Tricks to Get More Comments on Your Blog

hey everybody this is Pat Flynn from smart passive income blog thanks for joining me today this is gonna be a quick video to show you exactly how you can get more comments on your blog I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I’d like to share with you today hopefully this will be maybe be 3 to 4 minutes for you so I’ll try to make it quick because I know you want to get things done so the first thing I do is I mean if you go to my blog at you can see here I have 55 comments on my latest posts I have 30 to 15 comments 84 comments 38 and then over here on the right hand side you can see my most popular articles which have over 100 comments so I do get a lot of comments on my blog so I want to share with you how exactly that’s done now the first trick or it’s not really a trick but just something really easy you can do with each of your blog posts is at the bottom of your blog posts after you finish with whatever you have to say I always have some sort of call to action or something that welcomes people to comment so as you can see here on the bottom I have something that says as always comments are welcome and encouraged cheers now that alone will remind people that hey they can leave a comment and usually they will so like I as you can see here there’s a lot of conversation going on now as you scroll down here what do you notice I reply to every single well almost every single comment and the reason I do that is because it makes people feel like their comments are worth their while so it’s worth people’s time and actually comment because they will hear back for me and I know that if you’re a big successful blog that you might not have the time to do that but I mean if you’re starting out why not like sometimes I go to blogs and I see you know two or three comments on a blog posts and no replies no thanks for commenting no I agree or I disagree and starting a conversation like if we go up here some of those strings are fairly long and you know I’m chatting with people and we’re just talking about things and not only does it help you become more personable but it also can help Google understand that hey these people are talking about whatever subject it is that your article is about and it will help for SEO purposes in a very minimal way but it does help in my last trick it’s kind of a I don’t want to call it a cheat but it’s kind of something tricky that I do each comment including my own get and get counted in this overall comment count now the reason I do that is because well the right the reason I say its quote cheating it’s not really cheating but you see 55 comments here probably a little bit less than half are from me because I’m replying every comment and the reason I have my account here is because it adds to the social proof of the post so if you go to a blog and there’s maybe one or two comments you might be maybe that article is interesting maybe not I’ll have to read it but if you go to a blog post and you see 55 comments if you see a hundred comments on it you’re gonna want to be you know you’re gonna be interested in what exactly that blog post is about so it adds to the social proof and kind of like with my friend Jason Van Orden from internet business mastery says he gives us a really cool example where if you’re like at a market or something like a farmers market for example you want something to eat but you don’t know where to go and you see a booth a food booth that has like a huge long line of people you know you don’t really know what what’s being sold but you see this huge line of people and that huge line of people alone will attract you or get get your interest for whatever it is that they’re selling you know so yeah those are the kinds of things I do to help increase the number of comments on my blog so just to recap one more time at the end of your blog post simply have a call to action or some kind of message that welcomes comments that’ll definitely increase the number of comments on your posts secondly to reply to every single comment that you can on your post if you have the time and if you’re starting out that’s definitely something you absolutely should do not only will it help increase your the personality that you have on your blog it’ll also make it other people feel like it’s worth their time to comment not only that people will reply back to you which will add to your comment count as well and lastly that kind of trick I talked about where you add your comments into this overall comment number here as well so check that out try it out and good luck with that lastly I’d like to invite you over to the smart passive income blog to check out my brand-new totally free ebook it’s called ebooks the smart way and it’s a guide I’ve been working on for the last two months that’s out for you now totally free and it’s all about how to publish market and automate a killer ebook which is exactly what I did to get to get started online so love to share with that with you love to know what you think so come on over to and check that out all right thank you guys so much I appreciate your time and all your support for smart passive income blog thank you so much hope to speak with you guys again soon take care Cheers