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– Parris your best-selling author and you preach all about balancing work life because when you’re starting a business we go for a million five hundred all consuming use the balancing act tips if you look at top performers that companies like Google or PayPal let’s look at both they’re very good at the 80/20 principle so look at let’s say ten marketing channels identify the two that produce 80% of sales states let’s say and then completely eliminate the other eight even if it’s the most popular trade show in the top of the magazine the important thing to do is really focus and say this is where all the business coming from I can alleviate what 20% of it or whatever’s right off the bat exactly separate the critical few from the trivial miniature and focus on those few things that really have what I do I have a situation where I am like that I’m going girls at home we’re not making this up for dramatic purposes I got this new company it’s walked around nothing where two million I know my girls the most important thing the world well they got a sales lead tomorrow Candace is worried if there’s little Parkinson’s Law defective if you if you set pipette luz’ milestones it’s possible to to really illuminate eighty percent of the static focus on a few things that matter and then have something that ends the workday so you can protect that time to feel okay you’ve got a nine month old or challenges get the best people around and we can and that’s all I can do today you talk about something called selective ignorance we’re balancing your life alright I have a virtual again ignorance simply means not living Silicon Valley it’s the epicenter of information addiction is that you adopt a certain low information diet to block out all the digital static so you can really focus on output because in without but it’s a one-way street so something as simple as setting an autoresponder that indicates you check email let’s say 11 o’clock and 4 p.m. and people can call you on your cell phones on the version gives you the breathing room to focus on producing instead of manufactured emergencies I always under tech myself I don’t have my cell for every second or is that a good thing – dude octave up sometimes my clothes between family and entrepreneurialism and striving ahead family wins okay we love it Amelia the one by Lori getting past that first million clearly defined goal benchmarks along the way reward yourself when you get there oh my – I’ll say automated delegate so if you can’t take him off your business here on systems with lists and get a really long enough new list and very short to do it I want to one will I get past the first minute