What I’m Excited About in 2019

– Just gonna make a one
off video for YouTube, or this might be stripped
for audio, we’re just gonna freestyle here, you know, Weezy inspired. (laughs) Sitting here in a hotel
lobby about to do my Shoe Palace drop, the case
was a collaboration I did with Shoe Palace, a retailer, just
super grateful as we wrap up the year, it’s December 11th,
twelve-eleven, just thinking a lot about 2019, feeling very
fresh, thinking a lot about, you know, a lot about a
lot of different things. Facebook’s on my mind, very fascinated and excited about exploiting it next year, I think the world’s running away from it which makes me feel
passionate to run into it. Thinking about my team a
lot, a commitment to making more content, very excited
about the Team GaryVee handle for 2019, a lot of good, young
talent, big shout out to Max, I feel like, a lot of like, our vibes, I think we’re getting tighter. Continuation of written content. Twitter, if we’re doing a
little bit of 2019 predictions, I’m gonna dominate 50 to
80 year olds on Facebook, I’m gonna put out a
hundred tweets a day on my Twitter account, which would
mean that I’m gonna give up a little bit of the
control, not every tweet is gonna be me, but I want to indicate that DRock was the one who tweeted it. We’re just sitting on so much content, just want to get a lot of stuff out. I think next year’s gonna
be the decline of the organic reach of Instagram,
I think people are gonna be crying about the numbers
not being as good, so that’s running through my mind, because everybody’s become
one-dimensional on that platform. A lot of selling for me next year, and not like, selling,
like, I mean more like, Empathy Wines is gonna have to pop, we haven’t started the marketing, we announced it, but
I’m excited about that. I got at least one more sneaker in me next year, likely two. Feel like there might be
one or two new little things that I want to work on,
accessories, apparel, different shit like that, so I’m excited about
selling, but in the form of branding, continuing to
disproportionately be the singular entrepreneur that’s bringing
the most value for free to every other entrepreneur, and
then creating products that have nothing to do with my information, that people are consuming
and if they are curious to want to purchase those
things ’cause they drink wine or wear sneakers, then that is phenomenal, but never giving with expectation. The great downfall of what I
observed in 2018 is how many people think they’re
tricking their audience and putting out shit, and
then creating a VIP rope or a closed group, or
cutting off the video half way through and if
you want it, pay for it. The inability for the
market to understand that, just build a brand then
everything good will come of it. 1:37 pm, big year in 2019,
the men’s publishing company that I own, I’m excited about that, the global expansion of
VaynerMedia, Singapore, South America, Canada, all
in play, Singapore’s a lock. VaynerSpeakers forming
the best speaking bureau in the world, VaynerSports,
AJ is now certified. It’ll be fun to watch my
brother become the best football agent in the world
over the next half decade. Continuing to go into E-Sports and hip hop and things that I naturally just like. Investing, you’ll be
seeing more content from me about taking investing meetings,
by the time you watch this, I’m not sure if we’re gonna
put out our first piece, but I sat through a pitch,
we filmed it, so we had a great two years of my
meetings that I used to take with hip hop artists, that was content. Well, the investment
pitches I take, again, creating a media platform,
the people that pitch me, you know, they’re either gonna
get my money or your money, or exposure to VCs, I’ve
got a knack, an ability and a growing capability
of putting people on without asking for anything in return. Whether that’s a hip hop star, or now a start-up, that’s exciting to me. I’m excited to see some
of my predictions play out next year, I think you’ll
see some of the things I’ve been talking about play out, so, that’s good, that’s always good. Penetrating basketball culture, a lot of NBA superstars fucking
with me on Instagram, DM’ing with them, I’m excited
for NBA All Star weekend, Charlotte, Super Bowl
party, the VaynerSports 1:37 pm Super Bowl Party is
gonna be real in Atlanta. Bartering, I’m all about that barter life. You know, trying to sell hundreds of cases of Empathy in one shot,
what can I do for you. Same for the athletes
we sign in VaynerSports, that’ll be fun, training talent, like this Team GaryVee,
I would rip my arm off to be on Team GaryVee as a
creator or a general manager, just, we’ve got it down now, it’s like designer, writer,
gif-maker, creator, video, pictures, animated gifs,
animator, or general managers. The kind of like, if you’re not a creator, Max, like, will try to
make you a GM, that’s good. These are things I’m thinking about for my business life next year. What’s that? Sports cards, absolutely, sports cards is something I’m gonna lean in more – [DRock] You forgot a really big one, like, one of the biggest ones. – I’m sure. – [DRock] Trash Talk. – Trash Talk is gonna be
huge next year, flipping, it’s all the same, you
know what’s so funny DRock? There is only one thing we do, how can I have the greatest
legacy as an entrepreneur ever is what I’m thinking about,
it will take me creating businesses, like, I
need Empathy to sell for half a billion dollars to one
of the biggest wine companies, I’m gonna need VaynerMedia to
be a billion, VaynerX, to be a billion dollar revenue
organization, I’m gonna need VaynerSports to be a top five
firm, I’m gonna need that, but there isn’t an entrepreneur
within fucking striking distance of the obsession
of bringing the most value (bell rings) to his or her audience, and
I’m doing it in all four. Trash Talk is a free education
for the people that have a hundred thirty-seven
dollars in their bank. This, you know, Daily V, the
White Papers, the all that, the deck that I made, that’s
for the people, you know, make, you know, the unbelievable
commitment I’m making in 2019 to service, small
businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups in the form of a disproportionately big
announcement in January. I’m hungry as fuck to be a
generational entrepreneur. And I’m well on my way,
and I haven’t even fucking stepped onto the field
for the national anthem of what I’m up to, so you can
imagine, so I’m not in the first quarter, I’m not on half
time, I’m still putting on my cleats in the fucking dugout. We haven’t even sung the
fucking national anthem. People are confused, I
tell kids to be patient, I’m 43 and I’m patient as fuck. What the fuck do you think
I think you’re up to at 29? (heavy bass noises) It’s gonna be a great year.