Tips On Public Speaking – Grant Rant #117

let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey Grant Cardone New York Times bestselling author and public speaker for over 25 years now I just did an article how to be a great public speaker well I’m gonna give you these few tips okay number one you want to own your state you have to own the stage you’ve got to own the stage what is your state’s a trick I do is I just stand firmly in the beginning of the presentation in one space and I hold that space not for the audience’s for me to build my confidence number two I want you to speak to the entire room I want to speak to everyone in that room you want to communicate to everyone in that audience everyone including the people beyond the wall like literally when I’m communicating I’m not thinking about communicating just in that room I’m thinking communicating to the entire planet so that might be a trick that helps you really get your communication out number three I want you to open with your message what is the message about I’m going to talk to you today about dominating your competition that’s what I’m gonna talk about today dominating your competition and what domination is better than competition why you don’t want to compete is what I’m gonna doing this presentation and why you must dominate see how open with my presentation and tell people what I’m gonna tell them or maybe I’m gonna walk into a room and say this hey I’m here today to show you how to double your sales see I open with my message step four is I want you to pick a topic where you have altitude where you’re the captain of the jet where no matter who’s in the audience how bright they are how brilliant they are because of because you’re a professional in this one sector it might be this tiny you have altitude everyone has altitude in some category so you want your presentation not to be about everything but about how to have altitude and I’m going to show you a little trick in this article how to have altitude with people that actually are more intelligent than you okay you’ll definitely want to know that trick number five you want to hammer your message hammer it I want you to beat it to death like knock on the door over and over and over again repeatedly beat that message to death so if I have one message I’m just going to beat it to death I’m gonna every five or six minutes I’m gonna come back and say look I’m here to teach about how to dominate your competition five minutes later I’m showing you how to dominate your competition just hammer to deth number six you want to speak with conviction and authority all you got to do is go back and watch any my grant rants I was at Google this week and they were like dude you got a lot of self-confidence you don’t know that you don’t know if I’m self-confident no one knows about my self-confidence how would you you know i self-confident to you but you don’t know if I am or not you see that’s the difference conviction and authority number seven you need to keep your power point down to nothing don’t make your presentation about a power point if it’s going to be about a power point just send it to your audience and don’t show up and speak because you’re going to be as boring as helll in number eight so you got a clothes big but you got to be a freakin closer you’ve got to slam it you got a jam it you got to bring it home at the end baby you got to be like now are you ready to dominate are you ready to own the world are you ready cuz I’m ready for you in the world needs you see you need a bit clothes baby you need a Muhammad Ali clothes you need something oh my god is big and then people will say dude that guy can speak