Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic in Less Time

hmm hey everybody this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog you could find me at WWF as event calm calm today I’m going to talk hopefully three or four minutes about blog traffic overtime and the reason I’m showing you this is because I want you to see visually what’s happening with your blog traffic so you can implement certain strategies that will increase the amount of traffic you have in less amount of time so that’s why I created this little graph here and we’re going to go through it right now typical blog growth looks like this now you start off very slowly you might be commenting on other people’s blogs and on forums and then Google might start to pick up our keywords and we’ll see a little bit of acceleration just like that now the problem is it takes forever to get to a point where we can utilize this traffic for advertising or for products that mean that we might want to sell but you know which takes a long time and I’m sure this is why a lot of people stopped writing on their blogs even though there are awesome blogs and they have the potential to become really successful they just don’t have the time and they want to see traffic a lot sooner so here’s a strategy that you can think about or kind of what a graph looks like that we can use to get to that point faster where we can get up here a lot quicker and it kind of looks like this alright so check out the growth of this graph here starts off small and we see spike higher plateau a little bit of growth larger spike and these spikes maybe they’re small but they keep happening and more and more traffic happens after we see those spikes so what do you think’s happening at these points here there’s a lot of things that can happen so I want you to think about these types of strategies that you can use for yourself guest post on another blog these are excellent ways to get traffic you’ll start to filter in people who you may have never reached before into your own blog and they will become subscribers and then the traffic you see after that will be higher than it was before also you can get hooked up on social networking or social bookmarking websites so for example stumble upon might pick up your site or your Twitter followers might make your blog post go viral that’s one way to do it here you can also be linked to from another site maybe another site was kind enough to link to you on a blog post or in their blog role and you’ll see the same thing happening you know write more guest posts guest posts are probably the most important thing you can do to increase the crap amount of traffic on your blog quickly and this just keeps happening so which blog look or which graph looks better this one here or that one there now you’ve already reached there in half less than half the amount of time now obviously it’s gonna be different for every blog it depends on where you do your guest posts if you can get hooked up from some of the top bloggers and other web sites on in your niche then you’re going to actually probably reach that point here I don’t know it’s up to you so it’s going to take some work you’re going to have to put yourself out there and be known by other people to get to that point so I hope that makes sense you know which one looks better T do you want to get to this point here or do you want to keep climbing and climbing mountain up here so thanks again for joining me today you can head on over for more cool tips and information to help your blog out at wws mark passive income com so thanks everyone take care of everyone