hey everybody what’s up this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog and i have a very special guest with us today his name is derek he’s from socialtriggers.com and he shows people how to turn web traffic into leads and sales and if they’re not getting traffic he shows you how to get that – so Derek thank you so much for joining us say hey Thank You Pat I’m really excited to be here and what Derek’s gonna do is actually he’s gonna go through my blog smart passive income blog and he’s gonna kind of use his expertise and give me his advice as far as how I can optimize conversions what I can do to make it better he’s done interviews just like this and in tutorials for people like Chris Brogan and he’s doing more and more and these are really really helpful and I’m gonna try and edit in parts of the website using Camtasia and all these other tools too so you can kind of seamlessly see what we’re talking about so our heads are gonna disappear in a second and we’re gonna go to the site and Derek’s gonna hopefully I gave you some good advice I’m sure he has a lot of you know constructive criticism for me and I hope he doesn’t bash me too much but I know there are areas for improvement on the blog so Derek thanks again for for sharing this with us again Derek from socialtriggers.com awesome guy I’ve just gotten to know him recently and he’s wonderful so definitely pay attention check this out I’m sure he’s got a lot of good stuff to say so let’s go to site alright Pat hey thanks you know what thanks for saying such nice things it really appreciate it I’m really excited to go through your site right now because I think you’re making one mistake a lot of people actually make when they create a site hmm they have they were lying on either one or two opt-in forms to convert traffic into leads and right now the way it looks you have the one opt-in form on your sidebar and then you have one opt-in form towards the end of your post right and that’s a pretty common place to have it but there’s a lot of opportunity to add more opt-in forms all over your site so you can gather emails when people click on specific pages on your site right right so I guess let’s just start from the top when people first visit your site the first thing they see is your really cool logo it really grabs attention and really describe the exact what it is people can learn on your site right good right that’s good yeah yeah no that’s perfect actually you know you’re one of the few people who have a very descriptive site name so you don’t really need to rely on a tagline or anything like that your site name is exactly what your site is about no cleverness which is great now after people first see your your logo the next thing they see is your navigation items now you currently link your homepage your about page your archives page and etc the problem is I’m kind of bearish on navigation items because I think they’re very useful but if you’re not linking to pages that are gonna convert people into subscribers mmm that’s where you’re gonna lose out on a lot of beads for your site so let’s break this down for a second if you look at your analytics I would guess your single post pages I’m one of your most popular pages on your site am i right yes all right so let’s and let’s say it’s coming from those single post pages are not usually typing’s they’re usually coming from other websites or they’re coming from search engines now if people click over to your single post page if your title and your image on that page doesn’t instantly grab the reader’s attention they’re gonna be looking for something else to click on right now the only thing that people would see at this point is your navigation items and that’s not necessarily the most persuasive things that they’ll necessarily want to see mm-hmm okay so I’m actually looking at the page right now and I’m looking at a specific page or a specific single post for example and you’re right the only things that they can click on really from here is stuff within the post but if they’re not interested in the posts they have the navigation menu exactly so now another popular page on your site I’m betting since you’re not using descriptive navigation items one of your most popular pages right now or probably based on what I’m looking at is either your about page or your income report page am i right yeah those are two of the top three most viewed pages from the navigation menu that people look at okay so that makes a lot of sense because people are hitting your site they’re not necessarily they’re interested in your content are not interested in your content they’re looking for what they can do next and since you’re not being that descriptive they see income reports and everybody wants to know what other people make so they click that or they want to know who you are and what you’re about which is why they click about so let’s say I’m a random visitor I hit your site I’m gonna click on the about page what do you do on the about page I describe exactly you know who I’m all about just kind of where I come from and why I started the site and at the end I also asked them to subscribe in a little down tiny link I think it’s the about page the only problem is it’s all about you your about page should not be about you from the start now I actually borrowed this strategy from Copyblogger but your about page should actually broken up into three parts okay you want your first part of your about page right at the top to be about what this website will do for the visitor reading this site that’s like part one of the about page after the part one you add an opt-in form that’s party – oh okay no so close part one is gonna be the what this page is look like what the sites all about and what people can learn from it then you want an opt-in form got it part two is gonna be further like you further develop your idea by establishing yourself as an expert in this topic okay and again you want to keep it all about the person reading it you don’t want to talk about yourself just yet and at the bottom of that part again you do one more opt-in form then the final part is where you make it all about you and build that personal connection