Success and Sacrifice – Grant Rant #132

let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes hey Grant Cardone your New York Times bestselling author and my rant to you today and man I’m in the mood to give this one to your brother okay is about sacrifice you know sacrifice paying the price look you got to do the things you don’t want to do so that one day in the future you can actually be able to pay for the things that you want to do and have the time to be able to do the things you want to do you know my staff comes to me just today I’ve been on the road for three days to different cities three days I’m beat up I’m tired I’ve been on I’ve been gone for my family dude look I know what it’s like to be gone from your wife or your husband and the kids for two and three days at a time it hurt it hurts it’s painful and one of these gigs I didn’t get paid for it was like just I’m just being sacrificial and my staff says oh by the way you’re going out Tuesday again and you’re gonna be getting there that night you spend the night and then you don’t go into 1:30 and then you can’t leave that day cuz there any flights I’m like me you guys crazy and then somebody in my office says grant man sacrifice buddy I said I’ve been sacrificing man I’ve had it up to here with sacrificing I’m done I’m tired I’m beat up and then I remember with my dad used to tell me son do the things you don’t want to do so that one day you can do the things you want to do pay the price folks sacrifice you name me five you sit down when this is done with this grant rants done and I want you to write down the names of five legendary unbelievable people that you respect and I guarantee you all five of them sacrifice something