The Vinturi Wine Aerator Explained | Tim Ferriss

okay now it’s recording go alright hey kiddies this is Tim Ferriss just got back from Sonoma with Gary Vaynerchuk Kevin Rose Robert Scoble hosts Lou and cast of characters want to demonstrate the venturi Y narrator for you and so really all you need to hear is what goes through this I’m using some Snapple IC to bring out the flavors and hints of cancer and aspartame but what you heard was the air being drawn in and this takes the place of a decanter you see these these large glass containers that people put wine into to air it out bring out flavors room and finish this is a lazy man’s version faster version for those of you who might be impatient are doing a washout at the canter and you will notice a difference you can use this even though it’s designed for wine or coffee probably not force Annapolis for illustration purposes but I encourage you to add this to your repertoire it’s very cheap it’s prob about thirty dollars and takes a place of something with otherwise cost $150 you’ll notice it with wine the last glass of the bottle is a very different wine from the first glass of you have because you’ve given it time to breathe and this is a very fun tool to experiment with as a shortcut party soon