Neil Patel’s “Worst SEO Advice”: Let’s Talk Facts

so something happened last week on another YouTube channel let’s take a look can you guess what the worst SEO advice is that I’m gonna tell you about it’s actually that content is king they all say that the more content you create the better content you create the better off you’re gonna do that’s […]

Passive Income: How I Make $50,000/year Doing Nothing

what’s going on guys welcome back to another video in today’s video I want to talk about how I’m making over fifty thousand dollars per year and passive income by doing literally nothing and I’m gonna show you the results in a second it’s actually more than fifty thousand you probably going to be very […]

I Have 11 Streams Of Income At 19 Years Old

how did I build not one not two not three not four but eleven different income streams by the age of nineteen years old what’s going on everyone welcome back to the channel if you knew my name is Hayden I’m 19 I do a lot of fun stuff online and I’m actually currently in […]

Getting traffic from Google is SO. FREAKING. EASY! (3 steps for 2019)

public service announcement please don’t leave this video if you’re getting bored skip to 45 set it to the last 45 seconds we have a little we need your help with something that’s going to be something fantastic but today’s number is 94 million three hundred twenty two thousand two hundred seventy-six that’s the total […]

How much is 100K pageviews worth in ad revenue??

yeah so we’re doing a YouTube video about how much our websites can earn from ads and we want to show visually how much that looks like so can we withdraw in quarters what do you mean they won’t go through the vacuum to change [Music] [Applause] a lot of quarters [Music] just a few […]

How to Start Multiple Side Hustles (that ALL make money)

what’s going on y’all welcome back to another make 1k series this is a series where I’m featuring successful entrepreneurs that are crushing it but we’re not here to learn about the amazing amounts of money they’re making right now because that’s all fun but for many of you that want to start a business […]