because right now you already lured people in with what you’re gonna do for them then you can once you get people interested that’s when you can build up the likeability you don’t want to build up the likeability before people know what you can help them with does that make sense yeah totally and I am looking at my about page and every paragraph is all about me you’re totally which is great I mean I think your about page one of the better about pages on the net right now because you really do build the likability and that’s a really key part of a site but if you just make it a little bit more about the person reading it it’s gonna be a little bit better on the conversion point for for emails and just to show just to give you an example on my site socialtriggers.com my about page I use this similar format where I have what’s in it for the reader for my site then I use some testimonials then I go into about me then I use some more social proof and I have three opt-in forms along the way that actually converts close to like thirty percent of all of my emails is people looking at it random they hit that about page and that’s just that’s how I generate most of my emails on my site right now so you don’t even have a you don’t even have a I’m looking at your site right now you don’t even have kind of a lead magnet or kind of ebook or course that you give away it’s just simply subscribe yeah and there’s there’s another reason for that but we’ll talk about that later okay why my sites a little bit different than your site sure now it’s tough so that’s the first about page that you could turn your bow page literally into a lead generation page and that’s really healthy you don’t know why I didn’t even think of that yeah it’s it’s like one of the simplest things you can do is you know people are going there you might as well ask them for an email you know they’re gonna give it to you now let’s take this down a step further your income reports page again this is one of your most popular pages on the site do you know what you should have you list your income reports but right above those income reports all you got to do is say hey if you want to see the income report as soon as it’s published sign up for an email I’ll get people are going to see those income reports see you’re the real deal and say wait a second I want to get these as soon as they’re published because I want the information to be fresh right so you want to again put the opt-in form right above those income reports and you’re gonna see that you’re going to gain a lot more email that way good tip okey that that’s again I’m just totally you know my thinking was okay they come here and then they want to look at a specific you know post that I’ve written for a specific amount of incoming and they leave so but I guess I could I can try to get them while they’re hot you know exactly and you always want to get them while they’re hot because they come here they see that overwhelming list of income and see how your income has grown over the past couple of years and now they’re gonna realize that you obviously have something to teach them because you’re doing it yourself prime point to ask for an email like it’s just gonna crush you’re gonna see when you actually add it in how well that does and well I will now we talked about the about page and we also talked about the income page about adding opt-in forms now are you using Aweber or MailChimp I’m using Aweber okay so that’s great I don’t know how MailChimp works but I know that Aweber you could create custom forms and then add add tracking to each form now when you add those add trackers you could actually create the opt-in form that’s labeled income reports right and that will then send data to your list that way you know where that email came from you know that this person got your email list because they were interested in your income reports right I have something similar setup for my sidebar list I have add tracking on that and I also have add tracking on the landing page at ebooks to smart wacom which I’ll go to right now just so people can see but I I also like you said at the beginning I have I have the opt-in form at the bottom of every post but I can’t you know that just shows me that people are coming in from that point which is good but it doesn’t show me which particular posts exactly so I think that’s smart buy at when I add opt-in forms to these particular pages to really make sure I understand exactly which page people are coming from yes so we talked about the about page we talked about the income page now we have videos we have podcasts and all of those other pages you can implement this same strategy on all of those pages like your podcast page again if you want to be alerted as soon as the next podcast come out comes out make sure you’re signed for email updates mmm you know just make sure you’re gonna add opt-in forms to each of your pages that you’re linking your navigation bar all right now let’s talk about why this is a really great way to generate leads let’s go back to the single post page again one of your most popular pages on your site if people hit that page from a search engine or from a referral link and they’re not interested in your article they’re either gonna hit the back button or they’re gonna look for what they can do next when they’re looking for what they can do next if they click a link if they sign up for an email whatever they do you want to send them someplace where you’re gonna try and convert them into another email and the reason why you want to always send these people especially in your navigation bar to locations where you’re going to convert them into an email is because when people click a link that shows some form of consistency they’re actually interested in what your site’s all about once you get them to say yes once to clicking a link getting to say yes twice like for subscribing to an email is not that difficult right once a buyer always buy your type of thing Marda need to be linking to pages that are tailor-made to turning a visitor into an email or sale gotcha okay now let’s talk a little bit about you’re looking for my very best articles section I think having