USAA Rocks! – Great Company with a Great Mission

hey this is Jeff rose of good financial sense and soldier of Finance calm just got back from a very short but awesome trip to San Antonio Texas USA which is a financial services company that caters to military members and their families was gracious enough to fly myself and some other personal finance and military bloggers out to their headquarters there in San Antonio basically the idea was they wanted to show others the operation that they had and this facility was freakin amazing this thing was huge I believe they told us that from one end to the next it was 6/10 of a mile long talk about a good cardio and calorie burning session just going across that compound I have been a member of USAA ever since I got back from Iraq but really haven’t utilized a lot of their services and I always just blown away as some of the things that they offer their members for example they have this thing right and I can’t think of a name but right now but basically imagine that you have a check sitting in your home that you need to deposit and obviously with military members a lot of them can’t get to actual bank locations either maybe they’re deployed or just you know with their families just tough so just by simply taking a picture of that check with your smartphone you could have that check automatically deposit it into your checking or savings account and that just blows me away that that type of technology they have and that’s the thing that USAA is working on they they’re trying they have this department their innovation department there’s all geared towards trying to improve the members experience of their company and I just it was just I’ve never seen a company that cared so much about the members experience versus just making a dollar you know just making a profit making a revenue for the company their main priority was servicing the member and that was obvious throughout all the tours and all the different departments that were able to meet and also USAA which I got commend them is that they are really really involved in the social media side of things hence whether inviting these bloggers and I had a very special treat prior to me actually going to San Antonio I got announcement that they had named me the September blogger of the month and I thought that was a really cool tribute and to be quite frank you know I’ve had a lot of other sites that have nominated me as one of the top personal finance bloggers and you know it’s happened so many times it really didn’t mean much to me when I initially got the got the award but the second evening that they were there we were at had a dinner and after the dinner they just had a quick little talk you know just thanking us for coming out and whatnot and they actually brought me up to the front to give me an award or in the military speaker is a coin as as a tribute to me receiving this honor as a September blogger of the month and this coin is this thing was when it was awesomely it was just an awesome presentation as I told them you know I was in the Army National Guard for nine years I did a 16 month tour in Iraq and I’ve got about probably nine to twelve different military coins but this coin was the nicest coin that ever got in my entire military career I mean this actually blew out of all the rest of them out of water so that that after that you know them making them making a big deal about how special that was for me to be named the September blog or the month it really meant more to me after receiving that award because I could tell they really cared and they’re really proud of my efforts and Wow you know they’re just a very humbling experience and so USAA if you’re a military member or your of a family member of a military member I encourage you to take a look and you’re probably wondering this because obviously USAA is you know they offer a lot of similar services that I can offer but I have to give them respect for the service they do for our military members you know you you always think about you know of the the all the military and the help that they need and all the stuff that they do you know for us as a country and to have a company that is back them and making their financial lives as easy and simple as possible I gotta respect that with USA’s mission so if you’re a military member and you’ve not taken a look at USAA I highly highly encourage it if you’re a retiring military member or your ending your service and you are interested in relocating San Antonio as I told them if I had to go back and get a job where I had to be an employee of another organization or company again USAA would be a top of my list I mean they they know how to do it they’ve got it going on every person I talked to that worked there loved USAA it was just amazing I mean it was like a big family of people working together all for the same mission and that was just a cool feeling to be around and just really enjoyed it so check out USAA and once again thanks to them for allowing me to come out to San Antonio to get a tour of their facilities and also learn more about their operation extremely humbled and appreciated Jeff rose of good financial sense of soldier finance comm we’ll check you again