Social Security Statement Online

hey everybody jeff rose from yesterday I had a chance to sit in on a social security benefit seminar and part of the seminar which is geared towards Social Security benefits and you know trying to help our clients society or when is the right time to take their benefits you know they should maybe wait at a later date to take them and also address you know whether that when the spouse should potentially draw that Social Security benefit as well but one of the takeaways I actually got from the seminar was regarding your Social Security Statement and which they refer to as the statement and for those of you that you know it’s like you know how often do you receive your statement and more importantly what I want to talk about today is what happens if you want to request a new statement you know how do you actually do so and this is actually one of the little Flyers that they gave us we’re just showing you how you can request your Social Security Statement online and as Patty Duke here just claims how easy it is how you can do in less than 10 minutes so I want to kind of put that to the test almost but also to to kind of show you how you would request or social security statement if you’re wanting to get a new updated one first and foremost you actually don’t have to go online to do it you can call your local Social Security office to do so one thing I will say and this is actually the Social Security individual employee that gave the seminar to told us yesterday was their office lines are in just terribly busy that they are constantly either processing claims doing Nupur work you know taking phone calls etc it is an HP admitted it is incredibly difficult to actually get through to the office most times you call and you’ll get a busy signal so just FYI I’m not sure if that applies to all Social Security offices but if you’re having trouble trying to request it via the phone that is potentially why now the other option you have is actually going into the office they’re filling out the necessary form etc and doing it that way but then once again they said they’re always busy and you might be waiting in a long line so if you have access to a computer and you feel comfortable going online doing it then that’s how I want to show you today so without further ado there’s actually head on the line to take a look at where you’d go to get your Social Security Statement online and first step if you guessed it is the Social Security Administration website and the web address there is WW and you can actually see that highlighted here so type that into your web browser hit enter and this will come up and from here it’s actually a breeze you’ll see here in the left-hand sidebar look for request a Social Security Statement all you need to do is click that button and they kind of give you some informations about what is a statement why automatic statements need to request statement etc you’ll actually want to click on to need to request a statement and that will prompt you to this page here now as you’ll soon see before you actually go through the process you’re boning 1 you’re going to want to get this information handy if you don’t have it already the name on your Social Security card your full legal name you’ll want to know your social security number it’s also important your date of birth your place of birth and your mother’s maiden name so these are key pieces of information that are essential to requesting your Social Security Statement online the other things that they’ll actually write also suggest you have is a record of your your earnings history and I think as we’ll soon see that actually will is optional but if you have your record or any for the last two years it just makes it that much more helpful for them to retrieve your statements so let’s go ahead and scroll down so once you get to this page here the other thing too you’ll want to know is here is that there’s actually even though it is online with and you would think that would be open 24/7 there are actually only certain times that you can actually do it and that’s actually up top here Monday through Friday is all day except from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m. for some Huw labourers and I’ll be requesting your Social Security Statement online at two o’clock the morning yeah we know more power to you but you’ll grab the wait until 3:00 a.m. so Saturday is 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday is 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and that holidays is a 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. so and you can see all those times here as well so so let’s actually go down to see there’s just more information the other option which I didn’t didn’t mention yet if you actually want to do it by mail you will request this form here this is the Social Security Statement request form SS a700 for I’m gonna pull it up real quick – so he can see it and see so this actually is a PDF that should pull up I take a minute for it to download there you go so here’s the actual cell security statement if you want to do it via the mail I want to say that I read somewhere let’s see if I can confirm that I want to say it’s going to take you about four to six weeks to get it back by doing it this method just FYI so but this is the form that you need to do if you wanted to do it through snail mail so but let’s go back to the online version so if you want to do the online version scroll down here and although you can’t see if there’s actually a little button you want to click the request a Social Security Statement button it’s at the bottom of that and that will get you to this page so here is where you actually start entering all the information in and just basic information when you what language you speak social security number or first name middle initial last name your date of birth oops place of birth gender mother’s maiden name telephone number address and this is where you start seeing some of the optional information you have a different name their mailing address city state if you have a national security number that you have used just all basic information and here’s actually the the earnings portion I was mentioning last year’s earnings this year earnings you have that information it’s just helpful not required to to get your statement but as I mentioned any more information you can give them that much more helpful so and basically all you do is fill this in and then you’ll just click on continue and that will then will bring you up to a confirmation page to where you just confirm all the information and submit and you’re good to go and that’s how simple it is to request your Social Security Statement online very very simple I want to say as well even online it’s going to take the almost the same time I turn around that would via the snail mail by doing that the form 7004 so other ways can take you about a month a month and have to get it but it’s super easy there is no cost this is free but if you need to get that information if you’re real just trying to figure out what your benefit is or you’re trying to do some retirement planning you don’t have the the most current statement handy this is the a surefire way to do it so hope that was helpful got any more questions regarding social security or anything financial planning related head over to the blog I’ve got tons of formation over there to help you out until next time we’ll see you soon