Why You NEVER Buy Fake YouTube Subscribers [RANT]

hey everybody this is roberto blake of a really calm helping you create something awesome today so really quick and dirty youtube video um for you guys and probably some facebook people i’m gonna post this there too but i wanted to talk about something really important i’m gonna talk about why you never buy fake followers and fake likes and fake subscribers in any of that stuff and the reason I specifically never would do that and never have done that because this comes up a lot and I see a lot of people doing this and I saw this weird ad come at me like somebody is like Fiverr thing that was offering to do this and I immediately got kind of pissed off about it and here’s why so context some of you may or may not know that I was bullied as a child a teenager and even in the workplace as an adult for a lot of my life and a lot of my career and so I take an extreme offense and I get very aggressive about the idea of trying to quote unquote get people to like you who are just not going to like you or don’t like you for who you are the value that you create your principles uh whatever it is whatever the reasons are I take a huge offense to the idea of bribing or buying people into liking you for something other than the value that you can create and that you’re an amazing person I think I’ve worked very hard to get over the insecurities that go with that as a kid and the hurt from being bullied and specifically the idea that you would have to do anything more than be kind and be a good person or create value or be helpful to get somebody to like you and to appreciate you is absurd to me it’s not something that I condone or approve of in any way that being said when people buy their subscribers that are likes or those things it’s like saying that you’re not good enough to earn that on your own based on who you really are and your authenticity I think that authenticity is a great filter and a great funnel in business and in life and in relationships I have no problem being rejected and shot down because I’d rather they reject a real me than like a fake me and I would never want fake friends and fake people in my life that don’t really appreciate Who I am and what I have to offer and accepted so in that regard from a very and like I know probably people thought I was gonna go for like a social media thing an analytics thing a reputation thing look even just a very basic human level I am offended by that prospect in concept because I’m like I absolutely believe that people should believe that they are good enough on their own and that you should only value the 10 the 5 the 300 people that actually give a crap about what you’re doing and who you are and genuinely like you genuinely like something about you and are following you and are respecting what you’re doing those are the only people that do matter and the people who will do that in the future and the people who share it those people matter and the lurkers the lurkers who don’t stand up they’re like okay cool too because they’re at least real people who are watching I only care about that I only care about making an emotional connection impact with real people and creating value and also receiving that acceptance from them in return because they like what I’m doing I don’t need a vanity number to make me happy because I’ve learned to accept myself and that was hard okay I had to overcome depression and anxiety and bullying to love and like myself and I know a lot of people are still struggling with that so the idea that people buy their way into saying that they’re accepted or saying that they’re an authority is the same thing as people who buy their friends with like candy or video games or cars or throw money at them or whatever they’re doing and I don’t believe in that and I don’t think it’s the right thing for people for their own psychology for our society for all those reasons so I would encourage people to just be real be authentic and with that said in the comments section if you’re watching this and you’re respecting you like what I’m doing and what I’m putting out there if you’ve never left me a comment before even if you had I would love to hear from you I wanna know what I can do for you I also want to know if any of the value that I’ve created has changed something in your life your career your business I want to hear your story especially if you’ve never reached out before leave that in the comments section let people know that you’re a real human being and that you like what we’re building here in the create awesome community by connecting each other and growing each other’s creativity entrepreneurship and just all of these good things and positive things we’re trying to do together to put out into the world I would really appreciate that so if you’re somebody who’s never left a comment never interacted with the channel and with me I’d love for you to take the opportunity to do that today so that is it that’s why I had to say do not buy fake subscribers or fake likes stand on the authenticity and the authority and the belief in yourself that you and your content and what you have to offer is more than good enough if you’re running a business or a company look it doesn’t give you any good because people who buy into that vanity are not going to buy into you and they’re not going to convert the sales anyway so it doesn’t matter you don’t need the vanity metrics social proof is great if you’re getting sponsors but other than that it’s really not anything more than that then leverage for those relationships but that’s still going to come down to you delivering and creating a value because again anyone can have numbers but not everybody can be a human being that’s going to deliver the unique value that you’re going to create for somebody or that you’re going to deliver on by you know word is bond or word of mouth or whatever it is so just accept that and ultimately believe in yourself and believe that you can create awesome for them so anyway like this video if you liked it don’t forget to subscribe if you’re a real human being no robots no terminators as always you guys thanks so much for watching and don’t forget create something awesome today