Touring a $40,000,000 Mansion in the Hollywood Hills

what’s of you guys it’s Graham here so I’m here with my colleague Jason Oppenheim from Netflix’s hit show selling sunset and we’re on our way right now to see one of his forty million dollar listings up on the Sunset Strip here in Hollywood it is I think the largest house ever built in the Hollywood Hills here and it will be one of the most expensive okay so I have not seen his house yet so let’s take you guys along and you’ll see exactly what forty million dollars gets you here in the Sunset Strip the house is right at 20,000 square feet started building it about two and a half years ago I actually lived in the house that was here originally I decided to tear it down wanted to build my dream house and got in the middle of it and things changed got married decided this is not where I wanted to live and decided to put it up for sale like I said I originally designed it for myself so it’s not it wasn’t designed as a spec house I pulled out all the stops with all the the interior for example one of the things that’s special about this house is there’s over 30,000 square feet of Italian stone between you know what’s on the floor what’s on the walls some of the ceilings this is the this is the entrance to the garage and which opens up in here where you can put 12 cars 12 car garage besides having a 12 car garage is having a garage that has two access points you can drive in from the main entrance come through the garage and drive right out the exit right here or the other other way around aren’t you doing a movie theater here as well this is a 15 foot drop down projector screen right here right with the projector above Jeff’s head so you can have your amazing cars here you can have pool table you can watch a movie with couches it’s a very kind of unique experience where you not only have a garage but you also have like a real living finished space I’m a car guy so I wanted to set up four cars you know be able to watch you know a football game or whatever when I’m down here but this could also make an amazing art gallery for somebody if you had it if you had a spectacular art collection I mean that’s the length of that wall there you could house a lot of paintings on them so Graham this is the main entrance of the property you’re going to walk into a beautiful front door right yeah I’ll actually show you the course and you walk across this water feature and then you’re looking at these palm trees in this nice beautiful courtyard then you walk right up to the main level of the house when we go upstairs on the main level and you’ll see you’ll notice the you know the crazy infinity pool and then there’s this water feature that runs all the way around the fire pit and the entertainment Terrace which then comes through here and then water falls down into this feature right here it’s setup where you can go right to the elevator and we’ll go see this here in a little bit but the the rooftop deck one of the largest rooftop decks and the Hollywood Hills you can hop on that elevator it’ll take you right to the rooftop and it will not stop you can set it or it won’t stop at any of the floor so if you just have a bunch of people over and you don’t want to trypsin through your house up in the elevator straight to the rooftop and I started doing this about 20 a little over 20 years ago I built a house in Laguna Beach in fact it was its nickname as the Batcave you would drive into that house you go into the garage when you’d shut the garage door the car would go down on an elevator and you’d come out this tunnel and and go to the main house right on thousand steps Beach and Laguna Beach that’s that’s where I started doing these these type off when I started doing projects here in the LA area the first home that I bought to remodel and and sell I bought through Jason this project started before any construction before any dirt was was removed the architects Iota out of South Africa very prominent architectural firm they came to the property and set up scaffolding all around the property and took hundreds upon hundreds of pictures so when they were designing the house and setting the elevations they wanted each room or each floor whatever you know to to make the view the center of the house and basically the art of the house is to view so like this elevator you’re coming up through each floor I mean it opens up to a different different view on each level and for example this side the back side of the elevator opens into the to the wine room as far as you know the vehicle and another thing I think was we should point out is how thin and narrow all the glasses in the house cuz I think you spent over a million dollars I was about a million won just for the glass package on this house when you are building a 20,000 square-foot house if you want high-quality stone it’s a million dollars if you want high quality you know thin glass it’s a million dollars if you want I think he spent a million dollars on waterproofing so everything on a house this big if you want it to go from a level eight up to a level nine that’s an extra quarter million dollars so this is again is the dining room and he created a separation from the dining room to the living room but not a complete separation which i think is perfect because you want to be able to see and engage with people and not have like that very formal dining area I like to think of it more as a piece of art and then it is just a separating wall between two rooms because you don’t you lose a lot of the space the wall space for art the this pool as far as the infinity edge and the overall linear length of this pool is 175 feet which is the longest pole ever built in the Hollywood Hills so this room to me is the statement room and Jeff if I’m correct push a button and this entire room opens up that is current in the room feels like it’s twice as big when all these windows are open and this is the part that they were talking about this is what costs a million dollars look how narrow this is so many other homes have a three or four you know pieces of glass and it blocks your view so Jeff you can talk about this too but I know he spent almost a half a million dollars lowering telephone poles that were around this house I wish it was only a half a million dollars was a half a million dollars for the LADWP section I had we had to hire a contracting firm over and above that to run all the underground conduits redo the paving were between all five power poles that we took down and relocated our budget on that now is just a tad under a million dollars to remove all those power poles including the ancillary work that had to be done as part of it I mean for me it was a deal breaker we