What is TheFamily? By Alice Zagury, cofounder & CEO

so I’m gonna take just five minutes to give you the big picture of who we are who is the family while you were here why we are coming to Barcelona so but just before who already know the family here who could know well the family here okay so these need an explanation so the family is not another accelerator the family is not another incubator the family doesn’t provide space we want actually to collaborate with the existing organization we are happy to work here today AdMob for instance so we want to work with all the existing infrastructure what we bring is totally different than we see ourselves as a minority a long term and strategic shareholder okay working directly with the startups so what we bring to all the entrepreneurs that we work with its three main things so one is education as a purpose of today for instance it will try to give you some interesting tips some interesting framework way of thinking that can be useful during all your life as an entrepreneur okay and it’s all come with education education is meetups okay education is offline and online and education also family it’s the moment that we share with the people we love our startup it can be as you can see in this picture very good dinners that we organize at the family and this is also the reason why we won’t have a big space here in Barcelona we will have an apartament Oh to do some good meeting one and one little teeny meeting some dinners also with investor journalist and entrepreneurs and the big moment of classes and and and meet up is going to be with our friends also space like for instance so one education is very important having the mindset being ambitious it’s tools I won’t go into detail into this but basically the 300,000 euros that you will have paid into servers lawyers accountants you don’t have to pay it with the family and the third thing is capital of course it’s really important it’s one you need to race one is what we are about to talk about tonight so capital at the family we how do we do it you will understand with the sama that you need really to be prepared when you raise fund and you need to be in this well position HUD say in this well balanced position towards investors okay it’s like you need to be with a lot of good things on your side a lot of good figures a lot of traction good things to show that you won’t be bitten like a poor animal by a tiger so what we do is that when I started already when I thought about traction when they have good data we introduced them to our syndicate of Godfather’s Godfather’s at the families as investors they have the money and we rebalance the power between them and the startup this this means that when a startup that we trust and that we love is ready to raise funds we push the fight of the startup in front of the eyes of the entrepreneur of the investor sorry and we give them 15 days only and nothing more to put the money in the startup okay because one of the big pain when you raise fund is the time that loot you lose by meeting all the people who tell you yeah come back when you have the sauces of that within a month and you know that this will kill you okay so why because the most important thing is why we do the family why we are all involved in this adventure which is the family so the reason why we do what we do is because in France at the beginning when we start but also in Spain I guess and that’s what we are going to see we are undergoing we are surrounded by a bad environment when it comes to be a bit local it’s a scary accuracy quand tu eres un and pray adore dem predator see to a thousand boogie-down loco is that me that’s nobody can believe in you nobody can trust you because you’re actually innovating okay and if you are surrounded by people who first tell you you will fail who tell you know it’s nothing but it’s not visible oh who will tell you who told you to come to me because you need to be introduced no I was looking for an apartment here for instance in in Barcelona and I was calling all the agencies and it was a number of the agency I was finding it online and when I caught the girl she said but I’ll kill TI dico and dado pero era in the web see pero también se tipo de vente yeah SOS total mintage toxic oh ok what you need to be really encouraged when you build a start-up is to us all these things so one is a good culture towards ambition risk and failure ok it’s not the end of your life if you fail actually it’s one more experience but it’s easy to say but when all the people around you believe the other way it’s not easy actually a second thing is you need money you need very venture capital money around you people who are able to bet on you ok and just to tell you to give you a story of this one I when I started in in in Paris I did an accelerator program 2008 I did exactly why Y Combinator did I take good entrepreneurs during six months that have the programs they have mentors and at the end of this good program they meet with investors other investors from friends were here in the room and my stuff that they were pitching on stage they have good products they have great ambition they have data they have traction but at the end of the event who invested started nobody nobody why because it’s not in our Latin culture okay the this this kind of behavior to say yeah I’m gonna put money on this I want to be even if nobody believed in it I want to put money this in France investor it’s not like to bets nobody okay so I won’t go okay so this is the big problem and this is one of the biggest barrier in to make a good environment to our entrepreneurship and I’m not talking about the legal infrastructure because it would be too long and that you don’t have even to go up to the to talk about the legal infrastructure you just have to talk about the fact that it’s too long to open a bank accounts if you have too much administration administrative paper to fill in when you want to start a company to understand that the environment is not made for entrepreneurship and last but not least I want to tell you I know that here the government puts a double money when you have investment and that you’d say that it’s easy to have but I’m telling you this might be an opportunity for you but it will never be a strategy never you don’t have to count on this otherwise you’re dead you’re chilled because if you wait for the government to give you the money you can wait a long time so finally when once you’ve seen that all of this characteristic all of these patterns are the same pattern that we have in France and in Spain and basically so we thought about at the family with Osama with Nicholas who is not here and with now as the big team how can we change the world how can we reverse this problematic how can we touch on every single problem of this environment and and change it and now so today the family is in terms of giftee Isis I have to play the role of the teacher is 300 starter forty champions when I talk about champions it’s a start-up who already