– This is the most concentrated
I’ve been in a
classroom my entire life.
(rap music)
– [Gary] I have nothing to say.
I’ll let the visual speak but
people complaining about dumb
shit, gets compounded
when you get different context.
I wish all of you perspective.
That’s me as a student.
(group laughter)
That was me as a student.
This one, right here.
That’s how I rolled.
Eight, little
nine little Indians.
(class singing)
– [Teacher and
Gary] Four little,
three little,
two little Indians.
One little Indian more.
(class singing)
(“Sleeper” by Ronak)
– [Man] What can I say, Gary?
And what can I say, Michael?
We are overjoyed to
have you here again.
Anytime I see you come here,
I ask myself don’t you have
anything to do?
Don’t you have
anything to do with your money?
Sometimes I keep telling them
it’s not because
you have so much.
It’s because of
compassion for somebody else.
Let me remind you that you have
built more school building in
Adaklu more than government.
That is a fact.
You have built more
school buildings in Adaklu
even than government.
Nobody have built more than you.
We have the tech
team one on site.
And we are pleading
for even extra three.
I want to give you an assurance
never ever think that whatever
you have done here is
just for the sake of it.
Believe me, you are sowing the
seed for the new generation that
in other ways would’ve had no
choice and no chance of any
chance in life.
– But that’s my
man, right there.
That’s how I used to roll.
That’s exactly right.
(DRock laughs)
Anti-establishment. My man.
– [Man] But today, what you have
added to what Adaklu have done
have given the opportunity to
all these young ones to
have a shot at life.
Because in this world without
education your chances are
almost zero of
becoming anything.
– Just perspective, man.
It’s just perspective.
– [Man 2] It is
also a short story.
I wanted to read this out loud.
Do you understand?
– Yes.
– [Man 2] Okay, that’s good.
– [Gary] Okay.
(Gary speaking in
another language)
– [Man] We have
learned a lot from you.
A common spirit.
It is important that people in
this community also played a
role in building this.
– [Gary] Uh-huh.
Okay, okay.
Alright, let’s go!
I eat this shit for breakfast.
I would do this
eighteen hours a day.
Being dead serious.
– [Man] You didn’t
just ask them,
you contribute your money and
folded your hands between your
legs and then
delivered a school building.
They sweated as
part of that for vision.
– [Gary] Pickin’
up the pace, DRock.
That’s how I do it.
I finish strong.
I think the working with
the dirt was no question
I think my favorite
part of the whole trip.
I genuinely think we were on the
high side of enthusiasm
of work as a group.
(“Sleeper” by Ronak)
– [Man] None of our
program run beyond four months.
It’s almost always
within that period of time.
Government projects would
have taken a year-plus and the
quality wouldn’t
have been any better.
– [Children] Gary, Gary, Gary!
Gary, Gary, Gary!
– [Gary] One life, baby.
One life.
– One life.
– [Gary] One life.
– One life!
– [Gary] One life.
One. One.
– [Man] With (inaudible)
saying that yes the roads
in Adaklu are no good.
We don’t have water,
in fact we don’t have any
potable drinking water here.
We don’t have any
health facility if
anybody gets sick now.
We have to travel
seven miles or so to get
to the nearest health center.
But education is the
bedrock of everything.
– [Boy] I am a student of
Adaklu Avelebe Primary School.
The title of my poem
is “Where Is Your Legacy?”
What do you want
to be remembered for?
– [Man] It is
people that build roads.
It is people that drill well
holes so where we give education
to our people we are giving them
the key to doing the rest of the
things which is
the health care,
which is the
road and everything.
– [Boy] Do you want to be
remembered as a caring and
responsible parent?
Do you want to be remembered
as a committed teacher?
Do you want to be remembered
as a hard working student?
Or do you want to be remembered
as a patriotic citizen?
What and how do you
want to be remembered for?
– [Man] Want to show you that
you are not wasting your time.
You are not
wasting your investment.
This is the best use of
your money and your time.
And I believe that other people
the people who sponsor you
should understand.
A little boy from Adaklu
saying that was sowing so much
seed in Adaklu.
But what a joy to know that what
you have done together with me,
with together with all these
people and the community a child
can do better
than me in the future.
That is all that is necessary.
(crowd cheers and applause)
– [Group] Hooray!
– I want to thank you very
much and say to everybody
education has no replacement.
We can not use education as
an alternative to anything.
That is the only
choice we have in Adaklu.
(audience applause)
– One life.
What an amazing experience.
(group singing “Don’t You Worry
Child” by Swedish House Mafia)
– [Gary] Michael,
this section’s for you.
Sorry, Brandon.
Sorry, Brandon.
Sorry man.
– Oh, that is so–
(Gary laughs)
– [Gary] DRock,
you got a backup shirt?
– [DRock] Nope.
(“Can’t Knock Me
Down” by Anna Mae)
– Me and Celeste
walking through.
(Celeste laughs)
Memes, memes, memes,
memes on memes on memes.
Celeste, you are the meme queen.
– That’s not the
first time I’ve heard that.
– Dang, headed to the,
oh wait, India’s still here.
Headed to the airport.
Amazing trip from Ghana.
(“Can’t Knock Me
Down” by Anna Mae)
Planet of the Apps just dropped.
I’ve been up since 4 A.M.
destroying it on Twitter.
Brian is finally
everybody’s height.
He’s sitting on the floor.
Man’s a giant.
Great trip, great crew.
Crew, say hello.
– [Group] Yo!
– They don’t follow
directions really well.
Nobody said hello but amazing
trip and can’t wait to be home.
And that’s that.
About to board,
Nick Dio’s doing some sort of
who the hell knows what.
Hussain’s doing the right thing.
Zoom in on over the shoulder.
Double tasking,
Planet of the Apps, pictures.
Obviously Planet of the Apps
and looking at pictures from the
Ghana trip.
Who knows what India’s doing?
– Downloading.
– Great trip.
Ready to be in New York.
I’ve missed it.
And thank you, God bless you
and God bless this community.