Don’t Judge Success on 0.002% of Your Year | DailyVee 558

don’t judge yourself in the daling judge yourself in the yearly and slow it down be patient you got your prospective [Music] I enjoyed paying my dues I loved when I was 28 on December 9th working a register because it was busy in the store and having my friends from college come to the […]

Turning $47 into $430 by Flipping Trash | Trash Talk #5

hey guys I’m episode 5 of trash talk you’re gonna see me yelling at the air hey Bambi you’re not getting it bro talking to a wise old man that’s why I’m sitting that’s buying expensive lemonade and finding some rad ash trash-talk episode 5 and the Lincoln Tunnel wasn’t supposed to be in this […]

The TWO BEST Skills To Learn in 2020 – In 2 Minutes!

Hey guys I know a lot of you are struggling with your definition ofsuccess so here’s two quick points and I want to spend a minute on each point tohelp you get to your definition of success so the first point is to setstretch goals and find unstoppable motivation through street level motivatemotivated so what […]

Top 3 Telltale Signs You’re An Entrepreneur – The MILLIONAIRE Mindset Logic!

I often get the question what exactly makes an entrepreneur, and this is atough question because unfinish if in my opinion nowadays is kind of slimythere’s a lot of negative connotations attached and it’s a very vague sort ofprofession I guess you could say it’s not even a profession I know but it is alittle […]

What a Modern Day Business Education Looks Like

– Morning? Hello. (cheering) How are you? Morning? How are you? Hi, hi. Hello. (dramatic music) You got your prospective. (crowd cheering) I just wanna be happy. Don’t you wanna be happy? We’re gonna go right back around, and get into direct questions, so start thinking. But for almost four of you, there’s one answer […]

The Secret to Boosting Your Social Media Following in 2019 | Yahoo Finance Interview

– I don’t know how to run a business that needs to perform financially every 90 days because I’m a marathon runner, not a sprinter. (shouting) You got your perspective. (cheering) I just wanna be happy. Don’t you wanna be happy? (jazzy piano music) – Hello everyone, I’m Andy Serwer. Welcome to Influencers, and welcome […]