Should You Tithe While You're Still In Debt?

are you Christian that find yourself in debt and know that you need to tithe and yet you’re struggling with do you pay off the debt or do you tithe let me tell you this was a certain situation that I was in not so much with myself but with a client and here’s something that was very eye-opening for me the first little book on my background I’ve been raised a Southern Baptist I was raised primarily but my grandmother my father and tithing was always in our household it was you always need to tithe you need to give your 10% and you know I bought into it I believed it you know as a kid as I got older as I got away from the church I always do that supposed to be doing it but I didn’t and it really wasn’t until the last end to be honest the last year that me my wife you know we’ve really grown in our faith but tithing was that last piece that we just could not commit to and finally after tons of prayer and and just finally realizing that you know we it isn’t ours it is his it is to glorify Him you know we’re finally finally there yes we’re a little bit slow movers on that but you know we’re thankful that God’s grace is good so a couple years ago I’m meeting with a client that is struggling with debt they’re in their late 40s early 50s they don’t have nearly enough save for retirement and I’m stressing to them that you need to save you’re not saving enough I think they were saving maybe four or five percent of their income and that was it as we’re looking at the debt picture the topic of tithing comes up and you know they’re tying their 10% and I can remember sitting there telling them hey you know you might want to think about cutting back on your tithing so that you can focus on your debt and focus on your savings and that was my recommendation I can I can never forget the words that she told me and that day she told me Jeff it’s not God’s fault that we are in debt he did not make us open credit cards he just did not make us be foolish with our money that was our fault so therefore we shouldn’t take away what is his the tithe you know we still need to tithe and then figure out a way how we’re going to get out of debt and say for retirement and when she first told me that my first initial reaction didn’t say it but my aunt within myself was I think you’re nuts I think you’re absolutely crazy there’s you’re never gonna get your debt paid off you’re never gonna have enough for retirement as long as you’re tightening because of just the financial hole that they got themselves into and I’ll never forget just how I felt I mean I I was convicted that they she was making a mistake and as years gone on I’ve never forgot about the conversation you know we start tithing we finally see it we finally see it for what it’s supposed to be you know in God’s name and I’ll never forget that conversation and what kind of makes this come full-circle was I just met with her just a few weeks ago in a casual conversation we’re talking about things and she lets me know hey by the way we are completely debt-free and right now you know we’ve been saving 20% of our income towards retirement and they’ve been tithing the entire time you know the foot in my mouth like here I was telling them not to tie it’s who basically disobeyed God’s will thankfully they didn’t listen to me thankfully it listened to the canned financial adviser advice you know they did what they know was right and they still found a way to glorify God get out of debt in safe retirement so if you’re struggling with that and you find yourself a Christian that’s struggling with that do I tithe do I pay off my debt what’s the priority you know I don’t want to advise you what to do but you know you have to honor God so you have to tithe figure out the financial discipline so that you can tithe cut up your credit cards do whatever you have to do to get out of debt and prevent yourself from getting further into debt and you know things will work out you have to believe you have to believe that things will work out as long as you stick to it and figure out what’s wrong with your financial decisions you should be okay but I’m curious have you struggled with debt have you struggled with the idea tithing versus paying off debt I know it’s something that I I’m not the only person that has struggled with it so I want to hear one of your struggles man and have you been able to work through those I’d love to hear your thoughts this is jeff rose from take care