it etc etc these images are all
copyright free and you simply just need
to upload your image onto the t-shirt
which is absolutely amazing now so if
you’re not already on this print and a
man for you guys creating t-shirts and
designs get onto it however today is all
about creating a video
and this is a newly-released function on
place it
it’s just superb guys and this is how it
works it’s very similar to what I just
ran you through when it comes to print
on demand and t-shirt mock-ups but it’s
just absolutely insane how much how many
tools that this platform gives you and
just how easy it makes creating very
powerful converting videos so let’s
start off with let’s just say for
example if you’re going with Instagram
stories click on Instagram Story video
maker and it’ll take you to a whole
bunch of placements custom placements
custom designs that you can just simply
slap your product on the actual
placement and then the design and
everything else is taken care of you can
quite literally create a video and I
will create a video I’ll show you how to
do it step-by-step on an exact product
so guys before I get started by though
by the way there is a free trial link
down below so go check that out if
you’re interested and let’s get stuck
into an example here so before I get
stuck into it actually for those who are
using Facebook placements for example
you know you don’t necessarily want
Instagram placements that’s quite simple
click into videos there is a sixteen by
nine ratio placement on the Left left
hand side here click sixteen by nine and
then it’ll show you all the different
templates that you can use straight off
the bat and create that perfect Facebook
ad right here you know like let’s just
click on something ran in here just to
show you what I’m talking about like as
you can see here you all you need to do
is change the text and change the video
and then change the product and then you
have a video ad ready to go okay so it’s
pretty awesome you’ve got bunch of
different custom options here like I
said Instagram stories by the by the way
on a side note if you’re interested
Instagram stories absolutely undervalued
and underutilized is so cheap currently
right now at the time of this video to
create Instagram story ads and they
convert very well I might make a video
on that later actually so
you’re interested in that video let me
know down in the comments below I will
make an Instagram story video ad
tutorial but that’s beyond the point so
going back to this you know there’s
offering sales content teasers
inspirational quotes step-by-step
tutorials products and services it goes
on and on and on so I’m gonna show you
exactly what I’ve been playing with and
back end and look some of you may know
but I have a I do have a merch store for
this for this YouTube channel and I’m
gonna show you an example of how I would
create an ad through playset so I’ve
already uploaded this specific image
right here if i zoom in it gives you a
whole bunch of different templates but
I’ve uploaded this specific image and by
the way you can upload a video as well
it doesn’t need to be an image but just
for the sake of this tutorial
I’ve saluted this specific image right
here and then all you need to do okay
you just need to change the text change
the font change the colors and change
the the effects so I’m currently running
a 20% of discounts 20% discounts limited
time only a limited time there you go
and let’s just say swipe up yeah if this
is gonna be Instagram app swipe up so
let’s just leave it with that now you
want to hit preview full video but of
course you can change the effects over
here let me zoom in so you guys can
actually see that it’s really cool
because you you can quite literally
create a video ad so quickly when it
otherwise take you hours and hours in
Premiere Pro or After Effects and a lot
of you you know a lot of you don’t know
how to use those tools which is
completely fine and this is why this
tool comes in handy so I’m gonna stick
with a default template or effect and
guys on top of that what’s also so
awesome about place it is they also give
you audio tracks to play with
that’s crazy guys so they give you
royalty-free copyright free audio to
place on top
your videos cuz you know what’s a video
without sound nowadays so if we can play
this here groove you right you can edit
that go into the audio library save
tracks blah blah they’ve got a whole
bunch of like endless amounts of tracks
here that you can use on top of the
video and overlay on top of the video so
I’m gonna hit preview full video and by
the way guys well this is processing you
can add it more slides here so you can
you know basically create as long as you
like a video so you can continually add
slides to me add USPS and prolong your
video so with Instagram story ads you
probably want to keep it relatively
short but if you’re creating Facebook
video ads then you want it to be a
little bit longer so there we go guys as
simple as that
let me play that again actually as
simple as that guys it looks it looks
