Traffic Isn't Everything – What You Need to Know About Conversions and Click-Through Rates

traffic traffic traffic it seems like everything is about traffic today I mean we have SEO guest posting pay-per-click advertising magnetic headlines social media the like button retweet buttons and begging all of these methods are about getting more traffic to your site which is important but what happens when people get there all your visitors doing exactly what you want them to do traffic is important but it’s not everything conversions and click-through rates are just as vital here check this out okay so let’s say you have a website that gets a thousand visitors per month and on your website you sell a product for 20 bucks and you have a conversion rate of 1% so by the end of the month you get a thousand people coming to your site 10 people making a purchase which equals 200 dollars in your pocket awesome now let’s say you want to double your income you want $400 by the end of the month how do you go about doing that well there’s a few ways we can do this we could double the amount of traffic we have so we can have 2,000 visitors coming to our site we could double the price of our product from 20 to 40 dollars or we could double our conversion rate in this case it’s just a 1 percent increase from 1 percent to 2 percent each of these things individually will get us an extra 200 bucks or double our income now let’s look at each of these components individually doubling the amount of traffic coming to our site you know that’s not always an easy thing to do and if it were I think we’d all be doing it all the time the thing is a lot of times increased web traffic comes from external factors that we just don’t have that much control over I mean like other web sites linking to our site or Google finally picking up our content and ranking high in the search engines you know I can’t just snap my fingers and double the amount of traffic coming to my site unless I was doing you know pay-per-click advertising which would involve you know paying some money in order to get some traffic so I’m gonna move on doubling the price of your product you know this is actually not that bad an idea sometimes because sometimes when you increase the price of your product you also increase the perceived value of that product in the eyes of the potential customer and as a result you’ll get more customers now the thing is I actually experienced this phenomenon and it was really weird I had an e-book for sale for 1995 at and then i increased the price of 29.95 and you know I didn’t understand it at first but I had a lot more customers when I was selling at 2995 and again it was because of the perceived value of that product now you can’t always just double the price of your product especially if you if that product has been at a certain price for a long time but you know it depends on your niche and in your audience and things like that so I’m gonna move on so the next thing is just doubling your conversion rate so in this case it’s just increasing it by one percent and that will little one percent can double your income it’s it’s crazy to think about it but that little increment just has a huge effect on your overall income and especially over the long term and that the thing about conversions is this is stuff that we can control and test but not that many people talk about it everybody talks about traffic traffic this traffic that you know SEO and they write about traffic we read about it all the time but we hardly hear about conversion rates that much I mean we’re hearing about it more now but what I’d like to see more which is kind of why I’m bringing this video to everyone’s attention because I really want you to focus on what’s happening on your site too when people get there now I believe traffic and conversion rates are equally important obviously if I had a conversion rate of zero it doesn’t matter how many visitors I get I could get you know I could get a billion visitors and you know with a zero percent conversion rate that would equal a big whopping zero dollars on the flip side I could I could have you know a perfect conversion rate but only one visitor and I’d have you know 20 bucks from one product sale so you know traffic and conversions are equally important in my eyes so the question becomes how do we increase conversion rates and the thing is this applies to everybody it doesn’t even matter if you have a product to sell because the truth of the matter is you’re getting visitors coming to your site and you want them to do something we have to figure out how often they’re doing it and what else we can do to make that happen more often if you want them to buy a product if you want to get email subscribers if you want RSS subscribers read a certain page read a certain post click on an affiliate link watch something listen to something become a fan on Facebook it doesn’t matter conversions and keep track of your conversions and testing to get higher conversions is very very important okay so back to our original question how do we increase conversion rates it’s quite simple we just have to think about it in terms of the user experience so by user experience I mean things like are you making it easy for a reader to do exactly what you want them to do are there any distractions are you giving people multiple opportunities to do what you want them to do how many steps are involved if there are steps where in that process are they dropping out that’s huge especially if you’re selling products and what’s keeping them going lastly and the big question is what’s in it for them again user experience so let me give you some examples you know from my own websites about how I’ve been able to use this user experience idea and increase conversions okay so this is the about page on a lot of you are very familiar with the site already which is cool and there’s my dog gizmo he says what’s up and the one thing I did on this page was at an opt-in box smack-dab in the middle of my content here and by doing this I was able to increase the number of email subscribers from 60 to 404 on this one page I originally relied on this sidebar opt-in form which you know a lot of people have but I added one here thanks to a tip from that’s derek halpern an amazing smart man and by doing so I was able to increase the opt-in rate by 446 percent again all I did was give people an opportunity to subscribe this is a perfect place to do it if you haven’t done so already add and up and form on your about page it’s when they’re most engaged with you and your content and what your site is all about you might as well ask you have nothing to lose and I just made it big and obvious for them and again gave them an opportunity to subscribe the amount of traffic that came to this particular page was exactly the same but again by just giving them the opportunity I increased the opt-in rate by 446 percent amazing stuff okay and this is green exam Academy com this is kind of my first web site and first real online business it’s kind of what launched me into the internet marketing and online business space this is this is this is my my baby you know I’ve taken good care of this site I’ve done a lot of conversion testing and price testing and this was a site earlier that I talked about or I had an e-book for sale for 1995 and I increase the price to 29.95 and I saw actually more customers as a result so I kind of had you know a double whammy there I had a price increase which helped me make more money and also more customers so that was pretty cool but that’s not what I want to talk about here I want to talk about this red arrow you know possibly when you first saw the screen that’s the