The Over-The-Top Office of a 6 Figure Work at Home Blogger

everybody says Pat Flynn from the smart passive income blog kind of just taking my dog out for a walk today because Mom say hi it’s about 11:30 a.m. on a beautiful Friday morning here in San Diego and I kind of just want to invite you to my office to kind of show you where everything goes down kind of behind the scenes with smart passive income blog and all my other businesses and stuff so we’re gonna head on over into my apartment and have a little look so uh thanks for joining me today let’s go inside I think gizmos leash off really quick he’s no wait good boy all right cool all right so this is my little one-bedroom apartment I’m gonna give you the quick tour scuse me on the couch and we live our dog gives them a limb no just a really really small apartment and there’s my office everything that goes down with smart passive income vlog and all my other businesses happens in this little niche here in the corner of the dining room and I hope this just shows you that you don’t need a fancy office in order to do really really cool things and great things and be successful online this is all I have right here this is the only space I have to work you know it’s pretty cramped but no printer podcast and mic storage books and whatnot you know Asti from from Cal and and yeah that’s it so your if you want to start a business and work from home don’t worry so much about what kind of furniture you have just worry about getting products out there connecting with customers or your subscribers or whatever you want and start doing business online you know don’t worry about too much about what kind of furniture a chair you have and stuff like that but there’s a couple few things there’s a few things I want to point out about my particular office space and one thing I learned from the smart passive income sorry from internet business mastery is called your definite major purposes and that Poorna DS out and put him here for motivation every single day I look at these you know it helps me to get to work and understand why I’m working online so one freedom from financial strain to freedom to spend time how I want and three to be recognized as an expert so those are three things that I look at every day and they motivate me to do great work online so another important part is you know another form of motivation is this quote right here and I live by this quote and you’ve you may have heard me talk about this before the harder you work the luckier you become now you always hear about other people’s success stories and stuff like that and why do you think they’re successful I mean why do you think and you always say like oh man that guy’s so lucky well why do you think they’re lucky because they probably put in a lot of hard work you know unless they won the lottery or something they probably did a lot of research you know put in a long time and effort into being becoming successful and you know you could do the same thing there’s nothing stopping you from doing that for yourself another form of motivation here boom the Audi r8 Spyder now that’s kind of my dream car and I don’t know if I’ll ever get it you know I’m on track to you know thinks you’re going away they will I can probably get that car and maybe ten years maybe maybe even sooner but you know that’s not the most important thing the most important thing to me is a being able to work here from home and be with family and you know I’m having a baby boy soon and once he starts to grow up and talk I want to be there for all of his firsts you know all the first first words first steps everything so I’m hoping that I can continue on this journey working from home and giving you some good information on the spot passive income blog and staying here with my family so I just want to thank you guys so much for joining me today again it doesn’t take much to be successful online you know don’t worry about the business cards worry about the business so kids know you have any final words what all right well thanks again guys I appreciate it have a good day and don’t forget or you can connect with me at slash Pat Flynn PA TfL y and n I also have a YouTube channel which is maybe where you’re watching this now slash smart passive income and also a Facebook fan page you can subscribe to become my fan there at slash smart passive income so remember everybody it’s about earning more and working less thanks guys take care have a going bye hmm kiss me huh what