Wealth for Average People – Grant Rant #71

let’s face it everybody’s got to sense and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey there grant cardone New York Times Wall Street Journal and Amazon best-selling Arthur I want to talk to you about your finances I just read three blogs this morning that had ten tips to your financial success eight of those steps eight of those tips on each of the three lists method you had to save money the truth is look the American household in the American business probably can’t save any more money let’s say let’s say you’re going to try to get rich by saving money what are you going to cut out the movie once a week okay going to dinner you’re going to cut out maybe Direct TV that’s going to save you 100 bucks a month cut out a dinner or two you’re going to say what two or three hundred bucks a month times 12 months it’s three grand a year times the next ten years 30,000 with inflation you’re going backwards look the only way the only way to create true financial success in your life is to put all your attention on increasing your income if I’m spending $5,000 a month if that’s my expenditure my target is then to save 5,000 a month okay after taxes if I’m spending this I’m not going to try to take that down I’m going to try to get my income up okay so that I can put away 5,000 a month notice just look at your when we’re done with this video just look at your expenses how much can you cut out 300 400 500 maybe 30% of your cost of living could be reduced let’s say you spend five thousand month you’re going to save thirty percent of five thousand is how much fifteen hundred bucks times twelve months is eighteen thousand a year times ten years is a hundred and eighty thousand bucks you’re great job great job watch you’re going to cut your expenses and you’re going to save eighteen hundred bucks a month what I’m going to do is I’m going to figure out how to make five thousand dollars extra year after taxes times twelve that’s sixty thousand a year times ten years that’s six hundred thousand dollars okay and truly if you could truly cut your expenses by that eighteen hundred bucks a month then I’d do that too and I’d end up with about a million dollars in ten years look you want to get rich there’s only one way to do it I don’t care what the government tells you what your mommy your daddy what your boss tells you there is only one way for you to get financially successful and that is to increase your income and you want to increase your income your target should be to increase your income in excess of whatever you spend every month if you’re spending ten thousand you need to go to the marketplace and say hey give me another ten thousand that might mean a second job it might mean an extra sale it might mean you need a push shove might mean you need to write a book or get a YouTube channel or I don’t know what you got to do man but the first thing you have to do is this understand one thing people they get rich do it two ways they increase their income and number two they take that extra money and they create wealth with it good luck