hey this is jeff rose from goodfinancialcents.com n’t although i think i do have some pretty good moves no we’re talking finance people we’re talking about the Roth IRA why the Roth IRA let me tell you a quick story a few weeks or so ago I was speaking in my alma mater talking to soon-to-be graduating seniors and in my talk talking about savings and budgeting you know all that exciting stuff I started talking about investing and my favorite thing came up and that thing is the Roth IRA I am in love with the Roth IRA more in love with my wife more love my family but I do love the Roth IRA the Roth IRA is one of the greatest savings tool so I was so excited to share this with these seniors hoping that they least had heard of it so I took a quick poll of all these seniors who have heard of the Roth IRA here’s the response I got zero zilch nada not one single senior had even heard of the Roth IRA and I know that you’re in college you’re not ready to invest yet but your soon to be graduating you’re soon to be getting a job you’re soon to be making some real money and if you don’t know about the Roth IRA then most likely you’re not gonna start investing into it so as I’m driving home I’m really stressed out about this and want to know how can I make a difference how can i educate more soon to be graduating seniors and young adults on the power of the Roth IRA enter the Roth IRA movement ok sorry had to bust out some of my moves again hope you enjoyed that so what’s getting back to the Roth IRA movement I have solicited over a hundred and twenty-five different bloggers Personal Finance sites all on a mission to educate as many people on the power of the Roth IRA so I’ve got over 125 bloggers on board that are all going to write and blog about how strong and powerful the Roth IRA is so that’s why I’m so excited about this movement but if you’re not quite sure what the Roth IRA is or if you should even do it yourself let me give you two reasons – easy reasons why you should do the Roth IRA today the first reason is tax free money that right whoo-hoo tax-free money baby that’s why people do the Roth IRA everybody hates taxes don’t want to pay income tax why not take advantage of an investment tool that doesn’t require you to pay taxes down the road that’s the beauty of the Roth IRA especially if you’re younger that’s why I’m so excited when I see 20 year olds 18 19 year-olds taking advantage of the Roth tax-free money baby and the second reason you should invest into a Roth IRA is control who doesn’t want to have control of their money and actually who doesn’t want to have control of most things their life not having control of your money is like trying to take your crazy dog on a walk where she won’t listen with the Roth IRA you have complete control unlike 401ks and other retirement plans that your job might provide to you you have direct say and what your money goes into and that’s just another reason why the Roth IRA is right for you so remember the two main reasons to do the Roth IRA is tax free money and control and don’t forget a little bit of moves as well so if you’re interested in learning more about the Roth IRA or maybe you’re not sure if it’s right for you join us in the Roth IRA we come to the blog goodfinancialcents.com and see all the bloggers that are on board and educating about the Roth IRA and if you’re not sure if it’s right for you how could you not be it’s the Roth IRA baby tax-free money control let’s do this together this is Jeff rose take care you