What Does Happiness Look Like? | DailyVee 504

– Let’s do it. Bavaro’s the gum.
– [Man] That’s a rookie. – Am I allowed to eat this gum? This is, what now, ’86– – [Crewmember] ’86 is 14, 32 years old. (techno music) – You got your perspective. (techno music) I get very upset when people try to suppress people from hard working, without realizing that, that’s
what makes that person happy, and do I believe that hard
work is an essential part of the kind of success that people define? I do. Do I think working so many
hours that it burns you out, that you need to retire, or quit, or you’re unhappy in perpetuity is bad? Of course I do. I think this is a self-awareness game, and actually I think it’s a
much more interesting game of do you know why you’re working or what are you trying to achieve? I would go crazy sitting on
a farm in middle America, or doing 28 weeks of vacation’s
not what makes me happy. But I unbelievably am happy
for the people makes it happy. I love the process of building something the way I wanna build it. I think it’s about self-awareness. I think the cool part
for me is Clouds and Dirt was really the entrepreneurial
framework that I live in, which is like, have your
dreams, your aspirations, like live in the clouds, but if like, one thing I admire about you and the other people
that we’ve given ’em to, is like, you’re willing
to get in the dirt, right? You’re background of how
you were successful speaks to that athletically, but then like, as you made the transition
to an entrepreneur and a personality, I see that in you. Work ethic, like, not being too fancy, like putting in the fucking work. – Yeah.
– The dirt. One thing that I try to remind people is like, talent is part of this. Also, for whatever reason,
you were fortunate enough to figure out a talent you had. – Yeah.
– And like, went all in on it, and oh by the way, you gave up your fucking childhood to do it. – There you go, yeah.
– Like everybody thinks I’m so lucky and I’m like, you’re lucky! You went to high school parties. – Yeah.
– I fucking worked. I went home 75% of my weekends
during my college career, taking Amtrak, not even fucking Acela. No fucking first class. Shit Amtrak, eating a bull shit sandwich, which I kind of loved
and I miss that sandwich. (laughs) Get into New York, not New York, not even New York, which would be fun, fucking Woodbridge New
Jersey Train Station, at like 8 o’clock. My dad would pick me up, we’d drive home, and then I would wake up
at 6:30 in the morning and work in the liquor store on Saturday, and then leave back to Boston on Sunday, and now I’m lucky. It’s hard to think you’re lucky when you fucking eat shit when
nobody else is eating shit. (techno music) If you look at the current
state of social media, you would think that 98% of
the time in entrepreneurship it’s sunny and rosy and fun,
when reality it’s the reverse. I mean reality is entrepreneurship
is extremely lonely. The reality is most people spend
a lot of their time, day in and day out, in dark clouds, not sunshine. It is, you know I always say,
I even make jokes when I enter back into the country, it
used to say “occupation”. There’s times when I’ve
written firefighter. I wake up and expect
texts of negative things. When you own your own business, every thing is your own fault. Everything the business is
struggling with is your fault, and you are basically in
the business of putting out negative fires, anticipating negativity. Getting prepared for clouds to come over. You are basically always
looking for shelter, and umbrellas and rain boots. You are living in that. And I think that something
I make fun of a lot, which is swans in pools in the Hamptons. And I think if swans represent
fake entrepreneurship, I literally think that
worms and frogs represent real entrepreneurship to me. Because I literally think about who comes out when it rains a lot. In Jersey as a kid, I would
see frogs and worms more often after rainstorms or during
rainstorms, and I feel like those animals represent entrepreneurship
dramatically more than a fucking blown up swan
in a fake environment during a fluffy economy. Look, we’re all trying
to achieve and enjoy the sunshine and the prosperity of it all, but the reality is
disproportionately our time is spent in navigating or anticipating dark clouds. (jazzy techno music) – Alright we have the goat,
the legend right here. So Gary, what would you tell
these young athletes on when they want to inspire to be something and get to the next level. – First of all realize how
ridiculously impossible it is. I think the biggest issue
that most young athletes have is that they don’t realize the math. 0.01% make it. So I think 1, It’s not about be practical
and have a Plan B, I don’t believe in that
necessarily either, it’s just that, really be
thoughtful about how much extra work it takes. If you’re not in the
gym, somebody else is. – Facts. (drum heavy music) – Here’s the best advice. Live your fucking life and
tune out everybody else. Everybody out here is
so fucking worried about everybody else’s opinion
but you’re all full of shit on social media, PR’ing
yourself, when in reality you got a lot of real shit
going on in your head. So stop fucking fronting and start living. (upbeat rock music) You’re valuing other people’s
opinions about your L. It’s a scarlet letter. The reason I’m always comfortable, I lose all the time. I just don’t care about what
your comment is about my loss. (upbeat rock music) The second you don’t care