started working on the power lines a year before we even started this project because if there was any possibility we were going to be turned down and not able to remove the power lines this project would not have happened he spent a million dollars lowering those telephone poles and you probably made three or four million dollars easy easy best return on this house was the money spent on those power poles yeah people always ask me like who do you sell homes to I don’t know if there’s a more eclectic group of people than the people that buy in the Hollywood Hills just show me a bank statement and if it’s got enough zeros on it you come on look at this house a good buddy of mine is in the sign business and builds billboards and signs and he said let’s let’s put a TV in and put it on a hydraulic hydraulic lift system so they’re know you can turn this so when you’re setting there if you’re on the roof it’ll pop and then that is the just on the other side of that well there’s there’s another deck right here that’ll have loungers you know outside of the water then behind that is that little moat that wraps around the the fire pit and the the entertainment terrace and then continues underneath the deck and then water falls over into that basement area that we’re looking at near the the entrance of the house this planner we had a palm tree in there didn’t like the palm tree how it looked it just wasn’t working we removed it and in fact tomorrow no I’m sorry Monday they’ll be delivering the canary palms that go out at the street and entrance level and then the the twin King palms that go in here we have to get a road closure permit and then each one of these palm trees that’s coming in because these streets are so narrow and so windy they can’t get a normal sized truck to put four or five trees on so we have to bring each tree up on a separate vehicle which is that really kind of drove me crazy when I first moved back to the to the LA area is you know I’d have a house and have these great views but I had no grass there was no yard there was no Greenway so we’ve really tried to do everything we can to to give this really nice there is real glass not fake guys yes River has no fake grass off the kitchen though is the entertainment Terrace there’s a full 12 seat dining table right here outside there’s seating right past this there’ll be couches and chairs seating for another 10 people and then right past that is the sunken fire pit which will have seating for about another 14 people right here this bar area right here pretty much is an extension it looks like it’s an extension from the interior island continues out here they’re seating a bar height seating along here all of this opens up so you’ve got a really this indoor eating and hanging out and cooking and then right to the outdoor well you’ve got your table this is open right now normally this stays closed and just looks like this wood panel here this opens up the 80 inch TV slides out if you don’t want the TV you hit the button boom slides in and you have the the view you know you inspired me on my house mine comes out of the floor I saw this I saw that yeah normally people that buy a house of this caliber they want you know the cooking the work that goes into setting up the entertainment done behind scenes so this is a what’s called a invisible door it’s an italian company and there’ll be a little hidden button that you press or you know a device a house will be controlled you know on your phone throughout and then this door pushes in and slides back to open to the butler’s kitchen once you get past this door it’s all master bedroom first thing you see is Century City in the ocean and I think for me this is the best master bedroom I’ve ever seen you immediately walk in and you’ve got complete city and ocean views and one of the biggest problems I find when I saw these these these large view properties is that you can see out but other people can see in and that to me it’s a deal breaker for most people that’s a deal breaker yeah if you’re private you’re a celebrity or you just want to walk around naked you don’t want you know a hundred homes look in here one of the most unique things about this house is you could be a the biggest celebrity you could be the biggest nudist in the world and you can look out over the entire city and there’s not a single house I can look in on you I love how you sunk this in half way it’s this is very sense and then of course if you want a property cuz you just walk another five feet outside of the shower into your own private jacuzzi overlooking the entire city I mean for me bathrooms are usually the most expensive thing kitchens and bathrooms right I don’t think you can overspend in a bathroom I mean I know you tried but I don’t think you did you’ll see you’ll hear people say that all this house has a great view or whatever but to me the real test of a view house is can you be inside the house can you be in the back of a room and you still have an amazing view or do you have to go to the edge of the of the patio or the deck to see the view look at these doors – this is insane they’re like 6 inches like I’m going into a vault when I’m just going I’m actually just going in to pee and it looks like I’m going in to like you know get gold bullion hands down the coolest master bedroom I’ve ever seen you walked in here you feel like you’re literally on the top of a skyscraper overlooking the city yeah you’re almost nervous yeah Johnny Depp’s estate which is huge is right down there in front of Chateau I mean really you can just you’re honestly looking down I know you’re all your neighbors I could do half my real I could just point out to my clients all the homes I’ve sold here would be perfect that piece of land just sold for over 32 nine I can see now that’s the Stanley house which sold for over 30 million dollars which doesn’t this half the size of this house with less of a view and it’s farther east you can see all the construction that’s going on here and I actually sold that big white house just for five million dollars right across there they’re building that house is coming on 412 the show we just sold that for five five point one I kicked myself in the tail I should have bought that house next to the the white house I wanted to buy that house too so I’ve seen homes on the market a hundred million two hundred million two hundred and fifty million dollars I’ve never walked into a closet as impressive as this one there’s not many you’ll find that have head on downtown views and views down Sunset Strip and Hollywood Boulevard this is this is the million dollar closet or feeling this closet which is another nice most people especially you know on these bigger houses because