Vitamix Review – The Vitamix Total Nutrition Center

hello this is stefan from welcome to my kitchen in this video I’m gonna do a brief review of my newest toy the Vitamix total Nutrition Center which I recently invested in about a month ago and I’ve been using it every day since and I’m absolutely in love with it and this is just another piece for me a part of my whole health journey you know I invested it in a juicer a few months back which I absolutely loved but I believe the Vitamix is the next level and you know before I actually had the Vitamix I was blending a few times a day but the problem was all the juice all the blenders that they had before they broke down and they just sucked that they can’t do anything close to what the Vitamix does and you know the Vitamix you know in case you’re wondering the Vitamix is what they used all the juice bars that use it at Gigot juice Jamba Juice Booster Juice you know all the high-end you know Starbucks uses it and everything and so it really is top of the line the highest quality out there and it’s something that you can rely on and depend on for years to come you know it comes with a seven-year warranty and so I don’t have to worry about it breaking which is one of the problems I had with all my other blenders you know all my other blenders that is overheated and it was because they just don’t have a powerful enough motor to really handle a lot of blending or to blend certain you know ingredients and everything so I decided to go for it and I loved it I’ve loved it ever since and in this video I just want to tell you guys a bit about the importance of investing in your health and what this can do for your health and then I’m also going to share with you one of the recipes they have as a part of this recipe book because I’ve just been blown away about just what was possible with the Vitamix ever since I’ve gotten it you know I had no idea you can make so many incredible delicious healthy recipes with it you know one of my favorite being the ice cream that is super healthy and I think that was humanly possible and once I’ve discovered this has just changed my life and then also the healthy cookies and everything so it just really opens your mind up by investing in something like this can the possibilities of changing your health you know people you know I used to have issues with with eating sugar and junk food and everything and I didn’t really realize that there were healthy alternatives for the foods that I loved I didn’t know there were healthy alternatives to cookies or the pancakes or to ice cream and this is really opened up my mind to realize I can still have those foods but I can have healthier versions of them that is not going to help there’s not going to make me get fat or it gets sick or affect my health in any way so what I’m going to do is I’m going to share with you one of the recipes here it’s just a really quick smoothie recipe it’s called a banana blueberry orange smoothie and it’s a really you know there’s only three or four ingredients in it and so it’s really fast and easy to make and I’m gonna walk you guys through it real quick and so you can just see how fast and easy it is and then I’m also going to just briefly tell you guys about the benefits of it everything as I go okay so first I have this amazing jar here it’s super high-tech it’s pretty big actually I’m just going to fill it up with some water just up there a little bit less so now why do you want a jar this big you know a few reasons one is with the Vitamix because there’s so many different recipes and so many things you can do with it your options and everything just open up immensely you can make soups with this you can actually cook foods with it you can make juice with this as well so you know you don’t actually need a juicer you can do juicing with this and there’s just a whole variety of things you can do and so just a bigger container this allows for so much more you can do with it but I’m just going to put in a bit of water here you don’t have to worry about it breaking or cracking or anything and that was the most important thing for me and investing it is just something that I didn’t have to worry about it breaking every year or every few months because that was the problem I had before I had that problem with juicers with blenders that only last a year or so and I’ve just been to so many if you’re going to invest you know 50 bucks or whatever or a hundred bucks in a blender and it’s going to break then you’re going to you know over a period of time you’re going to have to buy so many so I’d much rather just spend the 500 bucks or so whatever it costs to get this and not have to worry about it for seven years and even more than that so anyways this recipe here by the way is called the banana blueberry orange smoothie and I just put in a medium orange and then I’m going to put in some blueberries but this is actually black work berries because I prefer black berries over blueberries so I’m just going to put in half of this or so and then also a banana I usually blend first thing in the morning I do juicing in the morning and then I do a blend of shake and usually you know with my shakes I don’t follow a lot of recipes you know I do sometimes but for the breakfast one I’m more interested in just giving my body a lot of nutrition and a lot of just healthy stuff and so wait what I end up doing is I put in you know I’ll just kind of give you a general guideline of what I do in the morning I’ll put in some water I generally have some protein powders so I’m really into plant-based protein so I I’ve gotten off the whey proteins and casein proteins last year just because the way in the casein everything is a dairy product and it creates a lot of mucus in your body and