Why You are Lazy

that’s not a normal state that’s lazy okay that’s not normal to be putting your head down on a table to not be moving snap and pop do not be adding wood to your fire look lazy as I wrote in this recent article that was read by almost four million people with I think as of today fourteen thousand likes and just as many dislikes even people rageful and angry maybe you’re getting like that right now about my article that lazy is the new entitlement look just see if this describes you or anyone you know I only do enough I make as little as possible I save as well as possible I invest as well as possible I learn as little as possible in hey I work as well as possible and when my five days are over with each week I have to I must take Saturdays and Sundays off I’m entitled to it these are the policies of a lazy and they are ruining our country they’re ruining anyone that operates with them okay normal a normal state is not lazy a lazy person is actually educated encouraged acknowledged and it’s allowed lazy is an allowed state in organizations so if you see anybody in your group in your organization and your family this lazy hey knock it up man it don’t work you end up with too little money not enough love not enough work not enough customers lazy is a failed policy and I’m here to wake you up about it