what’s up guys I’m the King and this is Prince ghosts okay off you go oh I throw him on the bed and he’s totally upset right now oh my goodness I’m sorry and Prince ghost is fine he’s probably gonna take a nap I’ll record this video but so I made a post in the free econ rolls Facebook group and it was a Q&A it says have you guys DM me a question or anything that you’ve been struggling with the most and I’ll answer it all in one video which by the way if you guys haven’t joined econ rolls it’s a free Facebook group it’s gonna be the second link in the description so check that out and I’ll see you in the group so I’ve literally got over 2,000 DM that I haven’t read over time and it’s just insane so there’s gonna be a bunch of questions I’m gonna try to answer as many as possible here and make it as valuable as possible before I do that I do want to say that the Royal blueprint is live and for those who don’t know it’s a course case study mashup and you guys are seeing results on screen right now from people who have already gone through it so after this video guys go to the first link in the description it’s gonna take you to a page and you can see a results from other people who have already gone through the program and just see if it’s right for you so the first one here is from Tim his question is how do I get started with the business I want to jump in but looking for good direction so this if any of you guys are overthinking the business model or – first time ever hearing about it or you’re just new – dropshipping honestly what I suggest you guys do most of my content here is more intermediate to advanced and so what I suggest you guys to go do is just fill in all the gaps of questions you have if you’re doing product research and you kind of have a question about if these types of products work or any sort of question if you don’t know something just look it up seriously and if you can’t find it on my channel just look it up on YouTube or Google and find something online to answer your question and so what I suggest you guys to do if you’re new to the business model is learn as much as possible and then once you feel competent in the knowledge you know just dive in test and don’t over think it’s gonna happen you will overthink things but don’t let that hinder you from taking action in the first place that’s something that I never did in the beginning yes I overthought a lot I thought you know there’s so many products here you know which one should I pick you know there’s so many getting sales is this the right product will this work while I lose money it brings anxiety seriously I’m sure a lot of you guys struggle with that so seriously guys just learn as much as you need to feel competent and thinking that you can make it work and then once you feel competent take action regardless of if you’re overthinking or not so this question is from Badr and he said do you buy the product to make your own video if you think it’s a banger or do you just move on to a different product that has more videos on the internet and what I suggest you guys do is whenever you find a product and you think as potential to do well look for videos and content online that you can use no I would never recommend ripping off someone’s video entirely never do that just find content online that you can use so what I recommend you guys to do whenever you find a product that you think can be a winner is find content online that you can use to make your own ad and then test the product by doing that and if it works then after it starts working really well and you’re scaling then order the product send it to influencers and start getting more content for yourself you don’t need to order the product upfront and record a video for your own ad just because it’s gonna take two weeks or more to literally get the product in the first place to even record the video and that’s not what you want to do you don’t want to wait you want to take action as quick as possible so guys if they trying to product online that you think can do really well and you find content online for it use that content that you find to test it and then if it does well order their product make better video ads and then go from there okay so Casey asked how do we learn good marketing like better ad copy to make more cells that isn’t like everyone else’s so for those of you that don’t know the big thing that I teach is its marketing over everything it’s not a good product that’s gonna make you successful it’s not a good website that’s gonna make you successful it’s good marketing yes a good product and a good website and all those things are required but marketing is more important than anything else so we asked how do you actually learn how to be a good marketer and so one thing that I suggest is literally like I mentioned in the very beginning this video is whenever you have a question ask it like whatever I don’t know how to do something I’ll look it up immediately right so I’ll look it up on Google I’ll look for articles I’ll look for YouTube videos I will look everywhere so that’s what I suggest you guys do so if you want to learn more about marketing I personally don’t have any specific videos on that here on YouTube by doing the course though but if you want to learn more about marketing and how to differentiate yourself from other dropshippers well literally search it up on YouTube like how to market to the emotions how to make a product and impulse about how to sell things like literally ask questions like that and it will lead you down a rabbit hole of better information and positive input and like I always say input equals output so just to summarize there’s two main tips I want you guys to take away from my answer one marketing is more important than anything else and two how do you learn marketing as well as anything else just ask the question literally all it takes to getting anything you want in life is to ask seek and knock so just go on YouTube go on Google look for things that answer your question and lead you down a rabbit hole of more information all right so it’s