The 30 Day Challenge – How To Change Your Life In 30 Days

hey guys this is stefan from I’ve got a great video today to discuss them called a 30 day challenge which is something I’m going through right now in my life and hopefully by the end of this video you feel inspired and whenever way possible to send a challenge for yourself and your life over the next 30 days that could really transform and improve your life for the better uh basically I just got back from Whistler here in British Columbia just last weekend and I’m a part of a mastermind group which is basically a group of people there just like me there they’re motivated and driven they have got crazy goals dreams and all that kind of great stuff which is really a great thing I recommend everybody to have a mastermind group have people in your life that could support you challenge you push you hold you accountable I think it’s a really important piece to being successful in anything but we basically we meet every week here in Vancouver and we also set goals every three months and we’re up in Whistler just discussing some goals that we’re going to set for ourselves and I was really thinking about it I thought what are different goals that if I set for the next 90 days or 30 days it just really transformed my life for the better and I started thinking about what have bitumen goals that if I did something every day and ingrained a new habit how would that transform my life because I really believe that success is a series of habits of the little things that you do every day consistently they end up being this amazing thing right so I thought what are you so what are some new habits that I want to really install in my life and implement and I basically pick two of them they were just I’m going to reveal at the end of this video to you guys but the whole philosophy give a 30-day challenge you probably heard it before you know or 21-day challenge or whatever same thing I like to do thirty days because I you know everyone else is 21 days I like that up the ante right so I like to set 30-day challenges for myself but there’s been a lot of research that’s been done that it takes about 21 days to develop a new habit and we we already have somebody habits in their life whether you’re aware of it or not you know we are basically our habits you know a lot of people you know we’re brushing keith is a habit you do every single day don’t you think about it you just do it maybe exercising every day is I have it you have or eating healthy or eating junk food that’s also I have it too right or a lot of people that have is they wake up and they drink coffee and they go to work or you wake up you check your email on face right so we already have these habits I think the goal is you want to cause the conscious of our habits and start implementing more habits that are going to support us and align this with our goals and our dreams and our purpose and life and so I was really thinking about that and there’s really a great philosophy that I learned from a guy named Evan Kagan who has this this concept he calls defy gravity and escape velocity and what he describes is that you know as human beings we don’t want to change okay we want to stay in our comfort zone our whole purpose of our mind is survival and protection it’s to keep us safe and it wants to keep us doing what we know in our environment in our surroundings right and we’ve been you’re our brain it has that purpose and it’s a good thing right it to keep us safe right but the problem with that is that if you only stay within our comfort zone then we don’t grow and everything that you currently want right now in your life is outside of your comfort zone because if it wasn’t you’d already have it and so in order to achieve anything in your life or to grow we have to step outside that comfort zone which is a very uncomfortable thing for a lot of us and it’s something that our mind has a lot of resistance to ok so this guy haven’t pagon he says oh what he described is that when a spaceship goes into space in order for that spaceship to get off the ground and to get outside of our atmosphere it uses up about 80 percent of its fuel just to get into space so all the effort all of you everything is just in that the first little bit or whatever just to get the space once it’s in space then it doesn’t it requires very little fuel and really you describe that making a change in your life or developing new habit it’s really the same thing right for the first 21 days generally any time you want to make a change it requires a law effort a lot of discipline willpower right but after those 21 days then it becomes automatic you not to think about it this part of your life is habitual as automatic pilot for you which is really a great thing so it’s usually that first 21 days is that the most challenging is the hardest but once you get past that then it’s easy and in fact it will take more willpower more discipline more effort not to do that Abbot been able to do it in the beginning and I really can relate to that because for me uh you know exercise and go to the gym eating healthy doesn’t require any discipline and just require any effort and he will power it’s something I feel pull to do it’s automatic it’s a habit that I have in fact for me not to go to the gym is very difficult for me it’s very hard that’s probably one of my biggest challenges in life is is taking rest I don’t like to rest it’s a challenge that I have that leads to overtraining and all these other challenges right but there was once a time in my life where get myself to go to the gym required effort it was difficult it was hard but I’ve trained myself and done it so many times as is part of my day-to-day life and the crazy thing is the cool thing is you already have things like that for you as well if you actually look at your life things that are great that it is automatic for you that you trained yourself to do so we can basically do the same thing but I set 30 day challenge or 21-day challenge towards the things that you want to implement and just consciously do it so that we can develop new habits or life I’ll just become automatic and support us and meet your goals or being successful so I hope that makes sense but it’s basically the two challenges I set for myself is one one of the biggest challenges that have had the last few months is lack of energy I recently competed in a fitness competition I’m very fit and active and I’m still probably healthier than 95% of the planet but I did it at the expense of my health meaning that health and fitness are two totally different things people confuse the two just because you’re fit does not mean that you’re healthy and I was you know during that process I was consuming a lot of protein powders and whey protein and dairy products all which are great for rebuilding muscle tissue and looking good but it’s not good for having lots of energy and getting super healthy because those are very mucus forming foods in it your body can’t probably digest that so I was living a lifestyle that was really kind of costing me my energy in my health and so one of my challenges I decided is that for the next 30 days I’m going to be juicing wheatgrass and if you don’t know wheatgrass is it’s basically that crazy juice that’s grass that’s right