Tim Ferriss Guest Lecture at Princeton Q&A | Tim Ferriss

i person when you get any tips about out going on that how you multitask to do so many different things like you’re getting emails from so many different companies maybe some of they’re doing things like what do you do to keep everything organized to know what your focus on what you’re spending time on yeah do so many things at one that’s a good question um what I have tried to do is actually eliminate multitasking because when I try to do more than one thing at once I end up reaching the end of the day and usually having none of them done so what I like to do the first rule number one is control your cell phones if you have a blackberry throw it out don’t check email more than twice a day if you check email at 8 in the morning who the hell is going to reply to you I mean nothing’s happened you know between the time you went to bed nothing’s happened you just it’s you know send receive send receive it’s like one of those rats with the cocaine pedals just go go go and that’s how you kill yourself so check your email twice a day Maps I check I checked my business email once a week most emergencies are not emergencies what most people are like oh my god is done now I need to do now and then you call them a week later like ah I took care of it so to answer your question more specifically though limit your email because email is just the biggest time waster I’ve ever ever encountered focus on output more than input don’t read read read read read you’re gonna have to get out there and trip and smash your face on the curve and get up and try it again and wobble and screw up and make your mistakes so to focus on output if there’s something uncomfortable that’s usually what you need to get done so the doing your top one priority in the first half of the day before lunch is by far the most important if you want to fritter away your time the second half of the day doesn’t really matter if you have that one thing done but you need to be very clear in your goals and you shouldn’t have that many