Smart Passive Income – Camtasia | Bamboo | Omnidazzle

hey everybody this is pat flynn from the smart passive income blog that’s smart passive income and i’m trying something out a little neat today this is actually my first video that i’ll be putting on youtube and on my blog and i’m using some really cool tools that allow me to do some really cool things which i’m gonna be sharing with you really quick today now you get an insider view of what’s on my screen and that’s that’s done via camtasia for mac and again that’s how i’m recording this screencast right now I’m also using something called a bamboo tablet now bamboo is the name of the products it’s actually done by a wack home and it allows me to use a pen instead of a mouse to navigate so I’m using a pen right now and the reason I’m doing this kind of goes along with the third tool that I’m using it’s called Omni dazzle and what this allows me to do is it allows me to draw on the screen so if you could take a look at the window right now you know I can draw and I think this is pretty powerful stuff because I can use this to highlight things that I’m doing online so for instance I can point out certain areas that I like you know I can change the color and show you this area right here and as I’m talking I could really teach you to show you exactly what I do online you even down to where the click is or you know it’s really hard to explain someone in an email you know well this works for you here or you know it’s hard to explain that type of stuff it’s really easy to show you using this pen and stuff in it and I’ll put the links to where those tools can be located for you in case you’re interested in doing something similar I’ll put those links on the show notes and in the resources section at so pretty cool huh you know I’m not gonna go into any you know type of teaching or anything like that right now but I just want to show you kind of what’s coming up what I plan to do and I plan on doing this a lot more and maybe it’d be cool if some of you guys out there who have your own blogs and you know you want my advice for whatever it’s worth to you I’d be happy to show you exactly what I feel using this technique which i think is pretty cool so yeah just want to share that with you and thanks for joining me today and feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel which is brand new right now it’s slash smart passive income and you can also come over to the blog at and subscribe to the feed there and you can also find me on twitter at pat flynn that’s my username p80 f ly and n and i just wanted to thank you guys one more time and don’t forget it’s about more money