you hey guys Stefan here from I’ve got a great video blog today on the topic of passive income and I’m going to reveal the easiest way to make passive income online so I’m gonna reveal some of the secrets that I’ve been doing over the last few years that have helped me to make six figures online passive income so it’s actually a question that I received from a guy named Nick and his question is hey Stefan I’ve been following your blog for a while now and you mentioned a lot about passive income and I watched your video blog on how to make passive income and as wondering if you can expand on that a little bit more you mentioned that one of your goals this year was to make $10,000 a month passive income from Kindle and I just want to know what’s the easiest way to get started and how can I start making passive income as well so it’s a great question and it’s probably the number one question that I get on my blog from people is they ask about passive income how to make money online I’ve actually coached quite a few people now one on one through my blog in my coaching section on how to make passive income online and all of them have been making money based on what I’ve taught them and are doing really well since and so it’s a really great topic and it’s a topic that I think a lot of people are interested in because it’s kind of something that is this magical thing outside of people’s you know normal day-to-day nine-to-five kind of lives you know most people kind of accept the fact that they’re going to have to work a job nine-to-five for the rest of their lives and and Tim Ferriss from the book the 4-hour workweek it’s probably one of the first guys to really show people and make them realize that they can live a 4-hour workweek and that you need to start building passive income you know Robert Kiyosaki and Rich Dad Poor Dad and cashflow quadrant T Harv Eker secrets of the millionaire mind all these guys that talk about passive income if you want to be financially free it’s when your passive income exceeds your expenses so how do you get there and for me the wrote that I decided to take was through internet marketing and there’s quite a few ways to make passive income you know you could have a real estate property that has a positive cash flow and pays you path you know passive income maybe a couple hundred dollars a month or something like that you could have stocks or mutual funds or some sort of investments that pay you dividends you can invest in different businesses and they can you know pay you a cash flow from that or you can create your own business and you know automate it and build a system so that it runs without you and makes you passive income that way those are the main ways that I know of that you can make passive income but I originally got into internet marketing because I thought does that the best and easiest way to make passive income with the world of the internet you can understand the internet is growing so fast the the Internet is a huge phenomenon over the last you know 10 10 years it’s really blown up and more and more people around the world are getting access to it and because of the internet there’s a lot more opportunities today to make money than ever before the whole world of business has changed because of the internet more and more people are buying things online today than ever before using websites websites like or buying information books products eBay you name it people are using the internet for so many things it’s a big part of people’s lives maybe like 10 or 15 years ago and it’s brand-new people were skeptical about buying things online or giving out their credit card or whatever but not anymore you know now it’s just so easy to buy things online and you know for me I bought you know I’ve bought you know computers I’ve bought a lot of crazy items online and of all I found I can get the best deals and there’s a lot of advantages to buying online so the Internet is something that’s here to stay the internet is a credible opportunity to make money if you know what you’re doing and you learn a little bit about it and there’s a lot of different ways to make money online I mentioned in my how to make passive income blog posts and video blog some of the ways that I’ve done to make money online last year well actually about two years ago I’d say I got into making money with Kindle and by the way the secret you know based on the title of this video blog the secret of the easiest way to make money online that I’ve ever experienced out of everything that I’ve done online and there’s been quite a few things that I’ve done online I’ve been to many different programs I’ve been doing this for a few years by far the easiest way to make money online is through Kindle and let me first tell you the story about how I got into Kindle and I’ll tell you why I believe it’s the easiest way online to make money online and why you should get started with it and just why it’s an amazing opportunity what I decided to do last year was I ended up taking some of the content that I had on project like mastery comm and I started rewriting it and turning them into ebooks just short little ebooks and so for example I took my morning ritual a video blog and which is very popular and I took my life plan video blog and my blog post different things I had about health and just different areas there and I turn them into little books that are about 10 or 15 pages long I expanded on them a little bit to maybe get them up to 15 20 pages or so and I had them unique from my blog post but it was basically still the same content the same information and I published them up on Kindle and I ended up doing this for a few books and I was blown away by the results I went from making $300 a month or so from my skin condition remedy books to up to $4,000 a month within about three months of doing that and based on everything that I’ve done before with internet marketing I’ve never had that kind of jump and I’ve never had it be that easy Amazon basically did all the selling and promoting for me and I was blown away just by the opportunity in the market there and once I discovered that and experienced that I was like this is where I’m putting my attention this is where I’m putting my focus online I because to be able to make that kind of money that fast first of all I want to get this out of the way there’s no such thing as making money overnight and just because it worked for me doesn’t mean it would be the same for you just because I have some more experience into online marketing this stuff but for someone like me based on the things that I’ve experienced online it was a lot faster than anything else I’ve ever done for example when I did my clickbank products there’s a lot of things involved with that you know I’d have to design a website create the product I’d have to you know do all the copywriting for the website the graphics for it and everything I’d have to split test the website so that it converts at the highest level possible I’d to do search engine