awesome and I just literally make it
within quite quite literally one or two
minutes so now obviously I would prolong
that a little bit but I just wanted to
show you a quick demonstration of this
powerful tool and and there’s a whole
bunch of different templates all around
here as you can see all very groovy all
very modern-looking and this these are
all Instagram placements but there’s
amazing Facebook feed templates as well
and and if you haven’t already seen I
want to show you the mock-up as well you
can place your mock-ups all your photos
on a whole bunch of things whether it be
apparel whether it be physical items now
just to show you real quick let’s place
my image on you know let’s let’s see
what’s cool here yeah mmm okay so let’s
place it on this guy here it’s it’s so
cool because it’s essentially a whole
bunch of lifestyle v-power images that
you get
access to without taking single photo
without leaving your seat because
typically you know it takes ages to
create these images from scratch and to
hire photographer if you’re not a
photographer already okay so I decided
to go with a bit of a different image
but I just want to show you this as an
example I probably would not sell this
it’s not gonna be appealing looking but
uh yeah see so let me crop into this
make it look real cool this is so
I wouldn’t have a my own face on my
shirt and those people wanted it all
right so let’s crop it like that and by
the way guys you can completely change
the shirt color as well which is insane
yeah so okay that looks pretty bad so
you get the point though you can scale
it you can make it look smaller bigger
etc so let’s change the shirt color and
let’s make it a cool-looking mustard
color so you like it it’s pretty crazy
that it looks legitimate as well it’s
not like some tacked on you know weird
color it looks like he’s literally
changed clothes right
during this shoot so I just find that so
fascinating but hey this is actually
looking kind of cool now but that faded
kind of hipster look I like it but yeah
that’s essentially the tool guys and now
you’re probably thinking alright Andrew
how how much does this cost yet there is
a fee to it however it’s guys like it’s
it’s basically you’re gonna write it off
because you’re gonna get a whole bunch
more conversions based off video ads
anyway so it’s totally worth it let me
quickly run you through the pricing so
personally I have the unlimited
subscription it’s $29 a month for
unlimited amounts of mock-ups whether
that be videos photos whatever it is you
name it it’s $29 a month which is pretty
cheap for the most part but what if you
only need or what if you’ve already got
a winning product a print-on-demand
design or a winning product in terms of
a drop shipping item then you just want
that one video or you just want that one
mock-up well they give you that choice
as well so with an image mock-up it’s
simply $8 for the one image and you get
to use that for
life so that’s pretty awesome video
mock-ups are $29 which when you’ve got
guys when you think about it doesn’t
really make sense okay so here’s my pro
tip with all of this if you’re gonna go
with the video ad don’t buy the one sub
$29 cuz you can get an unlimited
subscription for a single month for $29
anyway and I had a few people ask me in
the past okay like do I get to keep the
rights and do I get to keep the videos
if I cancel my subscription in the first
month and yes you do I read the Terms &
Conditions and you definitely own that
asset you own that video or that image
once you have subscribed to this to this
platform so you know for those guys that
are really tired and budget then I would
highly recommend that you sign up to the
$29 a month package download all the
placements that you need and you have
them for life and then you can go ahead
and potentially cancel the subscription
if you’re loving it and if you got a
whole bunch of products coming up then
of course just leave the subscription
cuz I find myself using it consistently
all the time for my ad needs because
obviously my products change from time
to time but if you keep going down like
there’s a logo maker as well for 39
bucks there’s text and logo animations
for $29 as well and there’s even design
templates for t-shirt designs for $2
guys so you know for those print demand
guys if you’re looking to create design
templates then this is definitely worth
a look for $2 and a lot of people spend
more on Fiverr as it is to create some
some templates anyway so guys this
platform footprint and demand for
dropshipping to get those creative
assets is just a no-brainer in my
opinion I think it is so under priced
but hopefully place it doesn’t hear this
because it is grossly underpriced right
so get onto that guys honestly once you
get those video video ads up you will
see your conversion rates increase you
will see engagement increase so yeah
guys I really hope this video helped you
I’ll ever did give it a thumbs up as
always and subscribe if you haven’t
already subscribed to this channel and
in the meantime guys until the next
keep on hustling