Social Media Expert Uses Cardone to Get Movie Deal

hey grant cardone here New York Times bestselling author and your number one sales expert here on Twitter this is Michael nass I call him the nasty man okay Michael tell tell them how we met first of all me Grant met I’m not a grant for 20 years I’m from the automotive industry and Grant was coming out with his turnaround King show and was promoting it on Facebook and I just left a comment on his Facebook that he should get a hold of me that I could help him at BAM I was on him like white on rice baby okay and what are you doing out in LA right now right now I’m really applying the principles of the 10x rule I’m taking 10x actions I said baby that’s it that’s it I’m telling you every day every day right now I get some money telling me man I’m applying this book and what are you doing in Olive with what are you kind of using the book in LA right now I’ve been running up and down Sunset just making cold calls on movie studios record producers media companies to help them out with their social media promotions and I’ve actually signed two deals since I’ve been here since Tuesday so you’re in a strange land and LA’s definitely strange yes don’t know anybody hear me I’m guilty this guy’s a redneck hick from Dallas Texas okay I’m a hick from Lake Charles Louisiana and he’s out calling cold baby call you don’t do that when you’re a 2x you do it when you get the 10x you’re like okay all bets off the table baby I’m going all-in he flies over here commits money yes rental car so all I’m on down okay you got appointments you just you just know it’s just as you say you got to get in front of the CEO of the company right and that’s what I’ve done I’ve come into a lot of resistance a lot of fear but that lets me know I’m doing the right thing I get in front of the people and I show them what I do and you know the results speak for themselves right nice job and then and then last night you responded to something I put on Twitter which is what gate am i flying into by the way I didn’t have a Twitter account 15 months ago Mike watch me build that Twitter account right you know exactly when we start working together grant was like well why don’t we we need to work with Twitter so I post on Twitter last night hey what guess what gate that I’m flying into that’s all I said I’m flying into Los Angeles what gate all these people interacted with me Mike guests 68 me baby he’s coming here to get my newest book selling me so so Mike great having you out here yes I look for you business with you I hope you have a great trip here you’re working on a movie deal yes we’re actually two TV pilots for war of rap which it’s gonna be our first show is gonna be the 28th in Dallas oh nice and we’ve also been working with D life the series with Drew Waters who was probably nice lights Fame when the coaches on it oh cool man we don’t need anybody with a full head of hair yeah yeah ball guys looks like you got it coming all right thanks a lot Michael appreciates being all right okay you