optimization build a mailing list new customer support there’s a lot of elements to it and there’s a lot you have to learn in order for you to create one of those types of businesses and then one of these products and websites on Clickbank and it can take you months to really do before you start making money with it same thing goes with affiliate marketing when I create these little blogs or websites to make passive income on a specific product it would take me months in order to rank it in the search engines so that it shows up highly in Google when people search for the product just because there’s so much competition out there with Google and and search engine optimization is a long-term process you can’t just put up a website and just that’s brand new and then send like a million backlinks to it and have it ranked in Google you have to do it you have to make it look natural you have to slowly put content on a blog you have to slowly send backlinks to it so that it slowly ranks and Google so it looks natural and then also you know with Google things are changing constantly they’re changing their search engine algorithms you know even if you get your website ranked on the first page of Google it can change you know whenever Google does one of these updates and so it’s a very long-term process and would take me about three months or so – Lee start making money from an affiliate website that I create whereas with the Kindle thing I discovered that you could literally publish a book today and then tomorrow be making money from it and within a week or a month be making a decent passive income from a book and for me there’s nothing out there that compares to the amount of speed there is to be able to make online and so once I discovered it I ended up scaling it up massively putting up more and more books I’ve actually now have a system with Kindle where you know I outsource everything I don’t write my own books for it I basically discover the little the different niches that are out there so for example I make a list of different niches that can create books on so I might think of meditation and juicing and spirituality depression or weight loss or how to stop smoking I would just make a list of all these ideas and then I’d hire writers to write the books for me okay very inexpensively by the way because my books I publish are only around 15 pages so they don’t need to be these long lengthy books but I would find people to write them for as low as 22 dollars for a book okay which is peanuts and I basically have a book created on whatever topic that I wanted I would get the cover done for the book for as low as low as two dollars and fifty cents for a cover okay I found ways to do that and then I’d publish those books and now to get reviews for my products which is another thing to talk about another time that’s going a little bit too deep into my method but and what I would this the real secret to it was picking the right niches and being able to rank those books that I create let’s say on juicing or meditation or weightloss be able to rank that book in Amazon search engine so that when people type in weight loss or how to stop smoking or how to lose weight or how to how to juice or how to meditate or whatever that I would have a book that shows up in the top of the search engine for that result and then people would buy buy those books and I would get paid for it so Amazon would do everything for me and that’s why it’s the easiest way to especially for beginners because you don’t need to know copywriting you don’t need to know technical stuff you don’t need to you know do web design and you didn’t have to write your own books I mean I’ve got into the habit of publishing 5 10 books a week I have over 80 books published right now – to this date and it’s improving every week and every month and it’s just a really good opportunity make money online and some of my books might only make twenty or thirty or forty dollars a month I have some books that make me a couple hundred dollars a month passive income and I even have a book that makes me over a thousand dollars a month passive income and once you publish a book and you put it up there there’s not much else you really need to do for it it’s really just you set it and forget it and if I wanted to I could just not publish any more books and just collect the the passive income and the royalties that I get paid from those now I did write a book okay and if you do want to write a book it’s definitely an option – I wrote my life mastery book that was actually a book that I wrote and some of the stuff that I started at the beginning with my content on project life mastery comm I did write that stuff but that was just because I enjoyed it and I wanted to but you do not need to be a writer to do it and and that’s why I believe making money with Kindle is by far the easiest best way to make money online and so I created a product teaching this stuff and I’m not going to reveal too much about it right now but I just want to plant that seed and and just kind of open your mind first in this video – the opportunity that Kindle presents and by the way Kindle has grown 119 percent every single year and it’s just an upward trend people buy Digital ebooks more than physical paperback books it’s just grown so much over the last few years and it’s just growing as an opportunity especially to make money in my opinion making money with Kindle is is the same opportunity as the internet was back in 1998 you know 1998 there was there was no competition and all this kind of stuff and there’s ways to make money but most people just didn’t know how to do it and they wish that they took advantage of it back then and now and now it’s a little bit different so it’s a huge opportunity and the product that I’ve created I’m really excited about because I think it can really change a lot of people’s lives it already has and it’s just a really good opportunity to start to learn this stuff and start a path income business and create a lot of freedom for yourself on your life so I’m going to kind of leave it there for now leave it at that and I’ll release another video soon that will have more information about this product and about making money with Kindle but hopefully you got you a little bit excited you know this isn’t for everyone of course but if you’re someone that wants to create more freedom for your life and create an amazing lifestyle and have extra extra income without even after spending a lot of time doing this and you’ve looked for an opportunity to make passive income but just nothing’s really presenting itself to you then I think definitely Kindle is the way to go to learn this stuff and and to start making money online but that’s it for today guys thank you for watching this video I hope this video blog answered your question and kind of gave you some ideas in terms of online marketing in my experience my story with it and how I got into it but I will be releasing more in the future that’s it for now thanks for watching