has the growth rate of 20% per month okay we raise 100 million for start-up through our swing syndicate of Godfather’s and it’s 2,000 students who are already using our online product just for you to understand the business model of the family we don’t take any government money huh we did it from scratch with the private investors we have we take between three to seven percent in every starter that we accompany so don’t have to pay anything else right but this is not a revenue model because this is a long-term vision we don’t we don’t take cash with this what make cash at the end of the day is the people that pay for the classes who are not entrepreneurs who are people thinking of becoming entrepreneurs but all the classes they are actually free for all startups all right so maybe you know already Algol yeah maybe you heard about a first team I invite you to discover the very few entrepreneurs that are working with us at the family they are online on the website so to send – just to give you some overview of the culture if if we work together if you want to join more and more Meetup and if you want to get in touch with us these are the rules that we apply at the family and just as a rule that we want our entrepreneurs to apply also so let’s go through it so one we need to scale education scale education it means that we really want the people to have these mindsets okay to to think to think like it’s kind of schizophrenic like yes or no right or wrong black or white binary even if you’re not a hacker zero or one you have to be in this mindset okay you know we’ve all been to the school we’ve all been writing Philadelphia reductionism and the teacher it told us to do Tess’s antithesis and synthesis it told us to be to have a holistic vision okay this is not entrepreneurial at all and that’s why in the anglo-saxon way you know they told you to stay is only defend your arguments and this is the infrastructure or mindset that makes it very difficult to be focused on one thing and not have have you know when you’re an entrepreneur you don’t have to say maybe yes maybe no I will try I don’t know this is good when you are maybe a researcher or I don’t know what when you are in science that’s why we create pure artists very good engineers but why not very good entrepreneurs maybe because we don’t have this down to her way of doing things yes or no right or wrong making choice okay so I want the people we work with to actually change this kind of mindset because we were not educated with this mindset grab it and make it scale in their team so that in their team they think the same way second thing chill elitism welcome diversity this is very important an entrepreneur can come from anywhere that the best entrepreneur we have in the family do not come from the best I don’t know what school okay so we are in your are key countries in your ARCA culture in a very elitist culture suck it okay we need to really trust the people wherever they come from and this is where innovation comes from this is what we applied the family this is what we are so started to apply also make it cool make it fun because being an entrepreneur is actually no cool nor fun it’s really a sacrifice it’s something that you do every day with a big fear will I be able to prove the world that I’m as I’m right it’s it’s it’s it’s really uncertain I’m sure it makes you feel anxious it’s not it’s it’s a sacrifice because you have no life no wife no no cheese no nothing no no no time to do sport or don’t count on this so at least make it cool and and and make your you know everybody wonder why the startup space always have some cool sentence on the world where it looks cool well there are a lot of colors it’s because actually you have no choice your life is your work so makes your work looks cool as your life so what I mean okay so this year are you already know do not take it as a strategy to go for government money choose your partner of course it’s really important may it be your partner from your team or the partner and people that she will work with and this shaman will explain actually during his thought on who are the investors you must go for and actually it’s not only about grabbing the money and running it’s the people who will have a power with because it will be with you in your company so you’d better choose them well because otherwise it can kill it all be radical so I was talking about this binary vision 0 1 etc make choices and making choices is also something very complicated for instance if I go on your website and I write and you tell me I’m focusing on the Spanish market only when I see that you also have a an English website whereas you focus on the Spanish market only then I will tell you but why do you have also the translation in English if you only focus on the Spanish market yeah but it has nothing to do the translation in English yeah but this is a defocused it means that you all the things that you do mean something and all the things that you don’t do mean or something ok being radical is really important and this also all the way in anyway okay paid for one being the mindset of sharing being the mindset of giving even if you don’t know how it will pay after this will help this will help all of the community it will help to develop and tutor first this is something really important of the family we understood that actually you know what we can make out of Oracle system which are toxic of okay it’s not easy to start in Paris it’s not easy to start in duster and now with ambition but if you survive you’re awesome if you survive you’re stronger than the other okay and and what we have to show is unique what we have to show I can tell you when I when you and you can see I’m sure when you go anywhere around the world the pressures of having a strong culture but that you can not find anywhere else and even less in Silicon Valley and finally build international bonds this is the most important when you’re startups you want to go bid you wanna grow fast you wanna you want to have the right people in the right place that’s what we do as a family we have one of our new the latest guy that we recruited in the family one of the partner his name is a Tyler Willis and is the growth cycle of bench what branch out yeah and is based in the in Silicon Valley as there is a football game tonight yeah and and and basically it’s based in Silicon Valley and he is the guy that can connect our startups with the real good grow secure there and it’s really important otherwise we couldn’t pretend that we are international if we don’t create this kind of bonds all right if you want to know everything about what happened what we do we are here we which ok SME is Osama as other partners we do we provide free office hours so you come we talk we focus on your business during 45 minutes for free you you just send me an email or you subscribe to the newsletter newsletter for Barcelona it’s bits that Lee / Barcelona 3 fgf meaning the family huh simple all right well I did it gracias muchas gracias