Gabriel St-Germain: Shopify Checkout Hack


Hey everyone, Gabriel here and in this video, I’m gonna be showing you guys a quick trick to set up a perfect checkout page for your Shopify store.

Checkout Hack

This only takes two or three clicks to set up and once you’ve got it set up, it will dramatically increase your conversion rate for your store, so let’s get right into it.

Default Shopify Checkout

This is what the default Shopify checkout page looks like.

This is with nothing done to it, and now I’m gonna show you guys how to set up the high converting checkout page.


What you want to do is you just want to go to your dashboard and then click online store preferences and scroll down to the Google Analytics section.

For this to work, you’re gonna need to have your Google Analytics script installed already.

If you don’t have this done, just do that first and then come back to it and then you want, to click, add custom JavaScript, and this is where the magic really happens.

Copy the script

You’re gonna want to copy this whole script here.

I’m gonna have a link in the description where you can copy the script and you just want to paste it right here and press save, and that is literally it.

And now, if you go back and we refresh the checkout page here, we’re gonna see all the stuff that’s been added to it, alright, so there we have it.

New Checkout Page

This is what the checkout page looks like now, so we have this top bar now here that says that shows the three steps of the checkout process.
The customer info shipping info and then payment info.

Countdown Timer

We also have this countdown timer here that says that an item you order is in high demand, no worries.

We have reserved your order.

Your order is reserved for 10 minutes, so this countdown timer here will create a lot of urgency and will compel your customers to finish checking out before this timer is over.

Payment Badges

We also have payment badges here now, and we have this. Why choose us section with you know different points outlining why they should order from your store.

This is what the checkout page looks like after installing the script, so it looks a lot better already and um.

That’s pretty much all you guys need to do once.

You’ve set this up.

You should see a significant increase in your conversion rate, so you can customize this page a little bit more if you’d like by editing the script.


This is these are the two colors here, so this color here, the this dark blue and this light blue. You can change those colors by editing the hex codes here.

You can also edit this text and item you orders in high-demand, no worries.

We have reserved your order, so this text right here you can change that to whatever you’d like and that’s pretty much it guys.


I usually just keep it to default and just use the script as is, and then this that alone will create a significant increase in your conversion rate, all right, so that is it for this video.

I just wanted to quickly show you guys how you can use this script to really improve your checkout page before we go.

I just want to give credit to conversion Pirate calm, they’re, the ones who created this script.

I didn’t create it myself and it’s a really great script.

Thank you guys, conversion, pirate, calm and yeah. That’S it for this video guys, thanks for watching and if you liked it please like and subscribe and I’ll see.