The Debt Movement – Paying off $10 million of debt in 90 days, together.

it’s when I used to go to my dad’s house he always hung out in his office his computer room every time I walk in he’s sitting there in his computer and I’d see this little white sheet of paper and it was always there and on this white sheet of paper he had listed every single credit card he had every single interest rate and what his next payment was going to be for that following month and these interest rates were 14 percent 18 percent 25 percent and every time every month he was worrying about how he was gonna make that next payment he was taking cash advances on one card and paying the minimum payment on another and it was this vicious cycle that he could never break and the years going on like I saw I saw what this did to him I really saw my dad age before my eyes and it wore on him and it stressed him out I never they had the courage to ask him why why are you in debt why are you at this point in your life when you just can’t take control and figure out to just break the habit my dad never found that financial freedom when he finally passed away he passed away in debt he actually had borrowed of money from me and the only way he could pay me back was he took out a life insurance policy to pay me back the funny that he owed me that’s how bad it was so I think about this debt movement helping people pay off ten million dollars in 90 days it’s not about a number the ten million dollars is just to get you motivated to finally do something to take some initiative to feel like it you’re a part of something something big but the reality it’s more than a number this is about finally taking charge taking control of your life and fighting for your financial freedom but feeling that you probably felt in a really long time this journey is going to be hard it’s gonna be extremely difficult you’re gonna want to quit a week into it a month into it you’re gonna feel like that you could never get a grip I want to encourage you just to erase all of those thoughts just get them out you can do this you can finally get rid of that debt get rid of that burden that is just on your shoulders that just wears on you that stresses you out at your job that stresses you out with your family that makes you feel inferior you can do this I’m asking you today to join the Depp movement you’re not the only one that’s struggling with debt I used to struggle with that I had student loans I had credit cards it was hard to break through those bad habits but I finally did and I tell you it’s the best and greatest feeling ever join a community be a part of something take back your financial freedom