okay this is a Tim Ferriss style lunch meeting I interrupted everything because Cindy is standing behind me looking intimidating told me that someone broke into her house and left a big bear sized paw print on her couch and also stole her Mac which is both scary and unfriendly so she asked me what do I do if someone grabbed me from behind trust choked me so I’m going to show you how to defend against that and it runs counter to a lot of the bad advice that women receive in self-defense classes where they’re taught to execute fine motor movements multiple steps stomping on a person’s foot it’s not going to work when you’re being dragged backwards so our first priority is to prevent ourselves from being choked unconscious since you can’t defend yourself when you’re asleep on the ground and then secondly getting out of the hole – you can run and escape alright so Cindy is going to kindly choke me and also kindly but she’s volunteered to me and she’s acting in fact anyway so go ahead alright so the first thing I do and the mome ideas pause in it is I get from here I grab the elbow and the hand here and I get my chin below the blade of her forearm into the meat of the elbow this means that she now cannot put pressure on my carotid artery okay and then from here since I’m already in this position I’m going to go for any finger that I can get thumb is good pinkies good but grab whatever you can get as soon as you get one finger you’re going to let go of this side and reach up and take that hand off and at this point the easiest way to get out of this position is to straighten this arm up close to your ear like you’re trying to swim and then just turn out like that so keep it running so you know just kneel down slightly Cindy gets her oh my neck okay so she’s driving me backwards sugar it might help my my chin in the elbow here brother’s finger pulled down although I’m just kidding like that and I face my opponent and I get the hell out of there that’s how you get out of a choke Cindy take note yeah