your body because it’s so processed your body can’t digest it absorb it as much as plant-based protein and so what I do now is I take rice protein or hemp protein or a pea protein I’ve been really into a product called viga which here in Canada and Vancouver is pretty popular and then there’s also Sun warrior protein which is a brown rice protein and I find with those proteins you don’t need as much because your body digests it and assimilates it so much faster than then whey protein does and you’re not going to get bloated or gassy and you feel a lot better when you’re doing it I have a lot of protein each day just for working out and fitness and everything but I usually put in about 30 grams of that and I also have that after a workout as well so I blend in the morning after a workout too I’ll put in a little bit of fruit so bananas are great I find blueberries are great generally I like to have frozen fruit just because then you don’t have to add in ice cubes and it just kind of chills it and makes it taste that much better I usually put in some sort of essential fatty acids so I’ll put in some sort of oil so I’m really being on judo soil which is a mixture of oils has like primrose oil flaxseed oil coconut oil you know I’m big on that but you could just take flaxseed oil you can put in gonadal just to get some sort of good fats first thing in the morning I put in some hemp seeds which are really great they’re great source of protein and essential fatty acids I’ll put in let’s see what else cinnamon is really great for flavor sometimes I’ll put in chia seeds maca root is great it’s like a superfood you can even put in goji berries cacao so there’s a lot of different things that you can blend together just to really benefit your health but the biggest thing that I’ve found with blending is I’ll put in a lot of vegetables because for me I personally don’t really enjoy making salads and just going through that process and making that I’d much rather just blend it and so with the Vitamix I’m able to throw in a cucumber you know spinach just different vegetables that I would take me just too long or be too much of a hassle to actually eat and I just rather throw it in there and blend it together because you have all those other ingredients you know you have a good chocolate protein and you have in you know some fruit and everything you don’t really taste the vegetables and so that’s a really big benefit I found just a blending with the Vitamix and with the Vitamix you can blend so much together that you can blend that you know more vegetables and you could actually sit down and eat and what happens is when you blend it you’re pre digesting everything and so your body doesn’t have to spend as much time or energy digesting that food because it’s already pre blended up so that’s another big benefit that I love of it but that’s you know I just love making shakes it’s just really fast and easy on the go you know if you’re not big into cooking and stuff this is just a really great alternative to that okay anyway so I got all the ingredients in here banana blue blackberries and an orange and water that’s that’s it and this is going to make a really healthy delicious smoothie and of course you know you can play around with different recipe isn’t everything and I generally add the protein powder and stuff like that to everything I consume just because I want to make sure I’m getting in protein every two to three hours but I’m just going to throw it on here [Music] and I’m going to turn it on and let’s start it off on low speed and I’ll show you this maybe later but up close because I don’t know if you can see this or not but it’s forgotten really simple settings okay it’s basically off and on and then it starts at low speed you can go up to speed 10 and then you can also go to high to low okay so I’ll just kind of show you what this looks like here so I’m going to start it off on low and it’s just you know on low speed but I’m gonna go it up get ready for this that’s basically it so the only downside I’d ever say with this is that it can be a little bit loud you know it’s like it’s a pretty powerful motor in here and that’s why it’s kind of big and bulky and just because it’s super powerful but I personally don’t mind it I kind of like it but that’s all it really takes to make this smoothie you know if I wasn’t talking so much it would be done in a minute but smells good looks good you’re basically get the same quality of smoothie as you get at any juice bar out there you can make anything that Starbucks would ever have you know so you know you can save yourself a lot of money and time just buying juices and all that kind of stuff but I’ve got this here let’s see if I’ve got a glass and the one thing I’ve noticed too just using different blenders is the texture of this is so different than any other blender can produce it just tastes different in some way you know it’s just it’s just so smooth it’s just amazing ok it’s good ok guys well that’s it for my Vitamix review you know if you’re thinking about investing in something like this I highly recommend it I actually wish I got a lot sooner and it’s just this is it’s a lifestyle change you know by having this in your life this is going to be something I’m going to use for everyday for the rest of your life in my opinion at least for me I use it several times a day and so it just made a whole big difference in terms of something I’m gonna use every day to invest in something of really good quality so hopefully you guys consider Vitamix one day if you’re interested in learning more about going to have a blog post a link to it it’s going to have more information on it and and that’s basically it so thank you for watching the video hope you enjoyed it have a great day