The GREATEST SalesMan Ever

International Sales expert grant cardone is the founder and CEO of three multi-million dollar companies he’s also the author of the book sell or be sold how to get your way in business and in life even a tailor is the publisher of DIY marketers com an online marketing publication that provides marketing advice and shortcuts for CEOs with no marketing department great to see you both great to see you alright to be here okay grant so chances are you may be able to get somebody in your door right now what can you do to ensure that you get people into your door right now you’re competing with Santa Claus the greatest retailer that has literally historically ever been on this planet so you need to take clues and tips from him he this guy markets himself constantly he pervades every space possible he’s relentless and that’s how retailers need to think today like how do I get in somebody space whether social media TV radio handing off Flyers whatever it takes to like really create on the presents for your product your service or your company like Santa doe there’s your next book grant how to market like Santa Claus yeah all right even though our coupons the way to go discounts or no no I’ve got a much better idea if you’ve got the guts to do it I call it the right back at you strategy so instead of using coupons or advertising on in the paper on the radio that’s a lot of money that you can’t control what I recommend is you take that money you convert it into gift certificates and send mailings to your neighborhoods with a letter inviting people to come to your store that way that advertising money is coming right back to your store I know it sounds risky but I promise you people will not only buy the value of the gift certificate they’re going to buy more how do I figure out who to send the gift certificates to well you know what the United States Postal Service has an awesome program called every door and that way you can literally choose by mailing route which neighborhoods you want to choose and you can limit that just like with any other kind of mailing option you can limit it to let’s say 1,000 households or 5,000 households you know what where your budget will meet what do you do so that you can keep them beyond the the holiday season well you know one of the things I recommend is to literally create if it’s really more possible than you think a membership community to keep them coming back for more so for example one program I really like you know if you know the Book of the Month Club you can literally have a 12 days of your product type of a program that you offer and that not only exposes products and services that your customers may not know that you’ve offered I mean how often does that happen I didn’t know you had that is there anything special that you think they can do look I think the biggest advantage for a small business owner entrepreneurial got his feet on the ground and his hands in this business is to understand that the the people you compete with are going to be taken out of the game with Santa Claus the attention the jingles the ads everything people start checking out earlier earlier in the season the business owners actually check out and almost give up December and actually you heal you I hear business owners say that this December is gonna be a flop for us you know it’s gonna go all to the big retailers on it so don’t check out don’t check out be in the game and understand this is your moment to go grab market share from these people that are sleeping right and then once you get someone through their door to the local business yes love them love your love your customer you’re gonna pay the price okay and I wouldn’t give a discount right now wouldn’t go deep on price your margins are already too narrow I would offer maybe some free service later in the year January February something they wouldn’t about anyway and package things all right well even agrees because you shaking your head both of you guys thank you so much for giving this advice it is an exciting time of year I grew up with a retailer in my family and so every holiday season I know that my dad was working very hard but it’s an exciting time thanks so much you guys you