that right where you have it is great and I think it gets a lot of click action it does get a lot of click action and I can I can you know change that out really easily it’s just attached to a widget on the back end so I can if I have a particular you know promotional item that I want to promote I just put it in there and then I obviously add um you know add tracking type of link tracker or click tracker on it to just so I make sure that there are clicks coming in they are coming in from that particular area great I think that’s also a really good use of getting people to click to a specific page but I think we could actually improve this even more okay right now on your sidebar you have hello my name is Pat you have your pasty book guide you have the most popular high post top commenters your the search bar you have recent posts which I’m going to tell you to get rid of you also have you’re not the first person actually yeah you’re gonna you have Pat on Twitter I think you should get rid of that also no one is clicking those links no no I mean you might have some data that shows otherwise but I don’t think anyone’s clicking on your Twitter links so you want to get rid of that instead what you want to add is a section called resources now what are these resources I just did a call a cup maybe a weekend half ago with Michael port from book yourself solid you know Michael port yep alright so I did a caller came in he has very similar situation blogs by default are very good at highlighting new content but it’s not very good at highlighting your archived content your current page with looking for like you know you’re looking for my very best articles you can find them here you’re highlighting your old content that’s the best you could break each of those sections out into a resource page so instead of having recent posts you link to building a successful niche site include a little bit of introductory content like you have include your links to the niche site duel that include another opt-in form at the bottom of your niche site duel create another page smart affiliate marketing do the same thing introductory content link some affiliate marketing posts put another opt-in form at the bottom of those posts now you have another section in your sidebar where if people don’t want your ebook guide and they don’t want to click in your navigation but they scroll down they see there’s those resources which are very targeted like if sees in your sidebar building a successful niche site or smart Philly marketing or my best blogging advice or effective efficient keyword research or whatever it is that you’re you have articles on on that page though that then turns into a subscriber magnet where you actually pull a visitor into your sidebar based on what they’re interested in and they potentially click on each one of those pages nice I really like that idea because right now I have it all in that one page and a few people have told me it’s a little bit intimidating it is so that would be a great solution and I’ve been asking around for different solutions and that’s that’s definitely the best one I’ve heard so far oh how far up or down the sidebar would you recommend putting those specific pages I like the resources right under the opt-in form and the reason why I like that is because if people aren’t ready to subscribe to your pabts ebook guide they’re gonna see other things that you offer and potentially click them instead of leaving your site they might not want your ebook but they’ll go click one of your resource pages and then you have another opportunity to convert them into an email again right okay perfect now here’s the best part you’re you’re you’re sort of an SEO guy you do really well with ranking mm when you create these resource pages if you just throw a few links at those resource pages you can then use those resource pages to rank for targeted keywords like you can start ranking for building successful niche sites because you’re gonna have targeted pages to those particular pieces of content do you need awesome smart philia marketing blogging buzz you can turn those resource pages into ranking pages and then when you turn them into ranking pages you now have all this new traffic hitting those pages and you’re converting them into an email right away because there’s an opt-in on this on each of those specific page and exactly exactly what oh man this is great yeah so that’s I mean that’s pretty much it I mean you you’re doing a lot of great things on your site I think we’re going from where you currently are to the next step is all about creating more pages that people could click on and sending those people to pages that actually ask for emails great III think that that’s wonderful advice I have a couple questions for you if you know I just put up recently this kind of get started page on the home page here he says don’t know where to start click here to and it kind of goes through one it kind of goes through the very beginning of what someone who doesn’t understand what I do or someone who doesn’t know where to start exactly what they should go through this video that uses my green screen so it’s a little engaging and so I’m trying to be impressive in beginning I define what passive income is and then I take them along and I’m scrolling down and I do I do have an opt-in form here so that’s good yeah should I break you should put a but you should put one more opt-in form towards the middle okay great yeah also on this page sorry no no no it’s the sidebars on all of your resource pages you don’t want any sidebars because it’s kind of duplicate content or distracting you once you get people to click on that page you want that page to be all about whatever it is that you’re talking about no distractions okay I’m not saying to turn into a landing page but I’m saying this just sidebar so once you know what people already show the commitment to clicking on a resource page they want nothing else but that resource page if they want something else they can hit the back button ok that’s that’s my I think that’s a good idea um but as far as this page the this would you recommend keeping the page the way it is would you recommend the