Stop Wasting Money on Junk – Grant Rant #158

let’s face it everybody’s got two cents and everybody’s got two minutes so here’s my two cents in under two minutes see look for Saul I talk to you about do you need it do you want it do you have to have it is it essential cuz I don’t think it is I don’t think you have to have it I don’t think you actually really need it as much as you think you do and what am I talking about I’m talking about look man you’re spending money on junk when you don’t need it look at my little look at my little on little things man I got new guys walking around five and six hundred dollar headphones and I got my little freebies that came King with my phone why what’s the difference you know why because I want a bank cash man I need money I need emergency funds I need to treat money like it’s sacred truth is most people don’t like money I know they don’t like money you know how I know they don’t like money do you like money no I don’t think you do you know I don’t think you do because as soon as you get some you get rid of you buy with it while you’re buying stuff you know what I’m doing banking cash why am I telling you this today because the u.s. savings rate is hitting low standards again two and a half percent the savings rate in this country was over six and a half percent for thirty years now it’s collapsed again what are you doing I was recently with a banker my banker I told my banker he’s like hey what do you live on every month I’m like I live on this much money he looked at me he says that’s impossible it is impossible for a guy like you I know where you live I know it you know another kind of lifestyle you got to have I’ve said I’ve googled you impossible for you to live on that I said no didn’t do he’s like look I know how much money you make man it’s impossible that it would be just ridiculous I can’t even think with it I’m like check it out bro that’s what I live on that’s what I live on why it’s not like I’m dying I don’t need to spend a lot of money I don’t waste money the money that I save is sacred it’s there to protect me and my future is not there to buy junk and stuff that I don’t need that I just wanted for a second don’t want tomorrow but that I’m gonna need that money later for problems or opportunities look you need to sit down with your spouse and you guys get on the same page do what are you going to work for every day I don’t go to work to work I hate that saying I don’t want Tony going to work to work I don’t want anyone my organization going to work to work I want you to go to work to prosper go to work for freedom this is what wealthy people do different than everybody else wealthy people work for freedom they’re working not for comfort items not for a weekend they’re working for freedom and Bank your dough if you don’t have any leftover money then make more dough make some cake and then push it away and go back out in the marketplace and make some more cake for you and your family so you can have some freedom and one day you can kick back one day long time for now then you can kick