about other people’s opinions, like you mom, your dad,
your friend, your homies, social media, people you told
you’re going to be successful, the second you don’t care
about anybody’s opinion, the second that self doubt just ghosts, because it has no value,
’cause I’m just playing. You know, I think that there’s
a deep inherent understanding in my mind, that there’s only
one at bat and I don’t want to leave anything on the table. Most people don’t want to work. Most people don’t find what they love. Most people don’t have enormous ambitions. Most people prefer you to stop, because it makes them insecure
while you keep winning. There’s no greater gift in life, than to have the people you
love be happy and healthy. The second biggest gift in life, is to fucking love what you do so much, that you only want to work. (upbeat rock music) People struggle with
contextual lies in time. – 28. – At 20 years old, I was the liquor store, that’s holding this event
tonight, in the basement, packing packages at night. I worked every day, I just was patient. The biggest thing is
what’re you looking for. The biggest issue that
somebody as young as you has, is contextualizing patience. The way to get most happy, is to be held accountable for everything. What do you want? Everybody here, everybody,
from 68 years old to the youngest person here,
we all can have 4 years of not producing a whole lot
and still have time do shows. Like I get so pumped when
people start finally quantifying how old they really are. People out here, 45 years
old, like thinking it’s over. You’re gonna live to fucking 100. You’re gonna live 40 more years. That’s the best part of entrepreneurship, it’s just in perpetuity right? – People always ask you stuff, how do you have the answer
for everything they ask you? – Because there’s only like 7 answers. – Wow. (laughing) Thank you. – Your welcome man. Somewhere along the line, I
realized I had something to give, like I’m kinda good,
and I have an abundance of energy and thoughts, and
I’m thrilled to feed it. It obviously feeds me, I
like the attention and the positive reinforcement and
whatever else it may be. It just feels very… I love to communicate. To me to be very frank, the
thing that’s really brought me a lot of energy is, being
able to get through to 15 to 25 year old guys,
because they think I’m cool, to then push to them the
propaganda of kindness and patience, and high work
and empathy and caring. I’m not sure, in the world,
this will make sense to you based on what I’ve been
talking about tonight. In a world where I know, when you have the right
thing, squeeze it hard, I may never have another
time in my career, because of what’s happening
on YouTube and Instagram, with me, to affect what a
lot of 15 to 25 year old guys think is the right thing to do, and I feel an enormous
sense of responsibility, they are the hardest group to get through. So, I feel huge responsibility right now. And I don’t know if I’ll
ever have a moment again, where they’re listening
at this scale and I’m very energized right now because
I know I’m making things, I’m putting things on a
pedestal, like patience. I’m really invigorated by it. (upbeat rock music) Of course. – So we did this a few weeks
back, we had 1500 people watch us live on Facebook,
on a cross-platform, that’s 1500 people live, watch us open a 1954 Bowman Nickel Pack. And what’s great is that
I always get nervous that you’re gonna get
shit, and no one cares. They’re like, where’s the
fucking thrill of the hunt. – Hey Gary what’s going on bud. – 86 baby, Al Toon, I know the rice is what people
want but I want Al Toon. Let’s do it. Alright here we go. 86, 86, 86 cello. – [Man] This is by the way,
Gary, our first ever live vintage break on location. We’re starting that series. We want to do it outside Yankee stadium. – First of all, Bavaro’s the gum, am I allowed to eat this gum? – Of course you are. – Oh I’m gonna do it, this what now? – [Man] 86, is 14, 32 years old. – [Man] Do it! – You could get sick. – [Man] Oh, wow! What’s the odor on you and how long… Hey Chris how’s everything what’s up bud? (laughing) It’s no good. – I’m good. – [Man] Mike quick, 1000 yard club. – [Man] I used to love 1000 yard club. – [Man] Penny, easily a solid safety, – [Man] Made the hall of fame. – [Man] Greg Coleman, the punter, I don’t remember him at all. Bryan Holloway, all-pro patriot, That’s a problem for me. By the way, I’ve swallowed the gum. (laughing) Just if there’s any confusion. These are really off center. (cheering) – That’s a nice Pete Rose! Now you’ll give that back to me later. – Of course it’s all yours. – Get out of here, how cool is that? So this to me is a solid PSA8, It’s a little bit off center Gary. – Way better in center than
this fucking Mike Caldwell. – Yeah exactly, that’s a nice card. That’s Valentine. – Look how fucked up this– – Yeah. Oh. Wow, that’s a nice pack. – We should get them grayed though. – Yeah we’ll see that. So what we’re gonna do Gary, we’re gonna gray these, and you’re gonna give
them out at some point in the future to any
one of your many fans. – What is going to go down at the national in Chicago this year– – I’m so excited. – I’m coming guns a blazing. – Oh. – I’m coming, I’m out of
control for four days. I’m gonna do crazy shit, I’m
gonna have like Drake there, I’m gonna try to break the place. Brother, such a pleasure. – Pleasure. – Ryan, we’ll set this
up, I love you brother. Good to see ya. Alright, Tyler get me the fuck outta here. (upbeat music)