Top FOUR Supplements for Fat Loss & Muscle Gain (2 of 2)

hey what’s going on guys clark back again this is a continuation of our first video which if you haven’t seen it’s gonna be right there this time we’re looking at what i would recommend and what i use year-round so let’s dive into it first things first multivitamins I love I’m a huge supporter of multivitamins if you’re pushing your body such as working out or any rigorous activity buddy is going to be depleted of a lot of vitamins so getting those in your system consistently throughout the day will really help to aid in muscle growth and added recovery so the product that I use and recommend is opting in by optimal nutrition this is a good product because I think it’s it’s good for the money that’s a huge thing I’m College so kind of money out there but it’s split up into three servings throughout the day so I like I can take it with with mules and get the nutrients throughout the day versus some of the multivitamins give it to you all at once and the expensive urine in some point happening to most the vitamins next product argument is fish oil weight source great great source of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA fish oils are really good especially if you don’t need a lot of fish I really know I’m an excuse because I live in Seattle and we’re like the fish City but I still supplement it in because there are some added benefits in there I actually take my own before bed and I find that I get a better quality of sleep and I recover faster so try that little added tip right there another benefit of fish oils they boost your metabolism University of Western Ontario actually found that supplementing in fish oils burned on average 3 to 400 calories a day so that’s a that’s a good fat burning boost right there products that I recommend you can go with optimum fish oil those are pretty solid but I actually I cycle it in I like this Norwegian salmon oil just really whatever’s at your local drugstore as long as it’s good quality you really do like the key is rotations all of them have a little something extra that your body can need and yeah I mean I would just recommend rotating amana to be honest for dosing it’s really berry but what I recommend and I’ve heard other people recommend as well is one gram of fish oil per percentage body fat so the 15 percent like that male would take 15 grams of fish oil spread throughout the day moving on now to protein powders protein this is the building blocks for muscle and we’ve all heard it a lot of times now again we should always strive to get our sources of protein from Whole Foods but sometimes it’s not ideal or your tight situation and you need it right away that’s when supplementing with the protein products can really come into play typical protein I’ve found that it is delicious in oatmeal it’s great to get a high-protein oatmeal in plus it tastes a little better than opening a can of tuna or chopping up some fish and putting it in your own meal that’s kind of disgusting so try some protein in your oatmeal and mix that bad boy up I like using whey protein and the kind that I actually use is the gold standard natural way this guy’s the same thing we’ll take a look at it brother actually made this label custom for me for Christmases angry and it benefits in here it’s like 80 grams of protein per serving now it’s not it’s the same thing but I like this one the natural kind because it has no artificial sweeteners or aspartame or a lot of things some other protein throw in there and all that junk will just pollute your system and set you up for a better use of this next product which is greens drink alright this is probably the most unsexy unmarketable look at me in the morning when I’m pounding your greens drink and think I’m some you know Yoga health nut which actually did you hot yoga and that was very I was interesting that’s another video maybe but green streaks man they’re so underrated they really are they provide your body with tons of great alkalization benefits tons of nutrients and especially they’re really good for upping your greens intake and again whole food sources but it’s really a benefit that I’ve noticed it’s increased mental focus and energy greens product so it’s more my roommate uses I’ve never had it it looks funky but I turned them on the green product so we’ll put that one back there and this is my go-to alright its mackerel greens I find the taste is really good it’s kind of fish oils where as long as the quality is good they all have something different so you can rotate them but this is the one that I I found I’ve been using it on and off lately definitely first thing in the morning alkalize your body before your first meal take a green string specially put on a juicer or a wheatgrass blender one of the things that people don’t realize during some of the most energy out of you is your digestive system so adding in a greens product can really help aid in the digestion of your food again it’s probably one of the products that I would recommend most and it’s probably one of the products you’ve heard about least I think you’ll really enjoy the benefits of a good solid green product so pick that one up and check it out so there you go guys my top four supplements for increased health and performance and muscle building if you have any comments or questions feel free to send them my way and I’ll get back to you guys on those hope you enjoyed the video and we will talk to you guys next time later