hey guys what’s up it’s Stefan I’m really excited today because a goal that I’ve had has now finally manifested itself my blog project like match.com is officially being launched today and I’m really excited for this because you know one of the passions that I have is to make a difference in people’s lives and for me this blog is a vehicle to do that to transform lives and my purpose in life I really believe is for me to grow for me to develop myself fulfill my potential as a human being so that I have more to give to others more value that I can give to other people and I really feel like this blog accomplishes that accomplishes a big part of my vision of who I want to be in my life and basically what you can expect for this blog over the next few months is me being as open and transparent as possible with my life I’m gonna share it with you and everyone else all my all the goals that I have all the actions that I’m taking all the progress that I’ve made the failures the successes everything that I’m going through so that hopefully I can inspire you but not only that but also give you guys the tools and the resources to make a change in your life as well so you know one of the you know what can you expect from project life mastery what is it about so I’m going to be for me my goal is to be very open and transparent with everything that’s going on so I’m gonna be sharing all the goals that I have what I’m doing to achieve them one of the things that’s gonna be coming up in the next few months is I’m competing in a fitness competition to being the best shape possible for that and I’m gonna be very open and transparent about the progress that I’m making I’m gonna be posting pictures every month of my body and what it looks like I’m going to be sharing my diet and my work of routine all the resources that I’m using tell me achieve that goal and therefore you can kind of follow along and you know if you want to be in better shape or you know have better health or whatever your goal is then hopefully a lot of the resources that I have and the experiences that I go through can help you achieve your goals as well not only that but I make a pretty good income online I make a living off the internet and I have different websites different businesses that make me a passive income so I want to share with people basically how you can make an income online how you can set up a passive income stream of whether it’s a couple hundred dollars or a couple thousand dollars a month to help you with your financial goals I’m going to be sharing travelling adventures everything in my life the books that I’m leaving the seminars the programs that I’m going through and basically give it to you guys and it’s gonna help me grow it’s gonna help you guys learn and develop yourselves as well so I want to just thank you guys for checking out this website thank you for watching this video you know I encourage you guys if you want to follow along on the journey like me on Facebook follow me on twitter subscribe to my blog you know definitely make sure that you come back because I have a lot of amazing things that are coming up over the next few months and you’re not gonna want to miss out on it so I want to thank you guys again for checking out my website and my blog and I hopefully will see you again soon