mighty ass new sales pop apps help in conversion and how much should I scale an ad set after four days of a consistent profitable sales so do sales pop apps help and conversions I haven’t seen that they do so no I think if spam Esau wouldn’t use them and how much should i scale an ad set after four days of consistent profitable sales that’s honestly a very generic question so just scale as effectively as possible ooh this is a great question what do you do to make money I actually have a private snapchat to where I sell nudes of my body and it honestly makes me six figures a month so just kidding I give away nudes for free oh man seriously guys I was not lying when I have over 2000 under Ed diems it’s just it’s crazy it’s crazy whoo here we go can you send me ten thousand dollars my ten I’ll see new twenty Brad honestly guys have been scrolling for so long without being able to click on a question so literally if you guys have a question and choose the DM me which by the way my Instagram is right here I’m going to show it on screen follow me and DM me if you want if you guys have a question one keep it short and to make it noticeable because as you guys can see there are a ton of just different different things here that that nothing stands out you know so the ones with the emojis in it like let’s scroll that scroll so these they have emojis in it like this one right here and this one right here they have emojis in it so they really pop out literally if you have a really good question just send an emoji at the very beginning and make it stand out and make it short and sweet I’ll actually answer your question hey this man said hey I’m so hype – dad had my first sale due to your car sick dude Congrats so this is what I’d like to see he said hey man you’ve got a simple question and that is gonna inspire me to click on it so he says how long should you try a product for if you’re getting no sales so if you’re testing our product spending money on it but you’re not getting sales profitably then what you need to look at is one your cost per click if your cost per click is over $1 then you tweak your ad if your cost per click is below that you know like 60 cents or something but your conversion rate is like 1% well then it’s your landing page you need to decrease your price or make your website faster or something like that to increase your conversion rate or if you just want to move on from the product you can but that’s basically it if you’re not getting sales there’s a reason why so it’s either because your cost per click is too high which is because your ad isn’t good enough or your conversion rate is low and that’s because your store isn’t trustworthy or something like that so guys those are your two options when it comes to tweaking if you test a product you’re not getting sailes but if you don’t want to do that you can just move on from the product entirely this guy said you have a lot of money use it in a proper and right way all right well I guess it’s time to do a giveaway guys anyone who goes to my Instagram follows me and comments on my most recent photo your favorite quote I will give away a hundred dollars to you in the next YouTube video so go to my Instagram I’m gonna pop it up on the screen right here Chris oh go comment on my most recent Instagram photo and you type in your favorite quote comment that and somebody’s gonna win $100 in the next YouTube video yeah has so many this man said a bro not to be on your business or anything but dawg honestly what do you do for a living honestly when people ask me that in person I just tell them straight up I’m a drug dealer literally and that’s it that’s it good day Chris not to look cheesy or anything but what would be perfect to invest in in 2019 yourself as cliche as that is I mean it’s so true like and one thing I’ve talked about previously is input equals output so let’s talk about Fitness in your body for example so if all you input like eat is like pizza and low quality foods like McDonald’s and things like that on a consistent basis well your output is gonna be a pizza mcdonald’s looking body right so if you eat salads and healthy foods and fruits and veggies and things like that more often then your output is going to be a fruit veggie sexy-looking body right and so the same thing with your mind you just can’t physically see it your input equals your output so if all you guys do is swipe on tinder and scroll through memes on Instagram and things like that all day long well then your output you’re not gonna have many in depth thoughts about how to make a better marketing or how to make better content or what products to test or things like that but if you guys read articles if you guys watch youtube videos if you invest in courses and things like that then your output is gonna be much wiser it’s gonna be much smarter and you’re gonna have more ideas so seriously input equals output on every single way so the guys try to increase your input and honestly guys it doesn’t matter if you swipe on tinder or like to party it doesn’t matter as long as 51% of your time every single day is spent on positive input then you’ll be perfectly fine you will be successful but you know if you want to be successful faster like myself what I did is I I saluted myself from all of these things yes I would do something like once a week or something like that but seriously for like six months I literally didn’t do anything I didn’t have sex I didn’t really hang out with friends I didn’t party I basically just isolated myself in my room to learn study keep going and keep growing as fast as which is why I had results a lot quicker than most so guys that’s what I suggest you guys do pay attention to your inputs positive input equals positive output invest in yourself baby solicitude ask how do you think Trump’s policy towards a packet will affect ads so I get questions like this quite a bit about tariffs and new things like that new laws that people think that it’s gonna kill dropship I’m gonna promise you guys drop shipping has been around for more than a decade so it’s not gonna go away