Tim Ferriss 4-Hour Workweek Q&A | Tim Ferriss

hello everyone my name is Tim Paris and I’m author of the 4-hour workweek how to escape 9 to 5 live anywhere and join the new rich you may have heard of it on CBS on CNBC or seen it on the cover of the Style section in New York Times it’s been number one on the New York Times Wall Street Journal and Businessweek mess our list this is what it looks like and I wanted to explain a few things clear up a few misconceptions and answer some of the most common questions people have about the 4-hour workweek so the book really came out of content for guest lectures that I gave Princeton University beginning in 2003 twice a year and then my own experience going from 80 hours per week in Silicon Valley both as an employee and then later as CEO down to less than 4 hours per week and there are a few very common questions the first is do I have to quit my job or be a risk taker to use the book and the answer is no you don’t because the book isn’t about how to be Tim Ferriss the book is about how to create time whether that’s removing unpaid overtime in the evenings and weekends or cutting down 10 hours 2030 hours per week and does not inherently even require quitting your job you can keep your job there case studies single mothers with two three four children who have jobs who are able to cut down on let’s say email consumption take sabbaticals around the world all the way up to the CEOs Lamborghini driving 21 year olds etc etc but there are many different case studies for every risk tolerance and your specific set of objectives so it’s more like a fait of options for lifestyle design doesn’t require being a risk taker in any sense do I have to be a single 20-something so the first answer I think took care of that but no you don’t so again even though I’m thirty years old and I do have a mortgage and other responsibilities but this is really an exploration of case studies and interviews that I did around the world in about 15 months and looking at the very specific small changes that you can make to create time and reclaim that personal life for yourself and design a luxury lifestyle in here and now as opposed to postponing it for retirement 20 or 30 years do I have to travel I just want more time so I do love travel I travel a lot I take 1 2 3 mini retirements per year of about one to three months in line overseas usually you don’t have to do that the goal is to create time and then use it how you want that could be spending more time with your family at home it could be exploring your hobbies developing new businesses or it could be travelling or it could be all those things so it’s it’s entirely customizable for your individual dreams and goals etc and do I need to be born rich no you don’t so the 4-hour workweek is often taken too literally meaning that it doesn’t imply that you have to work just four hours per week or that you would even want to get four hours per week but the reality is there are new tools available to people in digital age like personal outsourcing outsourcing your life to people in India and Philippines etc for $5 an hour that anyone can use even if they make $30,000 a year to significantly multiply the lifestyle impact of their income and that’s what this book explores and last but not least can I really work four hours per week you can and certainly it depends on your circumstances but it’s not an impossibility but like I said before whether you simply want to stop working on the weekends and in the evenings are cut back from let’s say 80 hours per week to 60 or 40 hours per week or if you want to take it to an extreme level and do some of the things that I’ve done and some of the the more exciting controversial case studies have done you can bring it down to 38 20 and even yes 4 hours per week but you don’t have to you can push it as far as you want to push it even if it’s just a few small changes that enable you to let’s say check email once instead of every five minutes on your blackberry so I hope that helps and this is the book no detail is spared nothing else is sold in the book it’s all here this is a manual it’s a blueprint from getting from where you are now to reclaiming time and designing a lifestyle that includes mobility time and all the other currencies that are important in a digital world in addition to simply income so I hope you enjoy it have a very happy holidays and thanks for listening