What is Clickbait? Does Clickbait Get More Views on YouTube?

– Just so we’re clear,
this video isn’t clickbait. Hey everybody, this is Roberto
Blake at robertoblake.com, helping you cerate
something awesome today. Welcome to another YouTube tips video. This video is one I’m
really excited about, because we’re gonna talk about
everyone’s favorite topic. A lot of you have been asking
for this in the comments. What is clickbait, and does it work? Well, here’s the thing, we got
to actually define clickbait, because a lot of people have
different interpretations of it, and they’re not all wrong either. So some of you feel that clickbait is anything that grabs attention, and it doesn’t matter
whether it actually delivers on it in the video or
whether it’s misleading. It’s clickbait if it was
just something that was specifically designed
to get your attention. I kind of don’t agree with that as the definition of clickbait. There are a lot of YouTubers
who do titles and thumbnails that are designed specifically
to get your attention, but so does all advertising,
so does commercials, so does billboards. And again, it’s called
driving you to engage and to do a call to action. That’s not clickbait, not at least the way that YouTube thinks of clickbait. What you could consider
clickbait is if it’s a thumbnail and a title that
is completely misleading based on what the video is, or if it’s a gross exaggeration of what
the video is or is about. So here’s an example of
something that isn’t clickbait. When a YouTuber like Matthew Santoro does a top 10 amazing facts, or you won’t believe this kind of thing, that’s not necessarily clickbait. When somebody like you know, Casey Neistat does a video that shows
that it’s like a you know, first class, what it’s like
to do first class plane ride, that was like a huge viral sensation. Okay, and then he like
puts it in the title how much money that costs. Well that’s not clickbait,
that is an attractive and enticing headline. It does have the intention
of getting you to click, but it’s delivering, almost immediately, on the promise of the video. A thumbnail and a title for a
video are a video’s packaging. If the packaging wasn’t misleading, and it was just a really good cover, I mean it’s like you know, we
judge books by their cover. If it wasn’t misleading
and delivered on exactly what it said it was going to
do, then that’s not clickbait. If it doesn’t do that,
then it is clickbait. If it unnecessarily drags it out, it could be considered clickbait. And again, if it’s an accusation or a gross exaggeration of something, then that could be clickbait. There are several channels that do this, and they’ll say something like, you know, “The cringiest kid ever,”
or something like that, and then they’ll have like
a thumbnail of a face. That could be considered clickbait because that’s subjective, and it’s hyperbole. It’s a huge exaggeration, and in theory it’s impossible to deliver on that, so it would fit our definition
of clickbait very easily. Here’s part two of this
you know, video though. Does clickbait work? Yes, because if it didn’t, people wouldn’t still be doing it. It does work, people
are frustrated with it, but the overwhelming majority of the audience of YouTube is young, which means that they’ve
come to accept clickbait, they’re attracted to it,
it gets their attention. You’ll notice that most people who do quote unquote clickbait,
or click-baity thumbnails, are using bright attractive colors, and that even if it’s
somebody’s face in a thing, it’ll be something like.
(gasps) It’s be some overly you
know, produced emotion. It’ll be some inauthentic emotion, it’ll be something that’s. It’ll be too much, it’ll be over the top. It’ll be something like
that for the purposes of just hyping things. Hype is something that
the young buy in spades, and that’s no criticism to any
young people watching this, it’s just the truth. I know it was when I was younger. I know that it was easy. I also know that bright
colors, and you know, really, I mean I hate to say it, some of the tackiest thumbnails
in YouTube do very well, and then what happens is
because people see that, they mimic it, they emulate it, and you see this happen over
and over and over again. So we know that clickbait does work. We know a little bit
more about why it works, but YouTube is making
every effort they can, and a lot of people are getting, or rather becoming collateral
damage in the process, of them trying to fight clickbait content. That’s why they’re giving
a little bit more weight to the relevancy part of the YouTube algorithm than they used to, which means that you know,
a title, description, and some tags that kind of go together and that might be
related to other content, and all of these other
things that I talk about in my really long YouTube algorithm video, it’s kind of using those to
combat clickbait a little bit, but there are people who
do really good videos that borderline on clickbait sometimes in the way that they title it
and that they’re presented, and so a lot of vloggers tell me that, well their content isn’t
necessarily search engine friendly. A lot of YouTube animators
tell me that their content isn’t necessarily search engine friendly, and I would say it’s not that it isn’t, it’s that it’s a little
bit more challenging in that you have to get creative, but there are ways to deal with it. Maybe I’ll do some more videos and some top five videos around that, but the idea here is for
you to have a little bit of an understanding of
like why clickbait is bad. You can make really good
thumbnails and really good titles that aren’t necessarily clickbait. It is possible to really
do an interesting story and to do an interesting
thumbnail that works and is successful and that people will be interested in watching without it necessarily being clickbait. Now, the other thing is,
some people make content that is designed to be clickbait. It’s designed or intended
to get somebody to click, which wouldn’t you say all YouTube videos are designed to get people to click? But what I’m getting at is that someone will go out of their way to have a wilder, zany
thing happen in their life so that they have justification
for putting a title that they do eventually
deliver on, up for the video. And I could go either way on this, because sometimes I think
that that could be okay or interesting or appropriate, but I think if you’re really
going out of your way, that it’s a little bit much. But if something interesting
did happen to you, and you decided to put it
closer to the end of the video so that people keep watching, waiting for when’s it gonna
happen, when’s it gonna happen, then that could be really interesting as far as, you know, a watch-time thing. And it might be a really good
video that has a buildup, that’s fine, I mean that’s what
television shows do, right? So I think that that is you know, just something to think about. A lot of television shows tease
us with a character dying, and they’ll show the images,
and then we have to try to, we want to figure out who it is, or oh will the killer be
revealed, the cliffhanger ending. So it’s not like people
who do clickbait on YouTube are doing anything new
or so wildly dramatic or original that’s never been done before. Newspapers have been doing it for years. Television shows have
been doing it for years. Movies even do it with
their movie trailers. Is clickbait the worst thing in the world? Is clickbait cancer, I don’t think so. I just think that if you make a video, that the title and the
thumbnail is kind of a promise, and I kind of think that
you should keep your word. You should try to keep your
promises whenever possible, and I think that applies
here on YouTube as well. Anyway, I’d love to know
what you guys think. Do you guys agree with
my thoughts on clickbait? Do you agree with my definition of it? Do you agree with the examples I used? Let me know in the comments section what your thoughts are. Also hit me up with questions
you have about you know, how to grow on YouTube or any YouTube technical questions that you have. The more challenging ones are the better, and those are the ones I
like answering the most. Maybe I’ll make a video about
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