it’s so expensive they don’t do the finish work for example on the ceilings this is hundreds of thousands of dollars of woodwork on the ceilings most other people just leave white drywall look at this LED lighting it’s ridged it’s detailed it’s dark wood solid wood all right let’s go take a look at the rooftop deck we’re a little over five thousand square feet of rooftop deck with literally 360 degree views over la there’s a bar going in on this side so it’ll be a covered bar jacuzzi that side has a it will have a 16 place dining table over there outside outside dining table and then another fire pit rooftop fire pit and I think we can both say categorically at any price even near forty million dollars there’s nothing that’s ever hit the market you know this quality this size and certainly not with these views – I mean you remember Jason he’d be before this started you and I we went we were going all over town looking at different houses inside outside trying to you know and I say Jason was a was it was a great partner throughout this project as a realtor and as a friend because he would come by you would come by every month or two and walk the property look at this look at that make some suggestions so there’s it’s this project has been a compilation of a handful of people’s input that’s been there from the beginning so you really do take on a personal attachment to these probably do it’s like a baby that grows with you right and you learn from it and you learn about it so it’ll be interesting is it the best job in the world yes it is and is it lucrative yes it is and is I do I could I have any more fun doing anything else no I could not so I think all those things are true but that said it didn’t start off that way I don’t want people to think that you just you walk into the Oppenheim group and you know you start making a million dollars a year hanging out with cool people selling amazing roles you don’t just walk into a 40 million dollar house or get a 40 million dollar listing I started in real estate knowing nobody I was in debt I was driving my grandfather’s $700 like 1994 gold Lincoln that overheated all the time I’m amber I use have to put antifreeze in because I think would like blow up all that time and this was like this is just a few years ago I didn’t make a dollar for eight months I was going in so I was already in like $40,000 a debt and by I think within the first eight months I was in like 50 or $60,000 of debt but I knew this is what I wanted to do I easily could have gone back to being a lawyer and made you know $300,000 on year one but I just didn’t want to I want to just not that I wanted to struggle but I wanted to find something I was more passionate about and I didn’t care how long it sucked I knew I’d be successful I just knew we had to grind I mean I think actually we have a lot of similarities because we were in I don’t know if everyone knows but gran was one of the first people I met when I did a real estate we had offices if you want to call my office is right next to each other he was showing his with like four people I was showing mine with two people we were across the hall and he was hustling little leases and I was hustling anything I could I mean you are making a lot more money than me just hustling leases it was not glamorous I was doing everything myself honestly I would get so stressed out I was working so hard that I would like get tears in my eyes at night because I’d and this is when I was getting a little bit more successful but it was still me I didn’t know if I could afford an assistant and I tell every one of my agents this your first five deals are significantly harder than your next 25 deals and I think you would attest to this as well if you can get you know take a couple years and close five deals I guarantee you those five deals were turning into 25 but those first five deals are so hard to get week after week I would go look at homes on Tuesdays go look at homes on Sundays I would talk to my friends I would get at everyone into my email database and I would send out emails to all of them but nothing for months I mean in fact my first sale was a lead that I got from from my former partner honestly everyone for that it would have been over a year before I made any money I think if you sit open houses you find great clients I met Jeff Thomas who I’ve done I mean tens of millions of dollars of real estate with not including this forty million dollar house that I’m gonna sell for him and he walked into an open house of mine he didn’t buy that house but you know we talked and I started sending him other listings and I have met oh my goodness I would say I’ve built half my business from meeting clients at open houses and then from there it’s a lot of referrals and a lot of repeat business the nice thing about the Hollywood Hills is these people buy a house three years later they want to sell it and they want to buy a bigger house so how did you then transition into buying and investing in real estate well obviously it takes a little bit of capital to do that so I had to save up some capital from just representing people and then I saw a lot of the other agents in the business that are the really successful really wealthy people in real estate don’t just represent buyers and sellers but they also do their own real estate investing so they buy a house remodel it flip it rent it out whatever so I’ve been doing that for I don’t know you know as well as I do probably isn’t 12 I think yeah 6 that’s right but my first hasn’t in 12 or 13 so a perfect example bought it for 3.5 put in a half a million dollars plus into a remodel sold it you know made a million dollars in many years with a work and it wasn’t that much work feel like one of the things that you have to stay focus on it’s not getting ahead of yourself and I don’t mean that you’re not ambitious and I don’t mean that you don’t dream big but it’s baby steps you don’t walk into a ten million dollar house and buy it you don’t bought your first house is gonna be small your first sales are gonna be small in fact I honestly Graham I think you’re a perfect example of somebody who started off really hustling you know small leases that turned into five ten million dollar sales so hustle in fact I mean you didn’t you just you put a property on Craigslist or something like that Westside Rentals and that’s turned into now like twenty million dollars of sales seven million dollar sale and then now a nine million dollar sale you start small you work hard and honestly you got to be smart too I mean you got to know what you’re doing I mean don’t let this guy you know fool you with his charm this guy hustles and he’s super smart and I think that’s what it takes