Want to get advertisers on your blog?

so I’m sitting here doing my email actually kind of prepping for my show that I’m about to tape for Wine Library TV and go through my email and once again I get another email that I get all the time Gary how do i monetize my blog how do we make money on my video blog how do we make money um doing what we do my show how do I make money where am I gonna make money I need to make money I get it it makes sense monetizing is where it’s at my friends that’s why you have to do it and that’s why you need to think about it in a very simple concise way the way you’re gonna make money online and by the way anywhere but especially right now as social media is developing and our shows and different shows that there are building a fanbase and we have to convince the buying public the advertisers out there the way you’re gonna make money while the big boys are maybe out of your league or you’re not ready to give a PowerPoint presentation and wear a tie and go to Madison Avenue the when you’re gonna make money is by grabbing it and let me show you exactly because I get this email all the time I’m actually making this garyvaynerchuk.com to be selfish so I can send this link to every person that emails me about this because I get this email 16 to 18 times a day um the way you want to make money is by grabbing it so if I were you I would do this I would go to Google not zoom it in time baby let’s zoom it in here beautiful I would go to Google and let’s say you’ve got a beer show I would type in beer and then what I would do is I would look over here so look beer you know there are all these beer sites all these different peer sites and I would look and I would look at what they are and so here’s you know different coach custom beer glasses so I would click this one pop glasses comm sorry pop glasses calm I just cost you a couple cents but it’s all in the world in the word of community and helping people I go to this site I see what they have they have a lot of different things that clothing they’ve all this stuff they’re in Austin Texas there’s small businesses well and if I had a video show about beer that had 700 900 even 2,000 viewers or if I had a beer blog I would find that the phone number of this place that’s what I would do I would find it out about scroll down here you go here’s a phone number I’d pick it up four five eight four four three eight this is super live I have not set these guys I don’t even know why I’m doing this right now but I would call them and I would ask them about advertisement hello who would I speak to about you guys possibly up advertising on my beer blog that’s me the owner of Dean Dean who are you this is Gary Vaynerchuk I run a wine blog on the Internet and I’m thinking about launching a beer blog sure okay and um I’m wondering if if I was able to build up my audience to it you know two or three thousand people daily would your site have interest in maybe buying advertising we’re being a you know sponsor of a show to to bring attention to your pub glasses calm website possibly whether you’re I’m not sure you know I’m just trying to gauge I mean I saw that you advertised on Google so I’m just trying to gay I’m actually recording this to try to figure out if this is like a good way to like but you know get sponsorship but I’m gonna try to build up some audience and then I will reach out to you with with you know real numbers so I’m not just jerking your chain you know what I mean okay yeah with Google’s the premiere way to advertise just because people are actively searching for something no question have I hit him in the face with oh I think I think you’re doing a great job I think that if I have you know 500 to 2,000 people watching a 20 minute beer show every single day that they’re obviously gonna be very targeted advertising for and maybe we can you know I mean Google you know who knows what their intent is when they search and you’re paying for it but if I’ve got you know fifteen hundred two thousand beer aficionados watching my show 20 minutes a day every day that there’s a chance that they’ll go out and you know and that’s a very targeted audience for you yeah but I yeah there’s and the thousands of owe millions of who the my friends we we come up on Google but anyway yeah whenever you get it up and running I’ll be glad to talk to you about a little more increasing I really like to push the personalized wine glasses and I can that it’s not really feasible doing it out of state but we personalize wine bottles I have some here it’s a wine bottle that someone brought me they’re giving it as a dip so we etch you know thank you or Happy Holidays happy birthday whatever n shit right onto the full bottle of wine that’s awesome so I mean you know one of the things that we could do advertising wise is if I have a lot of people watching the show maybe we can do some sort of affiliate deal where any any lead that comes from me you could pay me on that okay okay well I’ll get my stuff rolling and then we’ll reach out okay alright take care thank you my my my you like that right I stepped up that was pretty cool right so anyway I mean at the end of the day I had no intentions of doing that and that could have gone you know really poorly and obviously you could see he was like Google is to permeate you know so he’s got his ways but you got to convince them you see I didn’t just give up and say oh okay Google you got to tell them what you possibly can do maybe you could do an affiliate program so obviously that’s just one little box might get back in here one little box on Google there are a ton of boxes than that you know there are just a ton of different things I mean it could be about anything maybe you’re into Smurfs maybe I always talk about doing small things like Smurfs so let’s top it up let’s put in Smurfs MOT I mean let’s zoom in here take a look at this here we go a lot of Yahoo you got to look through Toys R Us obviously we’re knocking at orser’s but here’s our citize RC toys calm RC toys here it is they sell Smurf figurines they’ve got a blog so what would I do I call their toll-free number and I’d reach out and I would spend five to ten times the time that I spend on putting out a show or content on going out and finding sponsors and selling them on the rationale to why you’re better off if I’m doing a Smurfs show and I have 1800 viewers that’s nothing right there’s tens of thousands of people using Google but at the end but at the end of the day the fact that matters is that it’s very targeted and I could probably convince our citize for at least an affiliate program or something of that nature and you’ve just got to go out there and hustle you’ve got to go out there and find people or let’s say you’re in the technology space I would go to a site like TechCrunch or centered networks and I would go to their site you see a lot of these sites out there guys where you look and they show you your sponsors so if Rackspace and crush plan Pro and go grid and you know lay web are advertising on these sites and then I would go to you know but you know senator net barks comm and I go to this site and I would look and I would see oh look he’s got boxes so what’s cloud contacts not let’s zoom in on cloud contacts you know so what I would do guys if I was in the technology space there’s a very neat little site called pop URLs if you don’t know it you should check it out pop URLs pop PLP URL Escom um and if you go to the bottom there’s something called quickies and voices and I would click every one of these sites because these are cool little important sites and I would see who’s advertising there you know and I would link up to and go after them cold calling asking people convincing them why MySpace and what I do is valuable to them just like I did right there if you want ad revenue and you can’t get to the big boys yet and Madison Avenue isn’t ready for it yet and you’re a niche then Google your way to finding the people that are advertising in your space and sell them and grab it you’ve got to take it that’s how you’re gonna get