it’s just changing everything changes over time so seriously just keep learning like I said input equals output so if you consistently keep learning and keep staying up-to-date with dropshipping and things that are changing then you’ll be able to adapt with it like I always say adapt or die so don’t worry about any new laws or eating tariffs or anything like that just stay up-to-date with what they are and then adapt as you need to and you’ll be just fine all right let’s find a really good one and we’ll go from there okay this guy asked can you go over what to do with old ad sets after duplicating I get this question a lot a lot of you guys ask me hey should I kill my old ad sets after I duplicate them to higher budgets or duplicate them to target a specific platform and what I suggest you guys do is just look at the role as over the past three days I don’t look at lifetime view I look at the past three days on any ad set that is profitable your role as its profitable in the past three days leave it on literally it doesn’t matter if you duplicate it to higher budget or horizontally scale it or take it to a CBO it doesn’t matter if it’s profitable just leave it on okay so this question I think can help a lot of people so this is gonna be the last one if you’re in school or in college and currently doing drop shipping but don’t have a lot of money to spend on ads what are ways to earn money and use that towards investing into dropshipping so basically what he’s asking is how can i as a broke college student do something like drop shipping and make money to actually invest into it and seriously there’s so many different things you can do I mean you could get a part-time job and work 20 hours a week and just stack your bread up while you learn and watch courses and things like that and learn as much as possible while you make money and then invest whenever you feel competent in what you know you can Molag that’s something I did right out of high school to start making money that was my first sort of contra neural journey isn’t started mowing lawns seriously I got into like 20 clients a week and then I just stopped doing it because I hated it and decided to move into something like personal training which is what I did before dropshipping but seriously there are so many different things you can do if you have any specific skills like you’re good at building websites you’re good at coding you’re good at Photoshop or things are you good with the camera then literally just go talk to people say hey I make great videos with my camera and let me make a video of your car let me make a video of your house you know if you think it’s good then you can offer me a price for it and that’ll be that so seriously if you have any sort of skills go tell someone that you’ll do something for them using that skill and then don’t say hey pay me a hundred dollars and I’ll do this instead of saying that just goes tell someone hey I want to do this for you I’m good with a camera like let me make a video for you or hey I’m good at Photoshop the you mind if I edit some of your photos or literally anything like that and don’t request payment up front and then if you built them with a website if you take photos of them if you shoot a video for them whatever it is and you send it to them and they love it say like what do you think this is worth money a lot of times those people will be like yeah you know what like here’s $100 or here’s a few hundred dollars for doing that and then if they don’t want to send you money just ask them how much it’s worth so then whenever you go do it for the next person you know how much to charge so those are just a few ideas for you but seriously whatever works in your area if you have any skills market those directly but seriously there are so many things you can do to start making money but the last thing I suggest you guys do is quit because you don’t have money seriously just learn as much as possible and start saving up even if it takes you four months to save up a thousand dollars to be able to invest into it do it it’s worth it because the ROI of something like dropshipping is huge it’s freaking massive you could go to college for four years spend $20,000 on a degree and come out making $50,000 a year if you get a job I know plenty of people who got college degrees but they can’t get a job with it so basically they’re 20 30 $40,000 in debt whereas something like drop shipping you can spend a few thousand dollars to learn the skills required to make six and seven figures in one a year literally it’s insane so like I said the last thing I’ll suggest you guys do is give up I don’t care what your circumstances are I don’t care what you think is holding you back there’s nothing holding you back besides you and your belief in yourself seriously my family doubted me my family kicked me out I was broke I had $300 in my bank account I got fired from my job and that’s when I started to drop shipping and I just turned my $300 around into about $800 one day and then just went from there my first month I did 17 gay so seriously guys if you think there’s something holding you back you’re wrong there’s nothing holding you back besides you and the way you perceive your circumstances so anyways guys that was just a quick Q&A minutes short and sweet hope you guys enjoyed it also let me know what you guys think about the new setup this is the setup that I work at I just turned my camera so instead of seeing my door and over there the corner you actually see they set up behind me let me know what you think of that let me know if you want to see prints ghosts in more of the videos he’s totally passed out on the bed right now he’s freaking gone right now probably because I gave him as an but anyways guys much love make sure to check out the Royal blueprint below if you want to take things to the next level and actually build a real ecommerce business I really appreciate it especially if you’ve made it this far to the very end of the video you’re a real one and you will make it happen but anyways guys that’s all the keying is out [Music]