behind me it’s basically what it is it’s grass but it’s a certain kind of grass that it’s actually the most nutrient dense food on the planet and I’ve been drinking about 1 to 2 ounces a day for the last 5 days my shot on day 5 of this challenge and so I may be drinking that every day just to really nourish my body cleanse it give it the nutrients the energy in fact one ounce of wheatgrass is equivalent equivalent to about two and a half pounds of vegetables highly recommend you research that check that out on the other thing as well is I’m juicing vegetables so I’m juicing every day beets carrots celery and spinach and cucumber and green pepper this really juices my body giving it everything it needs to operate at full capacity just to really cleanse itself and giving you the energy it’s really great saying that if you want to be alive eat live foods are the only foods that are alive are vegetables fruits and sprouts and for my fitness competition unfortunately I wasn’t eating a lot of raw organic foods I was eating a lot of cooked foods which again is great for getting the protein in and repairing muscle and all that a really bad first give yourself your body the energy and everything that it needs so it is that’s one thing that I know that if I commit to that for the next 30 days man my energy is going to go through the roof pipe right now I’m sick I don’t know if you can tell or not but I’m going to a detox right now my body has been getting rid of all the toxicity all the poisons all the acids and everything that is accumulated over the last few months it’s all coming out of my body in more ways than one which is a great thing so that’s part of the process that I’m going through right now so that’s one thing the other thing as well is I know whether or not you watch the video but put out a video a while ago on my more ritual it’s by far the most popular video people love it I get a lot of comments about it’s got thousands of views likes and everything on youtubes on my blog but it’s basically what I do every day just to really take care of my mind my body my emotions really just to make sure that I’m the best that I can be for that day and just growing and expanding myself so they have more to give to others have more to give throughout my day I can actually more productive be happier and sort of conditioning myself to live life the way that I want to live excuse me and so that’s another thing I decided to commit to you for the next 30 days is just to really make sure that I’m giving myself that gift that first thing in the morning I’m starting it off with my hour of power my morning ritual it’s really taking care of myself in that way really taking the time to feel grateful feel happy to feel passionate you’ll commit it to feel proud all the emotions that I want to experience giving myself that gift first thing in the morning to condition myself incantations uh basically you know that the beliefs that I want to have in my life to do some form of physical exercise so do breathing rituals just to put a smile on my face putting myself in that peak stay that physiology reading every day whatever it is I’ve got my own kind of ritual check out the video I’ve actually change it up and everything when I’m doing right now for the next 30 days but having something like that I know that if I do that for the next thirty days I commit to it I just stick with that consistently man like your life transforms and I’ve had that as a habit part of my life consistently already for many years now it’s one of the greatest things in my opinion you can ever do because you take care of yourself mentally emotionally physically in every way possible and you start off the day that way then nothing fazes you you know you walk through life in a different level of confidence a different level of energy a level certainty when there’s freaking challenges and adversity around you everyone else is freaking out and stressed and reacting if you’re like a freaking Rock or solid you’re grounded it’s really incredible thing so those are basically by two commitments for the next 30 days so number one is the health aspect the grass and vegetable juice and number two is is taking air myself mentally and emotionally with my morning ritual and I know if I do those for 30 days overcome automatic I want to think about it part of who I am that’s a really great thing so that’s what I’m committing to and another great aspect too is is if you’re going to make this change in yourself too you would commit to something have a way you can be accountable have someone in your life that you got to be accountable to you whether it’s a friend that you can do a challenge with and every day you’re going to text each other call each other or email each other just to say hey you know what I did what I said I was going to do today for the next 30 days that way you can’t all back that way you can’t shoot yourself right you have someone that’s going to be on your ass I mean every day to make sure that you’re following through and there’s a lot of power in that I’ve got a mastermind group where I do that with got people my life I’ve got this video blog which is great that’s what I love about this video blog is that you know at first I started to just himself just to hold myself a kiss on the fly through and I had to follow through and do it so having something like that is great it’s the mom well I’ve got certain coaching clients that are accountable to me got one client every day she’s going to message me at the end of the day by email all the positive things for that day all the successes all the accomplishments and straining herself training her mind to focus on the gift I got another client every day she has to take pictures of all the meals that she eats for the day and she has to email it to me yes it’s a great way for her to be aware of the food section she’s eating and she knows that she you know she’s does he’s bad or whatever that I’m going to be on her ass and I’m the you know since she’s more likely to eat healthy because she knows that someone else is watching she’s accountable to someone else which is an awesome thing so whatever you want to commit to whether it’s a gratitude ritual every day now how would that transform your life over the next 30 days transform your mind and just condition yourself to focus on what you’re grateful for or a morning ritual or eating healthy I’ve done challenges where I’m going to wake up at a certain time each day right but having that accountability aspect is so key because if you’re only accountable to yourself then you can lie to yourself you know your is no there’s no consequence there’s no to get state they’re accountable to other people there’s a lot more at stake and you’re more likely to fall so hope you enjoyed this video hope it inspired you in some way set a 30 day challenge for yourself you know what’s something if you committed to doing every day for the next 30 days or transform your life for the better it doesn’t have to be big it can be small it can be a little thing the little things to make a big difference if you compound that over a period of time you can transform the life of the better so I hope you guys enjoyed this video thanks for watching I’ll let you guys know how my challenge goes and I shall talk to you soon