Waterfall Swimming in Costa Rica – Part I | Tim Ferriss

so here we are in Costa Rica we are at La catarata de la coruña and this is where I’m vodka swimming so I wanted to swim under the waterfall but realized quickly that the suction would pull me under and kill me so I won’t be doing that but this is a very beautiful area no study found it is called lacunae because it’s on the side of a volcano that was inactive for a long time and then it was completely obliterated by gas and steam this shot out and essentially wiped out the two entire population for 15 minutes so that’s why this is one more time I could be which means the unfortunate for my ankle which I came here with and it’s somewhat damaged condition with a torn Achilles tendon and I’ll show you what not to do with the torn Achilles tendon is walk on this the shiny smooth rocks with moss on them anyway I’m having a good time I haven’t hurt my ankle except walk sideways somewhat look like a penguin but 11 a good time so I’m gonna get in the water and I’ll see you all in a bit Mike