Successful Online Marketing With Jay Brown

hey what’s going on this is Jay again I’m coming to Tower with another video actually it’s part of the last video I shot I was reviewing some questions that people ask me all the time and I just want to get a couple more of those questions out some people asked me this is for people that’s already in a home-based business or MLM network marketing company and that’s marketing online you know and trying to make money people ask me that why isn’t this working for me I’ve been trying so hard I do everything my sponsor or coach tell me to do and it seems like nothing works I’m just gonna give you my knowledge on this and what I have been through and what has no happened to me in the past when I couldn’t get things to go the way I wanted to go one thing is I caught myself doing that I was all over the place you know and that right there is a big problem for people they won’t stick with one thing you know they always try something for our day and the next day they try something else and they just keep trying stuff or they keep joining these different type of programs that’s a big mistake because you know you you got a master you got a masters or something one at a time you can’t just keep jumping all over the place you got a bet say if you learning how to do Facebook marketing or any social media marking it stick with it stick with that one marketing strategy and master it and then you know move to the next one don’t just you know keep jumping everywhere because you don’t give you time yourself time to learn that one skill and you just you won’t see no results you know and if you keep joining programs you know you’re gonna keep spending money and you know just it’s just a waste of time and they read there is a big problem for people and I just you know wanted to get that out and maybe that’ll benefit you and I’m not gonna make this video as long as I did the last when I say it was gonna be about two or three minutes and I actually made it five minutes you know some people don’t have the patience to sit there and watch a video that long so I’m just gonna do one question at a time and just be out be on the lookout for my next video as I review some more questions and hope it you know be a blessing to you and today in peace and prosperity