The 7 Worst Investments That You Can Make

so in this video I’m gonna share seven investments that you may want to think twice about before actually dumping money into these different types of investments and this isn’t to say that all seven of these are going to be poor decisions 100% of the time sometimes they can be a good idea sometimes […]

7 Highly Effective Habits of Making Money

what’s the guys it’s Graham here so the title of the video might seem a little bit familiar because it’s inspired by the book the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People which by the way if you haven’t read that book go and read that book now spoiler alert here basically the seven Habits are […]

The reason I’m single

lots of you guys it’s Graham here so here we go I’ve gotten way too many comments from people asking about my relationships what I think about dating what it’s like dating when people know you have money and then of course a lot of people seem to ask about gold diggers and how to […]

Bad Investing Habits You NEED to Break | Phil Town

hi you guys I’m Phil town from rule one investing in today I want to talk to you about some bad investing habits that you need to break [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] but you’re a seasoned investor or you’re new to this idea of making money with your own money there are some basic […]

Why $2.3 Million Isn’t Enough

what’s the guys it’s Graham here so I just came across an article by CNN with the headline it’s two million dollars enough to feel wealthy and that really got me thinking how much money does someone actually need in order to feel rich just think about that for a second at what point do […]

Am I about to lose everything?

what’s up you guys it’s Graham here so if you’re not already aware I read all of the comments literally every single one of them without fail because I don’t have a life so if you comment something I read it now part of the reason that I do this is that it allows me […]