first thing you saw it stands out to me in my eye and you know apparently it does for my customers too because as a result of adding this arrow here that’s it you know before I had the same text here and it was just in the middle and this this part up here was in the middle as well by adding this arrow I increase the conversion rate for this ebook by 30% and that’s my main goal to get people to buy that ebook because once they buy that ebook they have access to the practice exams there’s information in there about classes there’s affiliate links there’s stuff for the the higher up or higher end study guides in there as well so that’s that was my goal and by adding this arrow here it’s pretty crazy and I tested a few arrows that thick one there kind of just works really well for some reason so that’s a 30% increase in conversions you know which which was amazing so you know again the traffic could be absolutely the same but I could still see a lot more money as a result because of the increase in conversions by doing little tricks and things like this again making sure that I just direct people to where exactly I want them to go okay and lastly this is security guard training HQ comm this is a niche site that I created publicly on the smart passive income blog I shared exactly how I found this niche and how I built the website you can go to niche site duel com to see exactly how that was done and it’s been an amazing experience this site is now making fifteen hundred dollars a month in in about a year’s time it’s just been amazing so actually all the income is coming from Adsense all these all these ads that you can see here that I’m highlighting right now that’s what’s making the income these advertisements and I’ve been doing a lot of tests with those a lot of conversion tests you don’t be wondering well how do you do conversion tests with advertising’s well it’s simply click-through rates because with Adsense you get paid every time someone clicks on that on those links and as a result you get information about you know how often people are clicking how many views you get and things like that now unfortunately I can’t share those exact numbers as far as how many views and visits and what might click the rate is it’s against the terms of conditions for Google Adsense but I can share with you that as a result of some quick tests that I’ve done over the past month I’ve been able to double my conversion rate or my click-through rate and it’s not just from a 1 to 2% it’s more like a you know it’s in between 2 and 3 and doubling that so it’s been amazing and even though I had less traffic in the month of September I’ve been able to totally increase my income as a result of the higher click-through rate now I’m gonna share with you exactly what I did and what that strategy was you know for a while I was thinking and I’m gonna look at this block right here this is a 336 by 280 rectangle block that that seems to be the optimal size now that that’s the biggest rectangle size that you can get before you start to get into the skyscraper sizes now this size has been doing really well but what’s more important is what’s happening inside for a while I tried to make these stand out you know the color of these try to make them stand out I even tried red for a while on this blue site so that it would catch people’s attention but for some reason that wasn’t working out very well now please know that these strategies that I’m showing you showing with you right now work for this site these strategies may not work for your site the best way to just test it is to just test it I mean just try it out and see if it works that’s the beauty of this whole thing it’s and the results are gonna be different for every niche but I found that across all my sites by doing this particular thing that I’m about to show you I’ve been able to increase my conversion rates quite a bit so what I did was instead of making these stand out I made them kind of blend in so I made the color of the links the same exact color of other links on my site as you can see these match exactly what’s happening in the sidebar so that’s helped out also the color the description of the link matches as best as possible the color and size of the body text on my page and then this you know the URL here I just kind of grayed it out and these were some tips that I just read and saw people were having success with and I figured hey what the heck I’ll try it out for a week and see what happens and I tried it out and it’s been doing really really well so blending these in and just you know copying the rest of the content on my site and making sure that these kind of look like resources that people can click on and that’s the thing again we’re talking about user experience here we want them to be helpful to people ads are actually helpful to people you know that that’s the beauty of Google Adsense it reads through your helpful content hopefully your content is helpful and then it also produces helpful ads now if you maybe stick out my thinking is sometimes when you make them stick out people absolutely know there are advertisements so they just avoid them without even reading them you know they’re kind of just used to seeing them so they they blank them out of their their screen just then you know they don’t even look at them anymore so as a result of these looking more exactly like what’s going on in my site people will see these they might read this and you know it might be helpful that that’s my thinking so these ones up here are doing okay you know I’ve tested the different colors with those and those have been doing kind of in these this block here the 336 by 280 block justified here on the right hand side with text wrapping around the left has been working awesome and you know I have this on the home page on every single one of my posts I’m using a tool called advertisement management to make this happen advertisement looking for a space to write it but I couldn’t find it advertisement management make sure you get that right because there’s a lot of ones that look similar or spelled similar but it’s advertisement management and that’s what I’m using to put these in and I also have some at the bottom of my posts as well as you can see doing the same exact thing right there this is something I’m just testing recently before I had the the horizontal text links going like this like similar to the top I’m testing these out and these are actually working out okay too again I’m sorry I can’t give you just the click-through rates and stuff but I did double my click-through rates by it by using this technique so hopefully that helps you and again it’s about the user experience and I hope that you can see that the best thing you could do for your websites is just test test and work on your conversions work on what happens when people come to your website not just getting people to come to your website all right and that’s it those are some examples from my own experience and I have a lot more to share but I don’t want to take up too much your time now I just have one quick favor to ask you if you can go to pod cast Awards dot-com and vote for the smart passive income podcast I would really really appreciate it I’m up for an award in two categories the best in business category and People’s Choice you know if you wanted to and if you’ve heard the podcast and you loved it I would really appreciate it if you went over there and voted for the smart passive income podcast again best in business and People’s Choice so again I love you guys thank you so much thanks for spending your day with me and I hope to hear from you again again soon let me know what you think and I’ll talk to you soon bye