way I promote it on the home page to keep it that way a lot of people have been at before I put this up I had a ton of emails and I was going through this with my audience when I was putting this page if I got I was getting a ton of emails from newbies and people who were just like I’m at your site I’m just so overwhelmed I’m I don’t know what to do where do I start I want to learn exactly from the beginning what to do I’ve gotten so many emails like that and this is my response so hopefully you have a couple of things to say as far as I mean you already have said a few things to improve this but what uh you know as far as my approach with this is it good should I take a different route I think it’s actually great I actually love this page getting started and start your pages are really really beneficial for your new readers and it’s not overwhelming where you’re gonna take up a majority of your space on your home page but if people are if they are a new reader they’re obviously going to click that yeah it’s already been converting like crazy I have a couple affiliate link links on there and I see everyday a few of them popping in blogs so definitely add one more opt-in form maybe under the first video after that first video make an opt-in form underneath to your 1-minute message then keep going and then I think that I’ll be good and then give her the sidebars but yeah oh that’s a great page and I’m betting it’s getting a lot of play a lot of compliments a lot of people are really diggin that they are and actually I don’t know if you saw it before I eat it a little bit before I tweaked it it was this page and right underneath it on the exact same page it was all the stuff on my best content page so you can imagine how overwhelming it was see I’ve split it up but I think splitting the best of a smart passive income page like your timeout earlier prinos into each of their own respective pages each with their own opt-in form each with the ability to be ranked in Google that’s so smart I hope everyone out there listening is kind of generating ideas for do something to do something similar for their site as well so thank you Derek for for sharing that or is there any any other things you wish to add or tweaks that I’d like to see so on your site I think if you just add that stuff right now I think you’re gonna notice a lot more emails coming through the door and I think that’s what you should focus on I think there are some other opportunities that you can look at down the line after you see how this works but your main goal is get those resource pages up get those resource pages ranking add more opt-in forms everywhere and then go from there yeah it’s hard because as the blog owner I know that there are opt-in forms everywhere if I put them everywhere and I’m like this is a lot of opt-in forms I might kind of you know upset people but you know as a your right as a new visitor who just pops in on one single page you know they’re not gonna know that there are a billion other opt-in forms trying to capture other people’s email addresses that that’s the one they see on that specific page and that’s so smart I got a I got a and I tell my audience this all the time always step in the foot step in the shoes of those who will be visiting your site try to put yourself in their position as they come to your site for the first time and I gotta take my own advice and and you know obviously take your advice too and do so cool great stuff Tarek thank you so much this has been a wonderful wonderful wonderful session so I want everyone watching this to check Derek out at his website actually go to socialtriggers.com slash SPI socialtriggers.com slash SPI there’s a special page just for you for watching this and again just just remember the phrase you know he shows people how to turn web traffic into leads and sales if you’re not getting in traffic he shows you how to do that too you’re gonna hear that more and more now I think Derek’s gonna be a major player in in this world that we’re in right now so definitely follow him socialtriggers.com SPI Derek is there anything else you want to say maybe drop your Twitter so people can say hi or anything else yeah so the best thing actually is is when you sign up for social triggers calm sighs SPI you’re gonna get a quick email where I ask you to email me back definitely do that I respond to every one of the emails that’s time to my email form and one of the reasons why I had that special page is because I don’t have my email form publicly available anywhere I only open it up for you know a few days at a time then I close it down so definitely when you sign up you’re gonna get an email definitely email me back and I will respond to you I’m probably gonna get a few hundred emails and I always have a few hundred emails in queue but I usually it usually takes maybe three days for me to get back to you but I will respond so definitely do that great and what are people gonna get when they sign it like what’s why should I sign it all right so you’re gonna basically see all of the different types of content that I create and part of it is all about as you said how to get more traffic leads and sales that’s what I focus on and I send content to you in real time and open that conversation and when you do sign up you will start receiving content maybe once or twice a week sometimes less sometimes more so that’s what you should expect when you sign up great awesome Thank You Derek again wonderful tips I hope everyone on board will at least took one or two things away from that I know I took a lot of things and you will see me implement these in the future so if you’re watching this in 2015 or whatever in the future hopefully those things will in place I’m sure there’ll be other technology that will be going crazy by then but for the meantime I’m definitely gonna implement these I have my VA on it right now so thank you Derek again socialtriggers.com slash SPI yes yeah well we’ll have to do this again soon so I I’ll contact you when I implement the changes show you how they are and you can let me know if it’s exactly what you were thinking of alright great hey it was great talking to you pat I’m in take care