Stop Selling Start Closing

– Why do you want to stop
selling and start closing? You see, most people, they
don’t know how to communicate. Fewer people know how to sell and almost no one knows how to close. There’s a very big difference between selling and closing. You see in any sales conversation,
in any sales environment, in any sales meeting, you
do not get paid by selling. How many of you know people
who just sell sell sell sell and they don’t get paid? Or they turn off their prospects. You only get paid when you close a sale. I want you to think about the difference between a sales
person versus a closer. You see a sales person, they would push. They would use aggressive tactics. When you think of a
traditional sales person, what comes to mind? Comment below. It’s snake oil, it’s scammy,
it’s slimy, it’s pushy. Versus a closer. How do you know when
you are a good closer? After you’ve done a sale,
after you’ve closed a prospect, when your prospect says, “Thank you.” “Thank you for helping
me make this decision.” “Thank you for helping me move forward.” That’s when you know
you are a good closer. There’s a big difference,
sales person and a closer. You see today I want to teach you something very very critical. Why you should stop
selling and start closing, and what is the most powerful
way that I know of to close, and it’s not what you think. Today I’m going to teach you
what I call “Value in advance” Write it down. The formula is called “Value in advance.” Now, you can see on my social media I have millions and millions of followers, and every single time when I
make an offer, when I sell, when I try to close a sale, instead of waiting for the phone call or waiting for the meeting, face to face to do all your closing, that is very difficult, because you only have a
very short period of time to persuade, convince
a prospect to say yes. Instead I believe what you need to do, you need to do a lot of work, before you even open up your mouth. A lot of work needs to be done before you even say a single word. In one of my previous
videos, I talk about this. The best way to sell a
box of chocolate is what? Is to give people a taste. One piece of chocolate, if they like that they’ll
want to buy the whole box. It’s exactly the same in closing. I don’t want to count on
closing, that closing part, that conversion part, that face
to face, on the phone part, to do all the heavy lifting. I want to start closing way in advance, and the best way to do
that is “Value in advance.” How can I provide value
to someone in advance? For someone who is consuming my materials, watching my video, consuming my content. When I release something,
when I make an offer, the trust is already there. That it’s easy for them to say “Yes.” Let me give you a perfect example. Let’s say you are a martial artist, and you are teaching someone
how to be a black belt, and of course you’re not going to be a black belt over night. There are a series of steps
you need to go through in order to attain your black belt. Lets say the very first step is you need to learn how
to do a proper stance. Okay, that the first step, and then you need to have
some basic flexibility. How to do stretching, stretching exercise, and then basic punching technique, and then basic kicking technique. Lets say and then you learn
some jumping kicking technique. Then later on you also have
power and speed, endurance. Lets say it takes you seven steps to get from point A to point B, you with me? The best way I could
convince someone to say, hey I’m the guy that can teach you how to be a powerful human weapon, how to be that confident black belt. Instead of telling you how good I am, I know it takes you seven
steps to get to your goal. All I need to do is
provide value in advance. Let me teach you through my content how to do a proper stance. Let me get you to that first step. I’m not going to get you to the end goal, but I’m going to get
you to the first step. I might even teach you some
basic stretching exercise that you can do from the
comfort of your own home. To help you become more flexible, to get you to almost step two. Now what happens is this. That if I am the person that gets you from point A and then point B. Not to the end goal yet, but you’re already getting
value from the free information, the free value I’m providing, and what the prospect is thinking is this, “Wow, If I’m getting so much
value from the free stuff, if the free stuff is this good, I wonder what the pay
stuff is going to be like” and that’s exactly how the “Value in advance” formula works. You don’t wait till when
the money takes place, the transaction takes
place to start closing. You started closing from the beginning. When you’re delivering
value to the marketplace. You provide so much value in advance when you make an offer
your prospect is like this is a no brainer. Of course I want to buy. I’m already getting so much value. You’ve helped me solve the
first two step problem. I know I have five more steps to go. Of course you are the
man, you’re the woman, you’re the company I want to go with. Instead of trying to convince them, you don’t know me, you don’t like me, you don’t trust me, give me some money. No! Give them some value upfront. Help them solve some problems upfront. When you do that through social media, through video, through
education, through content, that’s a smart way to do it. You can do this on a massive scale. You’re impacting so many peoples lives, and you’re adding so much
value to people’s lives. When you make an offer, it’s easy. When you do make an offer,
then it is just a moment when you realize all the hard work you’ve done in he beginning. You’re not selling selling selling, trying to use some gimmicks or techniques or whatever tricks trying to close people, and there’s a time and place for that, but you don’t need that. I bet I have so many students, if you’re watching this comment below. You’ve gotten so much
value from my free content, and then by the time I
make an offer you’re like Dan is the guy, of course
I want to learn from him. I want him to be my mentor. Why? Because, I’ve done so much. I combine and I strive to combine
my branding, my education, my marketing and closing all as one thing. Instead of isolated components,
I treat them as one. I strive to get to a point
where it’s automatic closing. Where the closing is natural. Where it’s not forceful. That people are happy to be closed. That’s exactly why you need to stop selling and start closing. I’ll teach you one more
thing before we go, and that is this, every single
time you offer something, every single time you make an offer, you want to strive to
deliver 10x more value. Meaning this, this is
what I truly believe, it is my mode in business. If you sell something for $100, what can you do to strive
to deliver 10x more value? That’s $1000 worth of
value, when you charge $100. When you can do that it’s easy. It’s easy to close. because people can see the value. It’s a no brainer that they want to buy. They are happy to buy from you, because they can see how much
value you are delivering. I want you to think about this. How can you implement “Value
in advance” in your business? How can you deliver 10x more value? What can you do? I want to leave you with one
thought, and that is this, closing is not something
that you do for somebody. Closing is something
that you do for somebody.